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By choosing any service you can discuss only selected service through email or telephone or what apps as you like. The time of discussion will be decided by me at the convenience of both of us. First of all, select the service which you want to know after doing this, submit the payment, then notify me via email or telephone. I will respond to your concern within 24 to 48 hours.


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Bank Detail 
BANK  A/C NO:  30699911265
IFSC CODE :                    SBIN0011551,
TELEPHONE NO 9868549875, 8010205995 (Whatsapp no)
My Paytm wallet No
DEEPAK KUMAR8010205995


30 thoughts on “Bank Detail”

  1. Raman Annamalai

    Dear Sir,

    I want your consultation service please advise me how to get use of your paid service

  2. Vishesh Gupta

    One question.

    Hi, I am applying for settlement in UK this year Feb 2016. Can you please let me know if my application will be successful and if there are any blocker, please advise remedies. I will for my wife and kid later on. Thanks. I Will pay.

    Vishesh gupta
    06th April 1984
    Indore, MP
    17:10 PM IST

    Meghna Gupta
    07 Dec 1986
    Ujjain, MP
    09:15 AM

    Shabd Gupta
    14th Oct 2012
    Ujjain, MP

  3. Simran sharma

    Hlo sir my name is simran sharma and i am applying for america for higher education and my date of bith is 20 september 1995 i am from punjab jallandhar my bith time is 10:56 am or 10:57 am may be..plzz let me know

    1. I want your consultation services. How long will you talk on phone about my problems and where i should give you my details.

  4. Name : Wasim javaid , DOB; 18 june 1983, place of birth : karachi . Day: saturday , Time 5:15 am. Sir do I have a foriegn journey or settlement and to which country and when?

  5. Dear Pandit ji,

    I want to know about my chances for foreign travel for long duration and when it can be possible?

    What details i need to send and amount.


  6. Hello , My husband D.O.B -27.5.1979, Time – 4.55pm, place- gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh .
    pls suggest is there any foreign settlement .we r trying from long time.

  7. Pranaam PanditJi,

    I am going Germany for higher study in Oct- 2016. Could you please advise me will I be successful and settled there ? I am married and I have 2 kids. Should I go or not ?

    My Details:
    Anjs Arora
    TOB: 06:45~7:00 PM but most probable time is 06:55pm
    Place: Sonipat, Haryana

    My husband Details:
    Deepak Arora
    Delhi, 01:15AM

    Many Thanks,

  8. helllo sir,
    name : mohit pal
    time :13:50
    place: jaipur(raj)
    ques: sir plz tell me when i will get job & what is the possibility of getting gov. job.

    1. I want your personal appointment. How long will you talk to me.I will your payment by Sunday. My birth details r
      Time hours 09:22 minutes
      Country India
      State Rajasthan
      City Ajmer
      Date 11 January 1974

  9. Dear Deepak Kumar

    I didnt understand how payment is made.
    Do you have paypal or other throught internet. Blessings

    1. I have no Paypal account. Paytm account is available. you can transfer money via an online transaction in my account.


      BANK A/C NO: 30699911265

      IFSC CODE : SBIN0011551,

      Paytm wallet
      Deepak Kumar

  10. Sir is there any provision for people living abroad to consult you and if yes then what’s the payment mode for cases where the person does not have an Indian account

  11. My name is Pawan gupta, I have wasted 20000- 30000 thousand rupees on astrologers consultation but did not get my problem’s solution, last time I had conversation with a astrologer and he said your kundali is very good start your business and after 7 8 years of struggle you will be settelled well . If someone is already in trouble from last 7 – 10 years , telling him it will take more 7 -8 years , is this a good advise. My real concern is not business I am confused with what I have to do in my life why I am here on earth yes I want every physical happiness but also the reason why I am confused and what is the real aim of my life I wanted to know why I am not getting what I should get as per the kundali bhav. There are lot of question I do not have more money to waste or pay because i have lots of questions but I can pay your fee of 1100 one time more as a last option but before replying me pls make sure you can help me and I can get all the questions answered and obviously I don’t want you to advise me to wait for 4 or 5 years because I have already lost 10 years in mental torture created by myself or God or planets I don’t know. So if you think you want to help pls reply but pls make sure you are ready for all my questions before I pay because I am already short of money for my livelihood . With all due respect don’t get me wrong if I have said anything wrong or disrespectful.
    My dob is 17-02-1988 pob etawah up
    Tob 09: 06 am

  12. Dear pandit. I am bit confused with my life. Everything was going good. But suddenly from this year. I am always scared of loosing my job. My all earnings I have lost. I am not able to come out of my debts. Till how long this would be and how I can come out of this.I want to know about my personal and professional life. My date of birth is 06/06/1982. And birth place is Bhagalpur. Tob is morning not sure of timing. I don’t have much money. I can pay you a small amount as dakshina.

  13. Hi Sir,

    I consulted you regarding job joining dates in London – UK timings.

    But Some dates and timings are in Yamaganda.

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