What is Mangalik Dosh

What is Mangalik Dosh ?

The affliction of  Mars in the horoscope is known as a Mangalik dosh horoscope. It is caused by the placement of Mars in the different houses of a natal chart. If Mars is placed in the 12th, 1st, 4th,7th, and 8th house known as a  Managlik Dosh horoscope.

Mars is associated with the Greek god Ares, fortunate in war but unfortunate in love. Mars was originally a god of farming. However, he is better known as the god of war, to whom Roman soldiers paid tribute before going off to do battle. Powerfully built, Mars’s astrological association is with Aries.

Mars is concerned with the masculine side of a subject’s nature, with the muscular system, and with aggression. Strongly sexual, it can make one aggressive as well as decisive hasty, and rude as well as positive and energetic.

Mars is a very hot planet. It is the planet of action. A correct balance of Martian energy is most desirable in all lives – but unfortunately, only a lucky few possess this dynamic balance. Mars is the planet of emotional excitability, which can become violent. Mars is exalted in Capricorn a sign owned by Saturn and debilitated in cancer sign owned by Moon.

The benefice of Mars is necessary to give us the energy, willpower, and self-confidence to carry out our endeavors. Without this, we would not have any real interest, passion, or motivation to carry out anything to an end and accomplish its objective. On the negative side, the same aggression brings about competition, argument, and conflict. if unchecked can lead to domination, violence, injury, disaster, and accident.

“Mangalik dosha” is reduced in some conditions.
These are:

  • Mars in 1st House is in Aries
  • Mars in the 4th House is in Scorpio
  • Mars in the 7th House is in Capricorn or Pisces
  • Mars in the 8th House is in Cancer
  • Mars in the 12th House is in Sagittarius

Mars indicates premature death or loss of a partner, particularly so when Mars is afflicted by “Kujadosha”. The malefic effect of a Mangalik kundalini is that the person with such a horoscope marries another with a similar affliction. This is Mangalic dosh.

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