Importance and Effects of Moon in Astrology

Importance and Effects of Moon in AstrologyThe importance and effects of Moon in Astrology is wordless because Moon is the significator of mind and without mind a person can’t do anything same things without Moon Astrology is nothing. Moon is the queen of solar system also. Moon takes 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes in transacting 12 signs. Moon signifies mind and emotion. It is feminine gender. Cancer is the Zodiac sign of Moon it is most sensitive sign by nature. Moon is cold planet. It is the significator of the mother, Water, milk, and mental peace, public life, holding high position, conception and birth of child, infant stage and intelligence, good behavior and North West direction. Moon is also associated with foreign travel, change, medicines, salt etc.



Important and Effects of Moon in Astrology by Planet Strength

If Moon is exalted, Mooltrikon sign or good placed in horoscope gives auspicious results like sympathy, good memory, patience, caring nature, receptivity. If a person born in Gajkeshari Yoga (benefice planets Jupiter in Kendra from Moon or conjunction with moon) the native becomes overpowering, famous, intelligence, virtuous, wealthy, consistent in love and fickle minded, etc. If Moon is bad placed or debilitated give negative traits like worry, unhappiness, lazy and sleepy, usually restless and full of fear, emotional instability, mood swings etc.

Astrological Perspective of Moon in Astrology

There are 27 constellations(Nakshatra) in the zodiac and Moon transits these 27 constellations within a period of 27 days and few hours Impregnation and conception is directly ruled by Moon. As there is a change in the behavior of a person because blood which contains different salts is attracted by the pull of the Moon that is why it is said that Moon represents mental peace. The word Lunar means one who has faith in Luna (Moon) and from Luna the word lunatic is formed. This means lunar has direct effect on a lunatic. If one happens to visit an Asylum during full Moon days a mad person will be very hostile like the wild sea water that is why it is said in astrology that “Chandrama Manso Jayate” चन्द्रमा मनसो जायते that is Moon signifies the mind. The Moon reflects the whole  personality of the native in terms of psychological maturation.

Moon is regarded with great importance and effects in  Astrology. It is associated with prosperity and divinity. When the Sun and Moon are directly opposite each other the Moon assumes a powerful position on this day called poornima (full Moon) as astrologically, those born on full moon day are becomes attractive and intelligent, never suffer from lack of wealth. They are always learning about themselves through their close relationships. Their main goal is to be in peace and constantly work to achieve own desire.

 Effects of Moon on Body and Health

Moon is weak or afflicted in the native horoscope it can create problems related to lungs, heart, asthma, kidneys, jaundice, uterus, epidemics, sexual problems, loss of blood, sleep, itching, swellings, throat, swelling in lungs, fear of water, etc.

The rays of Moon are cold by nature and in astrology it has been stated that weak moon causes cold, cough, throat trouble (which is as a result of cold) dysentery, vomiting (diseases of water). It also includes lunacy, hysteria, epilepsy and all have a direct relation with the mind. Weak moon also is responsible for weak memory, depression, fear and inferiority complex.

चन्द्रमा का बीज मंत्र  :– ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चन्द्रमसे नमः

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