Role of Mars and Saturn in Engineering profession

Role of Mars and Saturn in the Engineering profession. Mars and Saturn are the primary significators for the Engineering profession. The main engineering sectors like mechanical, electrical, civil, computer, and electronic, require the application of force and fire to give shape to a given project in the above areas of engineering. Mars is a fiery planet, which represents energy and force, while Saturn signifies labor.  Mathematics and mental abilities are integral parts of engineering studies and Mercury provides those abilities.  Venus is the planet of beauty and design as well as planning. Rahu is the planet, which gives manipulative abilities with innovative ideas.

Saturn, Mars, and Rahu carry technological approaches. So the relationship between Saturn, Mars, and Rahu with the 10th house, 10th Lord, 5th house, (that is the house of mind and education) and 5th Lord give sure engineering service.

Relationship of the planets, House and Lord

  1. Conjunction.
  2. Mutual Aspect.
  3. Mutual Exchange.
  4. Planets in related house.
  5. Planets in each other Nakshatra.
  6. Planet in other signs and aspects by others.

Above astrological relation can be in D-1 (Natal Chart), D-9 (Navamsa chart – internal planetary strength ), D-10 ( for the professional matter), D-24 (sub-divisional chart for educational prosperity), etc. The mutual interactions amongst the planets are important in deciding the branches of engineering.

Mars:- Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Engineering.

Mercury:- Information Technology (IT section).

Venus:- Computer, Architectural Engineer.

Saturn:- Mining Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, drilling, crude oil exploration, etc.

Rahu:- Software Engineer.

The natural significator of the job is Saturn so Saturn’s strength and good placement are, the most important factors for success in professional matters. The correlation between Mars and Saturn with any fiery signs in D1 provides the necessary impetus for engineering studies.

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Role of Mars and Saturn in Engineering profession

Example Kundli:– Saturn from Lagna aspects 10th house. Mars as the 5th Lord aspects 10th Lord from the 5th house. Rahu is in the 10th house.

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  1. D.o.b 4/4/1992
    Place Hyderabad India
    Time: 4.25 p.m.
    When will I get a job and in which field I might get a job

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    please please help sir…..
    POB-Indore, madhya pradesh,India
    TOB- 11:25 pm

    1. dear neha
      According to your horoscope this is not good time for you so be conscious about all decision . last year august to jan 2016 was good time for job I think your should be in job . your should wait for job and change also.

      1. Sir,
        i am not in job right now i am searching for job when will i get success? i was trying for phD last year in foreign countries but did not got admission. should i try for government job?

  4. My DOB 25-06-1992, Time: 05.07 am.,place: tiruvalla ( kerala). I have completed b tech in Ece.
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    1. Himani Chawla

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    DOB: 06-11-1985
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    TOB: 18:10
    I am keen to work in Government jobs such as defence, police, public service departments. Although, I am currently working in a private company, I feel that I am not satisfied by it. Will you please advice me.
    Your advice and help is much appreciable.
    Thanking you,
    Kind regards,
    Harish Hariharan

  6. Sir,

    When will he get a job, will it be stable/rewardng and get income in mercury dasa as well as ketu dasa….he is having no job and income for the past 1 year since may16 and also issues in job and income from Oct 2014..
    1-9-1975, 4.36pm, trichy

  7. Ayush Kumar Sahu

    Hello sir,
    P.O.B- Cuttack, Odisha, India
    Time- 15:48
    I am interested in civil engineering can this stream is suitable for me?

  8. Rajashekar R C

    Sir please help me

    Name :- Rajashekar R C

    Date of birth :- 2nd September 1991

    Place of birth :- Mandya district , Karnataka state,India

    Time of birth :- 06:20:10 AM

    Current living city :- Davangere disrtict

    My question :- When will I have better and satisfactory job in which year.please help me as if now I am working as junior engineer which is dissatisfaction for me.please help me .

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    Don 19.06.89 time 11.59 am Chennai

  10. Name : Jeevan
    DOB : 20-Jan-1998
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    Place : Mangalore Karnataka
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    DOB: 06/March/2003
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    POB: Hyderabad

  12. Anirban Roy

    My son name is Ayush Roy
    Birth place-midnapore, west bengal
    D. O. B-29/03/2003
    Birth time- 12:29:05 pm(noon)
    Query- which brach of enginnering is best suited for him as I am very much anxious about his future

  13. Name:- Ishit
    D. O. B-09/03/2003
    Birth time- 08:45AM

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