How can improve your health through Vastu

How can improve your health through Vastu

How can improve your health through Vastu?  You can improve health through Vastu if the Vastu of the east direction is disturbed or blocked or heavy then the residents of the house suffer from health problems like headaches or migraine, depression (Planetary combination for depression in horoscope), eyes, and paralysis. so keep unblocked and clean of this direction.

You should do like that 

  1. Manage the sunlight that falls into the house. The sun rises in the east, so this direction is also very important and sensitive for Vastu.
  2. Northeast is a pious area so there should be no toilet in this direction because it leads to many chronic diseases and ends in surgical procedures. Brain problems are also possible, so the toilet should never be in this direction.
  3. If a bedroom in the northeast is used by a couple, there may be problems during pregnancy. Children may be abnormal. If you sleep in this direction, you are sure to have health problems.
  4. Never put your head in the direction of the north while sleeping because the energy of the north pole disturbs sleep and causes health problems.
  5. Vastu defect in the northwest (vayavya cone) increases longevity problems and can cause early deaths in families. If this area is extended sexual problems may be possible.
  6. The pair may experience breathing problems (asthma) and chest issues if their master bedroom faces this direction.
  7. Groundwater in the southwest is extremely harmful to health and prosperity (underwater tanks, bore wells, swimming pools). Depression and strain in the mind are the results. The flow of money will be blocked.

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