Saturn Transit 2024 in Aquarius and Effect on Zodiac Signs

Saturn Transit 2023 in Aquarius and Effect on Zodiac Signs
Saturn Transit 2024 in Aquarius and Effect on Zodiac Signs

Saturn will transit in Aquarius from 16th January 2023. It will remain in Aquarius till March 29, 2025. Transit in Aquarius will affect all the zodiac signs. Let us know what the effect of Saturn’s change from Capricorn to Aquarius is in different areas of life like parents, siblings, money, family, education, married life, luck, business, karma, profit and expenditure, etc.

Actually, Saturn is an inauspicious planet, but it is also the karaka planet of justice, which gives you the results of your past karmas, if you have done or are doing good deeds, then you will get auspicious results, but you have committed sins. If so, there is no doubt that they will certainly be punished by the judge.

The transit of Saturn in Aquarius will affect different Ascendant and Moon signs. The effect of Saturn’s transit in Aquarius for the zodiac signs is given briefly in this article.

Aries Sign

If you belong to Aries or Ascendant then Saturn is the lord of the eleventh and tenth house which will be in transit in your auspicious house for two and a half years. The aspect of Saturn will be on Lagna, fifth and eighth. You will be able to succeed in the plans made for your future and take any kind of decision, which will increase your prestige in society. If you make positive decisions both mentally and intellectually then it will expand the growth in you but now it is up to you how much positive attitude you adopt.

There is every possibility of opening new doors of income and profit due to the transit of Saturn on the auspicious house, now it depends on how much effort you make for it. Your stalled work will be completed and you will also be financially strong.

The transit of Saturn will prove to help turn the happiness of your personal and social life into reality. In fact, the time has come to either turn dreams into reality or do away with them. This is a good time to look at these things more clearly, but it sometimes requires strictness.

Saturn’s transit is happening in the eleventh house for Aries, this situation will be auspicious for you, the stalled work will be completed. Your responsibility and participation in the workplace will increase. As a result, as your influence increases, people will take your advice and start respecting your ideas.
If you want to go out of the country, then this will be a favorable time. Married life will also remain happy. If you are in the middle of a love affair then be careful and avoid any kind of misunderstanding. Some misunderstandings may arise regarding the child, so be careful. Special expenses may also be incurred on them.

Taurus Sign

If you belong to the Taurus sign then Saturn is the lord of fortune and profession and will transit in the karmic house. Saturn’s transit in the tenth house is auspicious for this zodiac and will also give success in plans.

Due to the transit of Saturn in the career house, there will be happiness and sorrow, profit and loss, as well as where to spend expenses along with profit, will also be planned. There will be success in work but after some delay or struggle.

If you want the happiness of a new house and vehicle, then you will get it, but there will also be trouble between married life and family. There will also be a possibility of ideological differences between the parents. They may have physical pain. Professionals and business people will benefit from the transit of Saturn in their sign, but with struggle. Do not take the decision of changing jobs in a hurry, doing so can cause mental pain, and there may be obstacles in the field of education for the students. You may need to wear glasses due to low vision.

Gemini Sign

For the person of the Gemini sign, Saturn will transit in the place of luck as the lord of the ninth (luck) and eighth (death) house. Saturn being the lord of fortune and being in the place of luck in transit, this time will give auspicious results for you.

Anger and ego will increase in you, which will affect your personal life. You can become a victim of mental distress due to the unnatural behavior of friends. There is a possibility of a dispute with his/her brother, so try to avoid it. Due to your negative thoughts, there may be a dispute with the parents, so they will be mentally stressed.

If any trial is going on then it will be delayed or judgment will come against you. Due to the aspect of Saturn on the third house, your might will decrease, due to which there may be a loss in business. You will be success in the competition if you work honestly. Saturn is looking at the disease house, so you may have incurable diseases, so pay attention to your health immediately, do not be lazy.

