Internet Blogging Online Business & Entrepreneurship in Vedic Astrology

Internet Blogging, Online Business & Entrepreneurship in Vedic AstrologyIn the twenty-first century, the population of entrepreneurs is growing rapidly everywhere. People are giving special attention to their own business instead of jobs. Small and medium business opportunities have increased more in the coming days and years. Each day, more and more people are moving towards doing something in their own business rather than working for someone. The popularity of the internet as a business is increasing ‘due to which technical and nontechnical people are getting involved in this work.

 How astrology will help you? 

In fact, you must have passion for the work that you want to do. Through the position of the planets in the horoscope, you can know the area and type of entrepreneurship. Also, you can know whether you will get success in the work you are going to do.

If you are thinking of making a career in bloggers, online business, social media experts, virtual platforms, YouTubers or anything related to working on the Internet, then before starting you should know whether success in this profession Will you get it or not. You may know easily through astrology. Internet-related business is absolutely a game of patience.

The earnings from internet-world are depends on your imagination, intellectual strength, writing skill and patience but ultimately, success depends on your destiny if your fortune house or lord ( 9th house and lord) in the birth chart is connected with the 5th house or lord (House of Imagination) then you will get success in the online business.

In fact, blogging, YouTuber or online business is dependent on the placement of planets in different houses in the birth chart. The success or failure of any business depends on the strong positions of planets, houses, and the lord of the houses, constellations and their interpersonal relationships.

How to judge Internet business will good or bad?

Now the question is how to judge for this business is suitable for me or not. The astrologer can answer this question by analyzing a birth chart. If an Internet-related combination is present in your horoscope then you will definitely be successful in this profession so before choosing as a career, you should consult with an experienced astrologer and I hope you will find success in the career path.

Internet or online Trading business-related Houses in Horoscope

1st House or Ascendant:

The native self

2nd House:

2nd house is the house of wealth. If this house lord is placed in the quadrant and triangular house then the person will earn huge wealth.

3rd House

This is the house of hard work, as well as being the ninth from the seventh house, it is also the fortune house of business. This house provides inspiration for us to move forward in difficult situations.

5th House:

This is the house of imagination etc. Therefore, if the house lord is exalted or in a strong position in the birth chart, and form relationships with the 2nd, 11th lord then the person earn money with internet-related work.

7th House

The seventh house from Lagna represents business and legal documents. Since the first house is 7th from the 7th house, business and entrepreneurship dealings and wish is seen from the first house

8th House:

This is the house of sudden gain so it is a very important house for internet business because this business gives sudden gain and loss.

9th House:

The ninth house is the house of fate. If your fortune house lord is in a strong position and connected to those planets which are responsible for success in internet blogging or business then you will definitely get success in this field.  

10th House:

This is the house of profession or career in every individual birth chart. The astrologer predicts the career of the native on the basis of the 10th house, its lord and planets which is placed in this house.

In fact, the 10th house signifies all careers related questions. However, there are some people who luckily get a good position in life and enjoy high status in their business.

11th House:

The 11th house is the most important house for every native because this denotes desire, income, and gains from all the sources. The planets and houses which is related to Intenet online business in the native horoscope, anyhow connected with the 11th house the person will get success in this profession.

The planets which are responsible for Internet Business

All planets have their own zodiac, constellation, nature, qualities, etc. Therefore each planet will give different results if it is located in a particular constellation and in a particular house. The planet will determine whether the subject you want to go for entrepreneurship is beneficial or not. Rahu, Saturn and Venus are the main planets that are responsible for internet-related business.  Mercury and the Moon act as allied planets. If both planets are anyhow connected with lagan, 5th, 10th and 11th house then the person gets success in this business.

Astrological Yoga in the horoscope for Internet Entrepreneurship 

There are many Astrological yogas in horoscopes that help in understanding the opportunities of entrepreneurship in astrology. Based on the analysis of the horoscope, we can decide which type of business we should choose.

It is true that each planet will give different results if it is located in a particular constellation or house. If you want to go on entrepreneurship, is it related to the planet in your horoscope, if yes then you must do it?

  • If the lord of the 7th house is sitting in the Lagna then such a person does his business.
  • If there is a relationship between the 11th and 7th house, it will increase creativity in business ventures as the eleventh house is the fifth from the seventh house.
  • If an exalted planet is located in a centre or triangle, it will help in entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Overall, I can say that if you want to enter entrepreneurship through the Internet, then the first, third, fifth, eighth, tenth, eleventh house and its owner should be in mutual conjunction.
  • If the 3rd, 5th and 10th house or its lords are inter-connected then such person becomes a success in the internet blogging business.

Internet Blogging, Online Business & Entrepreneurship in Vedic Astrology

Now you see the horoscope above, he is a very common person. He was a government employee but has started internet blogging and is now earning around 1 million per month. I think this is a huge amount for an ordinary person. Now see what is the astrological combination in this chart.

  1. Ascendant lord Venus is exalted and placed in the house of 11th.
  2. The 7th lord is an aspect to the lagan and 10th house.
  3. Rahu placed in the 11th house with Lagna lord venus and 10th lord Saturn.
  4. Rahu aspect 5th house.
  5. Tenth lord Saturn also aspect 5th house and 8th and 11th lord Jupiter.
  6. Seventh lord Mars placed in his own house.
  7. 3rd house lord aspect 5th house lord Mercury it is a good combination for blogging.
  8. 11th and 8th house lord Jupiter is located in the 5th house and aspect 5th lord Mercury.

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