Planetary Combination for Politics or Minister in Birth Chart

  Planetary Combination for Politics or Minister in Birth Chart Planetary Combination for Politics or Minister in Birth Chart . Why a lot of peoples are looking for career opportunities in the field of politics? Answer is very simple.  Now a day’s only politics is a such profession that is able to give you money, respect, fame, wealth, power and prosperity. We should never forget that it is easy to be a good politician. If you want to a successful politician then you have to need some special quality like communicative skill, good orator, domination, wisdom, leadership, courage, diplomatic vision etc.

Important Houses for politics

Important Houses for politics are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th

First House

This house is the key house for a anything because this house represent self .

Second House

This house represent speech or vani, a politician should have clarity in speech and a pleasantly impressive tone.

Third House

This house is known as the thinking ability or decision making ability of a person, it is the house of courage, and hence the strength of this house denotes the ability of the leader to take courageous steps during decision making.

Fourth House

Fourth house represents people of the world so relation with this house is very necessary for any politician because when peoples will vote then a person become politician.

Fifth House

5th house represent wisdom, kingship, luxury and comforts.

Sixth House

6th house represent competition, service, enemy, litigation etc.  all things are need to success in politics . If a person is  able to help others without self interest then the person will get name fame in society.

Ninth House

9th  house is the house of fortune.

Tenth House

Tenth house is the house of Karma (Career, Profession) ) in every individual horoscope. If the lord of the 10th house is exalted or if any planet in tenth house in exalted then it is easier for a person to connect himself from governance or politics.  It is also represent public fame, ruler ship and power due to this reason it has big role to achieve their goal.

Planetary Combination for Politics or Minister in Birth Chart

Responsible Planets for success in politics

Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are the key planets in your horoscope for political career. These planets are very helpful for success in politics. 


The Sun is the soul in astrology. Sun represent government,  administrative  power, Position in society and leadership quality in the native . If your Sun is exalted, placed in own house, trine quadrant  and create RAJYOG then Sun provide you respect, authority over others and reputation in the society. So if you want to become a politician then Sun should be in good position in horoscope. So sun is the most important planet for political career.


Moon means mind of the native . if your mind is strong then you can take any decision without any hesitation and this trait is necessary for success in politics.  Moon gives strength of mind so strong position of Moon in the birth chart gives the tendency of how to rule on people and collect more and more votes from them. Exalted  or own house Moon in Kendra or Trine is good for politics yoga.


Jupiter is the planet of Knowledge and wisdom. Jupiter provides reputation, goodwill, Justice and purity. Jupiter is Guru/Teacher guru provide sincerity in the politics. Jupiter is found strong in the horoscope of many notable political leaders.


Mars has big role in making successful leaders in politics. Mars is the planet of wars, quarrels, courage as well as it gives strong leadership power. It gives one fighting spirit and going ahead tendency. It gives one fighting spirit and this trait requires facing as a politician.  Mars is the very energetic planet.


Saturn represents the people of world. Saturn is the very favorable planet for politician because. Saturn represents, Justice, hard work, carefulness. Calmness and shrewdness, service to helping people, and connection with the general masses of the society. Saturn is the only planet that has the ability to change the fate of beggar to become a king and also vice-versa


Rahu is the planet of manipulation and this trait has a major role in politics  to be a good and successful politician.  Rahu  is the key planet for Politics. Rahu and ketu represent flag and  all politician work under any flag. They always put party flag on their car, house etc. so I think Rahu and ketu always live with politician.


Astrological yoga for Successful Politician in Astrology

There is too much astrological yoga available in horoscope but some yoga is very necessary for success in political arena.

Raja Yoga

Raja yoga play an important role in the life of persons. The lords of a Quadrant (Kendra) and Trine (trikon) house are in conjunction, mutually aspect or in reception. This is a combination of good fortune. Trikon house (1, 5, and 9) its house represent Lakshmi and Kendra (1, 4, 7 and 10) it represent Vishnu.

Dhan yoga

There is a relationship between the Lagan lord on the one hand and the 2nd, or 5th, or 9th or 11th lord on the other hand. The person will be wealthy.

Gajakesari yoga 

 The Jupiter and Moon are either conjunct, square or in opposition .The person is illustrious, overpowering, virtuous, wealthy, intelligent, and scholarly, of royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame.

Budha-Aditya Yoga

Sun and Mercury are conjunct in the same house (also known as Budhadhiya Yoga).The person is sweet tongued, clever, scholarly, virtuous and will have learning, wealth, progeny and self-control, earns wealth by serving others. Also said to be highly intelligent, skillful in all works with a good reputation.

karmajiva yoga

The 10th house from Lagan contains very strong Mercury devoid of a malefic aspect. The person’s fame is going to extend in various directions.

Parivartan Yoga

What is Parivartan yoga ?  When a planet B is in the sign of planet A, and planet A is in the sign of planet B this situation called Parivartan Yoga. When the two sign lord mutually exchange called parivartan yoga. For example, if Saturn in the house of Moon and Moon is placed in the house of Saturn or if Saturn is in Cancer sign and cancer sign lord Moon is in Capricorn sign. This Parivartan yoga formed in the Horoscope of Indira Gandhi.