Cancer Sign

For the native of the Cancer zodiac, Saturn is the lord of the seventh and eighth (death) house and will transit in the eighth house. This transit of Saturn will bring many changes in the professional life of the person. The transit of Saturn in the house of death can cause problems in married life.

The transiting Saturn is looking at your work, money, and intelligence, which may result in sudden changes in the field of work and may bring instability in your social, political, economic, and professional spheres.

You will be under stress due to a sudden loss of money. There will be unhappiness in married life. There is a possibility of loss in business and dispute regarding the ancestral property. If any litigation is already going on then the final decision can come in your favour. If you are doing a job then there is going to be a job change. You will get success in the work of discoveries or inventions. Financially, you may have to struggle a bit, but its result will prove to be a milestone for the future. You may have any disease related to the eyes, ears, nose, or throat and if your thinking is negative then you may also have heart disease.

Leo Sign

If you are a Leo person, then Saturn will be the lord of the seventh house (wife/husband house) and the sixth house (conflict, disease, debt) and will transit in the seventh house. There will be trouble in your married life as well as you may have to stay away from them for some time. Saturn is the lord of the seventh house and will transit in the wife’s house, so with the help of the wife, the fortune will increase.

Doubts will remain in getting success in the first attempt in any work. In every work there will be some obstacles first, then you will get success, so you should maintain energy towards your work. Disrespecting a woman can be harmful to you.

Saturn’s transit will create obstacles in a marriage. If any business is going on in partnership, then there may be estrangement between the two, due to which there will be mental tension. Your spouse and father’s health may deteriorate due to which you will be worried. If you are doing share market work, then do it wisely and do not invest in haste.

Virgo Sign

If you belong to the Virgo sign, then Saturn will be the lord of the sixth (disease, misery, lawsuit) and fifth (children, education, Lakshmi house) and transit in the sixth house. The sixth house is the house of diseases, sorrows, disputes, etc. and Saturn is transiting in the same house, so you may remain worried about children.

With the transit of Saturn, you will be successful in defeating your enemy. If you are interested in traveling abroad, then you should intensify your efforts, there is a strong possibility of achieving success. Yogas for religious trips are being made. Unnecessary expenditure should be avoided. There may also be a change of location. There is a possibility of taking a loan. Inherited property can be sold or used.
If the relationship is already going bad in married life and you want to get divorced then the chances of divorce from your spouse will increase. Disputes with younger siblings are possible at this time. There may be a rift in the love relationship.

The employed people are likely to not get the support of colleagues. There may be trouble in the job. Wherever you are working, there may be a battle of ideas with the head of the organization at the workplace. You will have health problems. There may be some serious illness that lasts for a long time. Knee pain may occur.

Libra Sign

For those people who are born in the Libra sign, Saturn is the lord of the fourth (property, own house) and fifth (children’s house) and is transiting in the fifth house. The fifth house represents children, girlfriend education, etc. and Saturn will transit in this house, due to which the nature of the child will appear rude and arrogant.

Saturn is looking at your marriage house, profit house, and money house, as a result, you will get happiness from your life partner. Relations with your elder brothers may deteriorate. There will be less income but there will be satisfaction in the mind. The transit of Saturn can benefit the partnership business but do not trust your partner blindly. At this time you will always be worried about monetary gains.

Students will not feel like studying due to laziness which will hinder good exam results. There is a possibility of suffering from children, as well as pregnant women also need to be very careful. There may be complaints of knee pain. You may remain unhappy about the health of your wife. May suffer from mental and intellectual distress.

Scorpio Sign

For Scorpio, Saturn is the lord of the fourth (property, own house) and third (brother’s house) house, which is transiting in the fourth house. Saturn is the lord of the third house and will transit in the fourth house, due to which you can travel far away from home and there may be estrangement with family.

The house in which Saturn is transiting is related to the happiness of the mother, family, vehicle, movable and immovable property, etc. Due to this, there may be a fight and quarrel with the brother over property, which will give you mental pain. You will feel uncomfortable fulfilling the responsibility towards your parents.

