Planetary Combination for Promotion in Service or Job

Planetary Combination for Promotion in Service or JobPlanetary Combination for Promotion in Service or Job. We all study to get a prestigious job and when you get a job, then there is a worry about when to get a promotion. Some people get promoted with little effort and none get it even after their hard work. Now the question is, what is the missing factor that keeps you away despite so much hard work? Through astrology, we can know the answer to this question.

I am an astrologer, so I face these kinds of questions every day, especially those who believe in astrology. People also ask what should I do to get a promotion? In fact, you can know through astrology when to get a job and promotion?

Relationship of the astrological planet for promotion in job

Success and failure in astrology depend on the position of the planet in your horoscope. If planets are placed in favorable houses then you will get positive results. If your planets are favorable but you do not work according to the nature of the planets then the result will not be favorable. If the position of the planets is adverse, even after that you work hard, the result will not be favorable.

Importance of period and sub-period in promotion

Periods and sub-periods of the respective planets are most important in jobs and promotions. If the favorable period of the native is going on in the horoscope, then you can expect good results. If you are looking for a job and the 10th house lord period or sub-period is going on, then you will definitely get the job. Likewise, when the 2nd. 9th and 10th house lord period or sub-period are going on, you can expect a promotion in the job.

Role of Transit in promotion 

The role of transit planets in prediction is a very important point. We all know that the planets move continuously on a certain path. According to astrology, you will get a promotion only when both period and transit are ready to give auspicious results.

For example – if a person’s horoscope is having a period of 2, 9, or 10 house lord. At the time of transiting, the lord of this house aspect his house or is situated in his own house, then the native will get the promotion.

Here I am giving some astrological combinations for promotion and prosperity. This combination will help in the analysis of a birth chart.

Some important astrological combination for promotion in Job

  • According to astrology, one should see the second (wealth) 9th (luck and prosperity) 10th house (profession), and 11th house (income) for promotion in job or business.
  • When relations are made with the 2nd, 9th, 10th, and 11th house and its lord then you get a chance for promotion. The 10th house is the house of profession, so this house is the most important house for promotion, job, and career.
  • The natives get promotions during the period or sub-period of the planets when forming a relationship with the lords of the 10th and 11th houses. , if any auspicious planet passes through the 11th house or triangle house then it is auspicious.
  • If 10th or 11th lord are exalted in D1, D9 or D10 chart and period or sub-period has been started and also form a relationship with 2nd, 9th, 10th or 11th house then you will get promotion in the job or in business.
  • The exalted ascendant or 10th lord period is going on then a person will succeed in their life. If these periods form a relationship with the 11th and 9th house lord then his income will increase through promotion.
  • If period or sub-period lord is transiting with related house or aspect then the result will come positive. The native period is favorable and the transits are not favorable then the result will not come positive so both period and transits are the most important thing.
  • We should also see double Gonchar transits on the related house these transits are favorable then the result will come surely.
  • Pada Lagna is also important for the promotion in the job. If the 10th Lord from the pada lagan period or transits is favorable then the result will come positive.

Example Chart:–

The aforesaid astrological factors for promotion in the job are illustrated in this chart:–

Date of Birth: – 10 October 1967,
Time of Birth: – 15:00:12,
Place of Birth: – Pratapagarh U.P..

Promotion in job and astrology

Promotion in Job analysis of above horoscope

In this horoscope, this person was working as a native sales and marketing manager. His joining salary was only 25000 thousand rupees per month. Impressed by the work of the native, his salary was increased to 45000 thousand rupees every month.
After some time another company gave him the job of Assistant General Manager. This company fixes a monthly salary of 1 lakh rupees. Now see what is the combination of planets in this horoscope that gave them promotion.

Period and Sub-Period Analysis

He joined as an Assistant General Manager in Rahu / Rahu / Mars/ Mer/Sat period on 30/1/2015. Here Rahu placed in the 4th house and aspect to 10th house. Mars is the lord of the 11th house and also placed in the 11th house.

Mars is the lord of the third and the 11th house which signifies the income in the eleventh house and the transfer or change of place of the third house. Mars also placed in his house and aspect 2’s house (house of wealth).

Mercury is the lord of the 9th house. This house signifies the prosperity of the natives. Mercury placed in the 10th house.

Ascendant and wealth lord Saturn placed in the 3rd house and aspect  9th house (house of luck and prosperity).


It is very clear that all the planets are associated with related houses. At that time, the transits of the transiting planets were also favorable so that they would be promoted.

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