Nakshatra Parivartan Yoga

When a planet A is in the Nakshatra of Planet B and planets B is in the Nakshatra of planet A that mutual exchange of Nakshatra called Nakshatra Parivartan Yoga.

Chandra Mangala Yoga

when the Moon and Mars in conjunction or aspect each other. Such person has manipulating quality. Such person manipulate even in worst situation.

Mahabhagya Yoga

Mahabhagya yoga is formed, when a male child is born during day time and Sun, Moon and Ascendant are in odd signs. In case of female, Sun, Moon and Ascendant should be in even signs and native should be born at night.

Panch Mahapurush Yoga

Mars ( Ruchak Yoga), Mercury ( Bhadra Yoga), Jupiter ( Hansa Yoga), Venus ( Malavya Yoga) Saturn ( Shasya Yoga) any of one placed in own sign or in exaltation and in a Kendra for  this yoga .

Vargottam Yoga 

If two or three planets are Vargottam then the native will success in politics.

Important Planetary combination in Birth Chart 

  1. When exalted or own house Sun placed in 9th or 10th house and Rahu have connection with 6th, 10th or 11th houses then people usually gets success in his political career because a well placed Sun gets name fame respect, authority and reputation in the society.
  2. If Sun and Mercury conjunction in 2, 6, or 12th houses and benefic planet Jupiter aspect this yoga give success in politics. 
  3. Jupiter must be in benefit position like Kendra or trine and 9th 10th and 7th house or lord connected with each other then Jupiter gets success in politics.  Why 7th house is very important house?  7th house being 10th from 10th house so it has very importance for a successful in political career as it provide political status in society to the native.
  4. When 10th house or lord has connection with 7th and 6th house or lord the native will gets success in politics but why because 10th  house is the house of Karma and connection with 6th house ( house of service for others) make the native good servant of nation it means the native serve people after becoming minister or Leader.
  5. Rahu must be connected to 10th house.
  6. If Saturn (Represent common people and hard work) and Mars (represent leadership quality and courage) both have exalted and any how connection with 10th house and 4th (fourth) house then the native comes in politics to serve in favor of general people. Saturn placement in the 6th and 11th house is also good combination for politics.
  7. If Sun and Moon both are in exalted, own Sign, Kendra or trine in birth chart then the person very soon rise in politics.  Moon having the Sign of Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury becomes popular and leading politicians.
  8. Three or more planets in exaltation or own sign and at the same time in quadrants such combinations in birth chart people become counselors or equal to kings.
  9. If a lagna lord occupies a quadrant or the 9th house in vargottama Navamsa and the 9th lord in turn is in exaltation own sign or vargotttama navaamsa the person born as a minister.

Some important Ascendant and Planetary position

There are 12th sign in zodiac and all have own trait. Some sign are very favorable for success in politics.

  1. Cancer
  2. Leo
  3. Scorpio

Cancer Sign is very good sign for politicians. If a person born as Cancer ascendant and planetary combination indicates for politics then the native rise as a politician.  If Mars placed in 10th house, Saturn in 4rth house, Rahu in 6th, Sun-Mercury in 5th or 11th is considered good planetary combination for politics.

Leo ascendant is also considered good for politics. Sun in 9th house, Moon in 10th house Mercury and Jupiter placed in 2nd house and malefic planets like Mars in 6th house Saturn in 11th house, while Rahu in 12th and ketu in 6th house give native political power and gets name and fame in political path.

Scorpio Sign is also good for politics.

Planetary Combination for Politics or Minister in Birth Chart

Birth Chart of Ex PM Indira Gandhi

Date of Birth – 19-11-1917

Time of Birth – 23:13 Hrs

Place of Birth – Allahabad

D 9

Above horoscope of Ex Prime Minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi . The ascendant is Cancer aspected by its lord Moon from 7th house. The 6th and 9th lord Jupiter and 3rd and 12th lord Mercury are in Vargottama . There are three strong privartan yoga combinations available in Indira Gandhi Birth Chart.

  1. Parivartan yoga between lagn lord Moon and 7th lord Saturn.
  2. Second Parivartan yoga between 6th and 11th lord Jupiter and Venus.
  3. 2nd and 5th lord the Sun and Mars respectively, are in Parivartan Yoga.

Nakshtra Parivartan yoga is also available in this birth chart. Mercury and Saturn are in Nakshatra Parivartana each occupying the other’s constellation.

Rahu and ketu have also mutually exchanged their constellations.

Rahu placed in 6th house with lord of 4th and 11th house Venus. Rahu in 6th house itself good yoga for politics. If Rahu in the 6th house then Such person always ready to take action and never negotiates with unwanted situation. It’s also give fighting tendency to the native.

Rahu aspect 10th house and 10th lord Mars and again Rahu aspect 10th house in Navamsa chart.

Saturn 7th and 8th lord is in the lagan and aspect to 10th and 10th from 10th house.

The native born under Cancer rising. It is also political Sign.

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