You can take a loan to buy a new home or for a home renovation. If any matter related to land is going on in the court, then you can get success in it. There is a possibility of a vehicle accident, so drive the vehicle carefully, as well as avoid road rage, otherwise, there may be a lawsuit. You will try every moment for material pleasures in love, but this should be avoided.

There will be ups and downs in financial matters. If you are looking for a job then you will get success through competitive exams or interviews. If you are already a heart patient then it is better that you always keep in touch with your family doctor.

Sagittarius Sign

If a person is born in Sagittarius then Saturn is the lord of the second (speech, money, family, etc.) and third house (hard work, brother, travel) and will transit in the third house. Due to the transit in the third house, luck will increase with hard work and skill.

From this house, Saturn is an aspect of the fifth, ninth, and expenditure house, due to which there will be an increase in movable and immovable property due to hard work. There may be a decrease in child happiness. It would be better if you don’t share work. Traveling yogas are being made. A home transfer is possible. Saturn’s transit will give normal results for you in terms of business. If you are doing property business and investing in property then you will get less profit than expected.

Capricorn Sign

If you are born in Capricorn, then Saturn is the lord of the ascendant and 2nd house. With the transit of Saturn, your speech will become arrogant, due to which ideological differences will increase from near and dear. In the transit, Shani will see the house of the mother, which will reduce the feeling of love and respect for the mother, due to which the mother will suffer. At this time, Saturn is also capable of changing your location. You may also stay away from your home or family.

Saturn is transiting in the second house, so there may be possible a lack of romance in your family’s happiness. If you wish to buy a house or vehicle then your wish will be fulfilled. You can also buy an old vehicle. Saturn’s transit will give normal results for you in terms of business. Wealth yoga in the birth chart

There will be an opportunity to earn money by buying and selling property. If you are a newsreader or a politician, then you will need to be very careful in proving your ability. You will earn more from the field of business, job, or farming, provided that you do not reduce the hard work in any way. Talking about health, your health will be normal at this time.

Aquarius Sign

If you belong to the sign of Aquarius, then Saturn is the lord of the ascendant and the twelfth house and will transit in the ascendant house. Saturn is transiting in the Ascendant and this house is related to the person’s body, prestige, fame, etc., due to which you may suffer physical pain as well as some lack of respect.

At this time your “Saturn Sadhe-Saati” is also going on, so due to excessive expenditure, you can make your wife or partner unhappy, which can cause a loss in business, so do not do this. Saturn is the lord of the twelfth house and is transiting in your ascendant house, hence physical weakness and laziness may increase. At this time another person may take credit for your hard work, and this will make you sad.

There may be estrangement in family life at this time, so respect each other’s feelings and solve problems very politely. You will increase your business on the strength of your might because Saturn is the lord of wealth in the ascendant. In the coming two and a half years, the efforts made in job and business will be fruitful. Saturn is placed in your Ascendant, so it will harm your health. You may suffer from ear, throat, eyes, nose etc.

Pisces Sign

Saturn is the lord of the 11th (profit, wish fulfillment) and twelfth house for a Pisces native and will transit in the twelfth house. The transit of Saturn in the twelfth house will lead to financial and mental problems.

There will be income due to Saturn’s transit, but expenditure is also more possible. Unnecessary expenses will increase, so avoid unnecessary expenses. The fixed deposit kept in the bank at this time will also be spent slowly. If you are doing any wrong thing in your business then be careful your enemies will try to trap you. You may have to spend more on account of lawsuits and illness.

Due to laziness in the fulfillment of sex, there will be trouble in married life, so try to avoid it. The student will have to work hard to pass the competitive exam. You will also have to put in a lot of effort for promotion. Any unpleasant and sad event can also happen in the family. Right now you need a lot of patience and restraint because most of the tasks will have to face failures, interruptions, and delays.

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