Dr. Deepak Sharma

Dr. Deepak Sharma is an expert in Vedic Astrology and Vastu with over 21 years experience in Horary or Prashn chart, Career, Business, Marriage, Compatibility, Relationship and so many other problems in life path. Remedies suggested by him like Mantra, Pooja, donation, Rudraksha Therapy, Gemstone, etc. Consultancy fee is 1100 Rs for horoscope analysis. Please don`t call for a free consultation . For consultancy click Astro Services email - drdk108@gmail.com. Phone No 9868549875, 8010205995 ( whatsapp No)

Vastu Tips For Wellness

Vastu Tips For Wellness. Decluttering is the most important things for wellness of house, office, workplace etc. Any kind of clutter blocks positive energy from freely flowing through your home and life like blood clot, blocks circulation in blood vessel. So it is very important to declutter our home, office and life ………. Why you […]

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Surya  Stuti is a very powerful mantra it can recite by everyone. recitation of these 12 Strotra’s  Stuti is good for health, sound, age, knowledge, respect, and courage. Even it is effective for all kinds of health problems. Namah Savitre Jagadeka Chakshushe, Jagat Prasooti-sththi-naasha-hetave, Trayimayaaya Trigunatmka-dhaarine, Viranchi Narayana Shankara-atmine  (1) Yana-mandalam Deepti-KaramVishalam, Ratna-pravham Teevra-anaadi-roopam, Daaridya Dukha Kshaya-Kaaranam. Punaato Mam Tata savitur-varenyam. (2) Yana mandalam Deva-ganaih-poojitam, Viprai-stutam Bhaavana-mukti-kovidam, Tam deva-devam Pranamaami Sooryam, Punaato Mam Tata savitur-varenyam. (3) Yana-mandalam Gyana-ghanam tva-gamyam Trailokya-poojam,trigunaatma roopam Samastas-tejomaya Divya Roopam Punaato Mam Tata savitur-varenyam.(4) Yana-mandalam Goodha-mati Prabodham;


How can Astrology help in Health, Eye and Heart Troubles

How can Astrology help in Health, Eye and Heart Troubles. Astrology can help through strotra, mantra, gemstone etc.  In the  Valmiki  Ramayan  you  must  have read about  Agastya Muni  asking  lord Rama  to worship God Sun before embarking on  the  great  Lanka.   Its  is  known  as  musical  part  of  Aditya Hridayam  Strotra. The Strotra  has different versions, but only 12 are popularized. These 12

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