Liver disease and Astrology

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Liver is very necessary for good health. Liver disease occurs in different ways like pre-hepatic, hepatic and post hepatic. The liver is situated in the abdomen on the right side therefore in astrology liver come under jurisdiction of 5th house in horoscope of the native. In the human body liver is closely associated with pancreas which is concerned with secretion of pancreas juice for purpose of digestion so if you’re liver is not function in proper way your digestive system will be effect and you will fill unhealthy.

Liver related disease  

Liver Cirrhosis in children’s:- This disease is very common in all under nourished children. In this disease liver increases in size and occupies greater part of abdomen giving it a protrude appearance. Due to this the general nourishment to the body suffers with the result the child becomes very weak and jaundiced.

Astrological factors for liver disease

In Astrology Jupiter rules over liver and pancreas so it is clear that these organs come under the jurisdiction of the 5th house and Jupiter. 9th house is the fifth from 5th house so this house is also responsible for liver disease. The corresponding signs in the zodiac are Leo and Sagittarius these are responsible for this disease. Therefore any affliction to Jupiter in any house of the native kundali (horoscope) the native will suffer from liver related disease. If the affliction occurs in the house of 5th and 9th then disease will take long time.

Some planetary combination for liver disease

  1. Jupiter is the significator of liver and if Jupiter is afflicted with Saturn by aspect or together in 5th house or other house liver disease will come sure.
  2. If lord of 5th house is in the house of 6th, 8th, or 12th house and afflicted with any malefic planets.
  3. If Jupiter and Saturn to be in 9th house or both planets in Navamsa also.
  4. If Mars, Saturn, Rah and ketu combine with 5th or 9th lord there will be suffer from jaundice.
  5. When 5th and 9th house from Navamsa lagna is afflicted by Mars, Saturn, Rah and ketu.
  6. If Jupiter placed in 6th, 8th, 12th house and afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn, Mars etc disease will take serious turn.

Case study

The native had suffered from severe jaundice disease.

Date of Birth:- 14-09-1979  Time of Birth:- 14:20:29 place of Birth:- Patna  State:- Bihar



Horoscope analysis

The native is born under Sagittarius rising and the ascendant Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Leo in the house of 9th with 9th lord and Saturn as 2nd and 3rd lord. So it is clear that Jupiter and 9th house and 9th lord is afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn and Rah. 5th lord Mars is debilitated and placed in the house of 8th this combination ensure jaundice and liver related problem. Jupiter and Saturn both aspect each other in Navamsa also.

Timing of event

The native suffered from severe jaundice in the dasha of jup/ven/sat on dated 29/5/2002. Here Jupiter is ascendant and Venus is the lord of 6th house. Sixth house is the house of disease. Saturn is the lord of 2nd house (markesh). Here all three planets are related with each other.

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  1. i have been suffering for stomach problems( irritable bowel syndrome) from the past 10 years , i have tried all forms of medication but all in vain. can you help me sir , my emailid is , i am in great pain

  2. I was born on 12-april 1999, 11:46 pm, sag ascendant jupiter in 4th house with 9th lord sun. Saturn is in 5th house and its lord is in 11th house. My liver is suffering what can i do ?

  3. VibhutiGanesh

    This is very nice analysis. Thanks for sharing.

    However, it would be nice if

    (a) combinations for fatal consequences or recovery dasha, transit etc. for recovery are also discussed.

    This is very much required because normally readers are more interested in getting relief than to confirm a probable disease. Further, in this particular subject of Liver troubles, it is more pertinent because 5th house is significator for Liver, true but it it is also house for treatment (12th from 6th house) and so is the case with Jupiter. Jupiter is significator of Doctor or Medical intervention, too.

    Kindly update.

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