Heart attack and Astrology

Heart attack and Astrology. Heart attack is now a common disease and Astrology is only able to predict who will suffer from heart attack or not in the future. Heart attacks take out lives too, frequently it happens if the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked and the heart can’t get oxygen. Most heart attacks occur as a result of coronary heart disease.

A less common cause of heart attack is a severe spasm (tightening) of a coronary artery. The spasm cuts off blood flow through the artery. Spasms can occur in coronary arteries that aren’t affected by atherosclerosis.

Numerous astrological elements are present in the horoscope. When an astrologer learns about this yoga, he makes predictions regarding who will or won’t have a heart attack in the future. However, my goal is to raise awareness of heart disease among everyone through this post without the aid of an astrologer. So please read this article and find out the combination according to your horoscope. Through this article, I hope to increase awareness of heart illness.

Heart attack and Astrology

House responsible for Heart attack

In astrology, the fourth and fifth houses from the ascendant and Cancer and Leo zodiac signs of Kaal Purush are related to the heart. Sun and Moon are the main causative planets for the heart while Mercury governs the entire nervous system. The right side of the heart is represented by the houses and signs mentioned above while the corresponding left side is represented by the eleventh and tenth houses respectively. Compatible signs in the zodiac are Aquarius and Capricorn.

Which planets responsible for Heart attack

The Malefic planets Saturn, Mars, Rah, and Ketu are the significator of the above factor.  Mars causes the excessive flow of blood through the heart due to high pressure while Saturn causes interruptions in the function of the heart causing pains. Rahu causes irregular heart activities while Ketu causes sudden heart block. Saturn and Rahu are well-known enemies of the Moon and Sun.

Affliction from all three lagan’s (Lagan, Moon & Sun Lagna) in the horoscope of respective houses, Sign and their lords, significator of heart disease planets with the malefic or 6th, 8th and 12th houses and their lords are responsible for heart disease and others also.

Some astrological factors for Heart attack.

  • If Malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rah, and Ketu are placed in 4th house, any debilitated planets in 4th house or in the cancer sign or 6th, 8th and 12th house Lord in 4th house can cause frequent chest pain.
  • If the 4th or 5th lord is occupying 6th, 8th &12th house and aspect or conjunct with malefic planets or combusts by being conjunct with the sun, a person will suffer from heart disease.
  • Malefic (Saturn, Mars, Rah, and Ketu) placed in both 4th and 5th houses of a horoscope or placed in cancer and leo signs.
  • In the Navamsa chart, 4th lord (of Rasi chart) occupies enemic houses or conjunct malefic planets that will give frequent mental disturbances and fast heart beating problems.
  • If Sun and Moon are debilitated, placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house or aspect by malefic planets or occupy Saturn’s houses (Capricorn, Aquarius) in both Rasi and Navamsa charts,   will also cause heart problems. This person will collapse upon hearing the bad or shocking news.
  • Saturn and Sun conjunction in 4th or 5th house or aspect them will cause low blood pressure and weak heart. These persons panic easily under crisis and few of them will faint easily.
  • If Rahu &Moon are together in the 1st or 7th house and if Saturn occupies either of 1, 4,7,10 houses, a person can suffer from heart disease.
  • Jupiter and Sun placed in 4th or 5th house or aspect will cause high blood pressure and heart attacks.
  • If any PARIVARTAN YOGA in planet Sun and Saturn like Sun is placed in Aquarius sign and Saturn in Leo Sign in the same chart then the native has more chance to die from a heart attack.
  • If Sun or Moon is being 6th house Lord (house of disease)placed in the 4th house and aspect or conjunction with any malefic planets, then more chance of heart attack.
  • If the Lagn lord is weak and conjunct with Rah or any malefic planets in 4th house or in the cancer sign, will give fear of death through heart attacks.

The aforesaid astrological factors for heart attack are illustrated in this chart: –        

Date of Birth 14-11-1889,
Time of Birth 23:03 Hrs,
Place of Birth: – Allahabad, India.

Heart attack

Now here the native is born under cancer rising with Moon. According to the rule for heart disease, 4th & 5th houses are the most important houses here 4th lord Ven is in his own Sign which is good but 4th house and Its lord are afflicted by two Malefic planets Sat and Rah both planets aspect to 4th house and Lord.

Malefic 12th   house Lord Mercury is in the 4th house with this Lord Ven.8th Lord Saturn aspect 4th house and Lord both. 6th Lord Jup in 4th Lord Nakshatra . So it is a very clear indication of heart disease because here Malefic planets and malefic house (6, 8 &12) Lord are related by aspect and conjunct with 4th house and Lord.

Sun is placed in the 5th house and malefic planet sign. Sun is also marked for this ascendant.

The Zodiac Sign Leo is also afflicted by the malefic planets Saturn because Saturn is placed in the Leo Sign.

The native of this horoscope was dead from a heart attack in old age. In this horoscope Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are in their own Sign due to this reason disease occurred in old age.

Heart attack

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  1. Nice articles.
    My DOB 20/02/1970,03.30PM,Calcutta (West Bengal)

    Do you not looking a heart problem are coming in Moon+Sun?
    Actually I am suffering from Depression,Anxiety from 2012 Aug?

    Wearing Red Coral & Pearl. Should I wear Ruby? If could I get a reply in this regard?

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  3. my kundali..1.makkara lagna(ven mer)
    2nd house(sun mar)4th house(rahu)8th hoise(sat)10th(moon ketu)12th(jup)
    pl predict my rest of life.DOB 18021949.
    Huge money loss in handloan.will I get back?thanks

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  5. I am born on 8th nov 1990 10:10 am kolkata
    My sun is debilitated in 10 house and Saturn aspects it .
    There are no planets in 4th house will I still get heart disease

    1. Sachin surana

      My sun is debilitated in libra conjunction with Venus in 10 th house and Baksh area is Vishakha pada 1 and my Saturn and rahu is in 1 st house .
      Saturn aspects sun at 10 th house so can it give heart problem .?
      My moon Ketu Jupiter is in 7th house in cancer sign

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