Who can be a Doctor

If your planetary combinations are present in your horoscope, you can become a doctor. Physicians are like God. In every way, this occupation is highly esteemed. Every year, many students take medical exams, but only a few of them are successful. What is it that you are lacking that prevents you from succeeding despite all of your efforts?

Astrology is able to give this question a satisfying answer. I am giving you some astrological combinations to see your horoscope if those combinations are present in your horoscope then start preparation for Medical Test. I assure you success to be your partner in your way so now open your horoscope and start to see a combination that is given by me.

Planetary Combination in Horoscope for Doctor

 Moon must be in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house, debilitated or in malefic nakshatra.

  1. See in your chart where is Moon if Moon is in the 6th house and PAC relation with the 10th house lord.
  2. PAC Relations with sixth house lord and 10th house Lord.
  3. Sun should be in a good position.
  4. 9th house, 10th house, and 11th house must in good position.
  5. Sun – Rahu, conjunction in the appropriate sign.
  6.  Cancer the sign of healing and nursing rises on the 10th house or Lagan or the 10th Lord in the Cancer sign.
  7.  Saturn aspect on 10th house or 10th lord or both.

For example Doctor horoscope:- Date of Birth:– 29 June 1966. Time of birth.:– 20.07.00hrs Place of Birth :–Delhi

Who can be a Doctor

  • Asc 24:14:57
  • Su 14:00:18
  • Mo 05:30:19
  • Ma 28:45:45
  • Me 09:40:44
  • Ju 18:21:20
  • Ve 10:17:34
  • Sa 06:10:57
  • Ra 01:21:14
  • Ke 01:21:14

In this horoscope Lagna is Sagittarius. Moon is situated in the 12th  house and debilitated, conjunction with Malefic Rahu,  aspected by Malefic Mars 12th  and  5th  lord, and 6th and 11th lord Venus. Moon is in the  Malefic  Nakshatra (Saturn) 2nd (market) 3rd Lord Saturn is in the  4th house and aspect to 10th house. 10th Lord Mercury is in Cancer the sign of healing and nursing.  In the D9 chart, Saturn and  Moon are in the 10th house. For example, horoscope the native is an eminent medical doctor.

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