Auspicious Dates to Start New Business, office, shop and factory 2023

Auspicious Dates to Start New Business, office, shop and factory 2023Auspicious Dates to Start a New Business, office, shop, and factory. People try their hand at a variety of businesses and strategies to earn money. Everyone wants their new business to be successful. Do you also want to be fully successful in your business? If yes, you must follow the auspicious time when starting any new business. The person starts his or her business to live a happy life, but sometimes it has been observed that starting a new business is not as profitable as it should be.

If you want the new business ( Know business yoga is present in your horoscope or not) to bring wealth, happiness, respect, and success, then an auspicious time has to be chosen for this. If you have not followed the auspicious time, you may face loss or disruption in business. Therefore one should choose an auspicious time to start a new business.

Auspicious Lunar Months 

Vaisakha, Jyeshta, Ashadh( about till 15th of July) Shravan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Kartika, Margasira, Magha and Phalgun 

Auspicious Days

 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Sunday are auspicious days to start a Business, factory shop, etc.  

Auspicious Lunar Dates

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, and 11th,  are the best dates of the bright half (Shukla Paksha). 

Business Starting Auspicious Constellations

Ashvini Rohini Mrigasira Punarvau
Chitra   Abhijit Anuradha U.Falgun
Pushya Hasta U.Ashadha U.Bhadrapada
Shravan Dhanishtha Revati  

Business Starting Auspicious Ascendant

All ascendants are auspicious except Aquarius. Aquarius is an inauspicious ascendant for starting any business.

Business Starting Inauspicious time

Rahu Kalam ( Time)  is very inauspicious for any auspicious work so avoid this time to enter into the new or old house.

Rahu Kalam 

Days Rahu Time
Monday 7:30 to 9 AM
Tuesday 15 to 16:30 PM
Wednesday 12 to 13:30 PM
Thursday 13:30 to 15:00
Friday 10:30 to 12 PM
Saturday 9:00 to 10:30 PM
Sunday 16:30 to 18:00 PM


Moon is the significator of the mind so it is very important for any auspicious work. If the Moon transit is located in the 4th, 8th, or 12th houses of the native horoscope then at that time you should not start a new business. 

Shubh Muhurt to start Business Month, Days, and Nakshatra for 2023

April  2023

No auspicious day is available in April Month. 

May 2023

Date  Day Tithi Nakshatra Month Paksha (Lunar Phase)
3-May Wednesday Tryodashi Hasta Vaishakha Shukla 
11-May Thursday Shashthi U.Ashadha Jyestha Krishna
12-May Friday Saptami Shravan Jyestha Krishna
20-May Saturday Pratipada Rohini Jyestha Shukla 
21-May Sunday Dwitiya Rohini/Mrigshira Jyestha Shukla 
22-May Monday Triitiya  Mrigshira Jyestha Shukla 
29-May Monday Navami U.Falguna Jyestha Shukla 

June 2023

Date  Day Tithi Nakshatra Month Paksha (Lunar Phase)
1-Jun Thursday Dwadashi Chitra Jyestha Shukla 
3-Jun Saturday Chaturdashi Anuradha Jyestha Shukla 
8-Jun Thursday Panchami Shravan Jyestha Shukla 
12-Jun Monday Navami U.Bhadra Ashadha Krishna 
21-Jun Wednesday Tritiya Pushya Ashadha Krishna 
26-Jun Monday Ashatami U.Phalgun Ashadha Shukla 

July 2023

Date  Day Tithi Nakshatra Month Paksha (Lunar Phase)
1 -July  Saturday Tryodashi Anuradha Ashadha Shukla 
09-Jul Sunday Saptmi U.Bhadra Shravan  Shukla 
10-Jul Monday Ashtami Revati Shravan  Shukla 
14-Jul Friday Dwadashi Rohini Shravan  Shukla 

August 2023

Date  Day Tithi Nakshatra Month Paksha (Lunar Phase)
24 – Aug  Thursday Ashtami Anuradha Shravan  Shukla 
28-Aug Monday Dwadashi U.Ashadha Shravan  Shukla 

September 2023

Date  Day Tithi Nakshatra Month Paksha (Lunar Phase)
06-Sep Wednesday Saptami Rohini Bhadrpad Krishana
07-Sep Thursday Ashtami  Rohini/Mrigshira Bhadrpad Krishana
11-Sep Monday Dwadashi Pushya  Bhadrpad Krishana
21-Sep Thursday Shashthi Anuradha Bhadrpad Shukla
24-Sep Sunday Navami U.Ashadha Bhadrpad Shukla
25-Sep Monday Dashami Shravan Bhadrpad Shukla

November 2023

Date  Day Tithi Nakshatra Month Paksha (Lunar Phase)
10-Nov Friday Dwadashi Hasta Kartika Krishana
19-Nov Sunday Shashathi Shravan Kartika Shukla 
27-Nov Monday Purnima Rohini Kartika Shukla 

December 2023

Date  Day Tithi Nakshatra Month Paksha (Lunar Phase)
2-Dec Saturday Panchami Pushya Margshirsha Krishna
7-Dec Thursday Dashami Hasta Margshirsha Krishna

January  2024

Date  Day Tithi Nakshatra Month Paksha (Lunar Phase)
21-Jan Sunday Ekadashi Rohini Poush Shukla 
25-Jan Thursday Purnima  Pushya Poush Shukla
26-Jan Friday Pratipada Pushya Magha Krishna 
31-Jan Wednesday Panchami Hasta Magha Krishna 

February 2024

Date  Day Tithi Nakshatra Month Paksha (Lunar Phase)
1-Feb Thursday Shashthi Chitra Magha Krishana
14-Feb Wednesday Panchami Anuradha Magha Shukla
15-Feb Thursday Shashthi Ashwani Magha Shukla
17-Feb Saturday Ashtami Rohini Magha Shukla
19-Feb Monday Dashmi Mrigshira Magha Shukla
21-Feb Wednesday Dwadashi Pushya  Magha Shukla
22-Feb Thursday Tryodashi Pushya Magha Shukla

March  2024

Date  Day Tithi Nakshatra Month Paksha (Lunar Phase)
03-Mar Sunday Saptami Anuradha Phalgun Krishana
07-Mar Thursday Dwadashi  U.Ashadha Phalgun Krishana

Important Tips for start Business

  1. First, select a Very auspicious day and time through a good Astrologer or Pandit.
  2. Business starting worship should be done only by a learned pundit.
  3. Ganesh Puja, Navagra Puja, and Satyanarayan Katha must be worshipped.
  4. The Vastu Purusha and other deities must be worshipped.
  5. While starting the new Business, and entering the office put your right foot first.
  6. The business office must be completed, thoroughly clean, and well-decorated.
  7. You should also serve food to the priests, family, and friends, who are invited on this day.
  8. Starting a new business should not stop a single day.

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