IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS Combination in Vedic Astrology

IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS Combination in Vedic Astrology. We all have dreams of a respectable career. The question of whether dreams will come true or not is also made in the mind of the people. Astrology can help you whether your dreams will come true or not. IAS (Indian Administrative Service) is a very prestigious service in all aspects. Thousands of students appear in the IAS exam every year, but not everyone gets success. Now this question arises in the mind, not all people are successful even after hard work. You can find the answer through planetary combinations located in your horoscope.

It is also true that astrologers are able to provide proper guidance with the help of your horoscope. The planets and their placement in the horoscope play a very important role in the success or failure of the IAS, IPS, IFS IRS or other administrative careers. If there is a planetary combination of becoming an administrative officer in your horoscope, and at the time of giving exams, good periods and sub-periods are also going on, then you will definitely get success.

IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS Combination in Vedic Astrology

How to check your horoscope for administrative services?

Today I am going to tell you some astrological combinations through which you can decide by your own horoscope whether we should choose administrative service or not. By reading this article and the placement of planets in your horoscope, it seems that I can get an administrative post, and then you should start preparing.

IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS Services, and Responsible Houses 

First House

1st house denotes physical and mental aptitude and inclination toward the profession and other things.

Third House

The third house indicates the courage and hard labour of the native. The role of this house is very important because every success depends upon the complete dedication and hard work.

IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS Combination in Vedic Astrology

Fifth House

5th house indicates intelligence, higher education, and creative skill.

Sixth House

To be successful in any competitive exam, the 6th house should be strong in the horoscope of the native. The sixth and tenth-house relationship is very essential for success in competitive examinations.

The success of a person in an administrative job depends on the strong place of these houses, the Lord, and their mutual relationship.

Tenth house

10th house: This is the house of the profession in each person’s horoscope. The astrologer predicts the occupation of the natives based on the lord of this house and its placement. In fact, the 10th house indicates all career-related questions. However, there are some people who also consider luck to be important for an administrative post.

Let us know which is the most important planetary combination in the horoscope for administrative services. 

Role of planets for IAS, IPS and IRS in the birth chart

Which planets are responsible for success in the exam

Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars are the major planets in the horoscope for administrative services. These planets are very helpful in getting success in any type of administrative examination.


Sun is the representative of government jobs. If the Sun is strong in the horoscope then the person will get a higher position in the government.


Jupiter signifies knowledge and positive decision-making.


It is a significator of social service and hard work. This planet acts as a bridge between the people and administrative officials. It shows the way of justice which is necessary for this service.


Mars is the significator of courage, quick decisions, and reactions. It makes a person courageous, energetic, and enthusiastic, which is very necessary to achieve success in life. Mars also indicates possibilities of joining police services. This planet is capable of giving uniform jobs.

Astrological yoga must be in your horoscope

There are a lot of planetary yogas available in the horoscope but some yogas are very necessary for high achievement in society, government organizations, and the public sector.

1. Raj Yoga

A mutual relationship exists between the Lagna lord on the one side and the lord of the 4th or 5th or 7th or 9th or 10th on the other. This elevates the status of the individual in terms of success, recognition, and status.

2. Gajakesari Yoga

Jupiter in the quadrant house from the Moon or conjunction.   A person is brilliant, strong, virtuous, wealthy, intelligent, and learned of royal bearing and attains lasting fame.

3. Dhan Yoga

If the lord of the Lagna is having a relation with or aspect with the 2nd, or 5th or 9th or 11th bhava or house lord, then the person will be rich.

4. Mercury-Aditya Yoga

The Sun and Mercury are combined in the same house (also known as Budhaditya Yoga). A person is sweet-witted, clever, learned, virtuous, and has knowledge, wealth, children, and self-control, which earns wealth by serving others. It is also said that it is very intelligent, skilled in all work with good reputation.

5. Karma Jeeva Yoga

The strong Mercury is situated in the tenth house and there is no sight of any inauspicious planet on it, then the fame of such a person spreads in different directions.

Planetary Combination for IAS and IPS in Birth Chart

1. Mutual relation of the ninth, tenth, and eleventh house and its Lord or present exchange yoga in the birth chart.

2. If two or three planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, or Venus are exalted and placed in the good house and mutual aspects or conjunction with each other. The person becomes an IAS officer.

3. If Saturn and Mars have a connection with the 10 house/lord in the birth chart or D 9 chart then possibilities to join the police or army department.

4. Exalted Moon in Kendra or relationship with the tenth house or tenth lord.

5.  If the ascendant lord, fifth lord, and 10th lord are together is a house and one planet must be debilitated.

6. If in the D10 chart ascendant lord, 10th lord, and 5th lord or any two house lords are together in the house of profession.

Horoscope of IAS officer

  • Date of Birth: – 19 September 1954
  • Time of Birth: – 04:30:27,
  • Place of Birth: – Patna
  • State of Birth: – Bihar

IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS Combination in Vedic Astrology

The aforesaid astrological factors for IAS and IPS services are illustrated in this birth chart.

 Analysis of the above horoscope

In the above horoscope, the person is working as an IAS officer. Now you can see Astrological Planetary yoga for the Indian administrative service in this horoscope.

1 Ascendant lord Sun is placed in 2nd house with exalted second and 11th lord Mercury this is a strong” Dhan Yoga” in this horoscope.

2. Sun and Mercury are placed in the same house and make “Budhatiya Yoga”. Here Mercury is exalted in their own house.

3. Sixth house (House of Competition) lord Saturn is exalted and placed in the house of 3rd (house of Courage and labour) with 10th lord Venus.

4. Tenth lord Venus is in the house of 3rd with exalted 6th and 7th lord Saturn. Here, the 10th lord, Venus placed in his own house Libra this is a very positive sign regarding his career.

5. 5th or triangle house lord Jupiter is also exalted and placed in the 12th house and aspect to the 6th house (house of competition).

6. Moon is also exalted and placed in the 10th house (House of Karma, Career, Profession)

Planetary Combination for IAS and IPS officer From Moon sign

IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS Combination in Vedic Astrology

1. Ascendant lord Venus is placed in the 6th house with exalted 10th lord Saturn is a very good combination for administrative service.

2. Fourth Lord Sun and exalted Fifth lord Mercury placed in 5th house. These planets also created “ Rajyoga” and “ Budhadity yoga” in the triangle house.

3. The sixth lord is in the sixth house with the exalted 10th house lord Saturn.

4. Ninth and tenth lord Saturn is exalted and aspect to exalted 11th lord Jupiter and both are Kendra from each other.

5. The Tenth lord Saturn is exalted and created “Karmjivi yoga” this yoga gives name and fame in all directions.

IAS combination in Navamsa Chart 

D 9

IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS Combination in Vedic Astrology
1. Navamsa chart 10th lord Venus is exalted and aspect to Fortune lord Mars.

2.  The 5th lord of D9 and D1 chart Jupiter has exalted in the Navamsa and “Vargottam” also.

3. Ascendant is also “Vargottam”.

The D1, D9, and Moon charts indicate the strong planetary combination of IAS and IPS yoga in the above horoscope.

Lawyer and Judicial officer Yog in horoscope

Astrological combination for  Politician yoga in Astrology 


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