Astrological Combination for Transfer in Service


Astrological Combination for Transfer in ServiceAstrological Combination for transfer in service | If you are in service then transfer is possible. Now depend on which type of service you are doing. Supposed a person serving as an IAS or IPS officer, defense service or officer in Bank or any other private service then he is always ready for transfer. Question is that why when and what is the reason for transfer. These transfers sometimes are undesirable but sometimes desirable.  In some cases they are profitable and in some cases transfer are optional and avoidable, but in some cases they are inevitable.  So that there are many reasons can be possible for transfer like promotion based, punishment based or time bond etc. This transfer affects the person physically, mentally and financially.

There are many astrological combinations for transfer and promotion is available in your horoscope so that Astrologer can indicate you before transfer on the base of horoscope analysis.

Here I am providing some Astrological parameter which is responsible for Transfer in service.

  1. House: 3rd, 4rth 10th, 12thand 6th
  2. Planets
  3. Yoga
  4. Divisional chart
  5. Dasha (Period)
  6. Transits

Houses which related for Transfer 

There are 12th houses in all horoscope and all houses represent various matter of life path like transfer promotion job fortune marriage etc.  Now question is that which houses is responsible for transfer in job.

  1. 1st Person self
  2. 3rdHouse: This is the key house for transfer because this house is the 12th from 4th house and it represents displacement of comfort place and residence.
  3. 4thHouse: Fourth House represents residence of the native
  4. 10thHouse: House of profession where the person do job.
  5. 12thHouse: 12th house is the 12th from Ascendant and it represents displacement from self. This is the house of deprivation, change, transfer from one place to another and shifting.
  6. 6thHouse: sixth house represents service, litigation, competition etc.

Planets which related for Transfer

  1. 3rd Lord
  2. 4rth Lord
  3. 10th Lord
  4. 12th Lord

If above mention house lord connected with this houses transfer can be predictable. For example – If 3rd lord Saturn posited in 10th house and 10th lord Mercury is placed in 12th house. Saturn wills aspect to Mercury and period of Saturn is going on then transfer is possible.

Yoga which related for Transfer 

There are many yoga available in astrology if any yoga is connected with above mention Houses like 3rd,4th,10th, and 12th and lagn lord is involve transfer can be possible.

  1. Rajyoga
  2. Dhan yoga
  3. Nabhas Yogas
  4. Arisht yoga
  5. Karmajivi Yoga

Divisional chart which is related for Transfer 

Divisional chart of horoscope is also very important for any prediction. We should see divisional chart of the related concern before giving any prediction.  This chart confirms whether or not a particular event will occur.  Divisional chart for transfer in service as follow

D1, D4, D9 and D10

Dasha or Period or Sub Period

Dasha system in astrology determined the event of native. The period, sub period or sub sub period, Lords should influence concern house and House Lord then the transfer of native should be predictable by the astrologer.

Transits of  Planets

Transiting of planets like Jupiter, Saturn and others means movement of that planet from one sign to another, and from one constellation (Nakshatra) to another. When any planets enter Sign or House makes a connection with zodiac sign, Nakshatra or House.  It shows some effects which can be either good or bad. If the influence is good, it brings good or positive changes or events in life. But negative influence gives undesired results.

If the Dasha or period, sub period lords influence 3rd, 4th and 12th House or House lord in transiting time then transfer is sure.

Some astrological facts about transfer in service

  1. 3rdand 12th house is the primary house for transfer in service. There are many reasons possible for transfer that I have already said. If 4th house or lord connected with 3rd and 12th house or lord then the native will change their residence. due to transfer.
  2. If 3rd, 12thand 10th house are connected each other then due to transfer you can change your profession or concern company occur.
  3. If the 7thhouse or lord related with 3rd and 12th house then the native get transfer with promotion.
  4. If you are getting financial gain through transfer it means 2ndand 11th house will involve with 3rd, 12th and 10th house or lord.
  5. If you are getting authority in service but it should happen through transfer then 6thhouse will be involved with 3rd 12th and 10th house and house lord.

Horoscope Discussion

  • Date of birth – 09/2/1964
  • Time of Birth – 16:30
  • Place of Birth –   Delhi

Astrological Combination for Transfer in Service

This horoscope is of a native who has been working as a lecturer. He was transferred accompanied with promotion. Thus the transfer involved promotion he gets transfer due to promotion.

Every horoscope in case of transfer in service indicate the movement , the promise of transfer the involvement of concerned planets as Period or sub period Lord, transit of planets at the time of fructification of transfer. The influence of Dasha lords on concerned Houses / Bhav and planets and support from the related Varga charts like D4, D9 and D10.

Now start from Lagn and lagna lord. Lagna is Cancer aspects by three planets Me, Sun and Mars. Lagna Lord Mo placed in 6th house with Rahu ketu axis. Moon is in the Nakshatra of Ketu and also conjunction with ketu. Here lagn lord Moon aspects to 12th house, this house indicate transfer or journey in profession.

Above horoscope the native get transfer due to promotion so that The house involved in causing transfer and promotion are 3H, 7H, 10H and 12H. Therefore the promise of transfer should be indicated by the involvement of these Houses and their lords.

Above discuss birth chart 3rd House (House of travel or transfer) lord Mer placed in the 7th house (House of status) with 10th House (House of Profession) lord Mars and 2nd House (House of Wealth) lord Sun. All three planets are indicating transfer with promotion and get financial profit also.

The native get promotion and transfer in Rahu/Sat/Mars period. All three planets are indicating concerning 3rd, 7th, 10th and 12th house and its lord.

D 9

Astrological Combination for Transfer in Service

D9 chart is also promise transfer and promotion because Rahu ( Period lord) aspect to 3rd  lord Mars and Saturn placed in 2nd house (house  of wealth) and Mars is the lord of 3rd house ( house of Travel and transfer) so that the native get promotion and transfer together

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  1. Sir
    I work in Govt. department. Iam about to get promotion. Will I be transferred to some other place. I work in Hyderabad.

    DOB: 14-01-1976
    Time: 12:19 PM
    Place: Kottagudem, Telangana

  2. Sir, I am working in Chennai and my home town is in Bihar. I am trying for transfer nearby to my hometown but my officer is not willing to leave me. My question is when I get transfer from here. Please suggest me.

  3. Sir please check my horoscope and tell me what time I will get transfer and promotion I am a sr.executive in public sector

    Date of birth 21/03/1974 Evening 18.00 hrs birth place Etawah u.p.

  4. sir

    i am trying for transfer to Mumbai since last five years, i am working in kalpakkam near Chennai, in feb 2020 i got married. sir please tell me when i will get transfer to mumbai.
    My date of birth – 31 aug 1991
    time – 6:00 pm
    Place – faridabad, haryana

  5. Sant Kumar Yadav

    Sir when will be transferred in job?
    I’m teaching in the same school for about 6 and half years.
    Born 7 July 1980

    TOB 22.32
    DOB 5.2.1971


  7. My hometown is in Midnapore, West Bengal. I am trying for transfer nearby to my hometown. My question is when I get transfer to my nearest hometown. Presently I’m at Bhira, Maharashtra.
    DOB : 11.10.1984
    Time : 01:23 Hr
    Place : Midnapore
    Please suggest me.

    1. Debabrata Sarkar

      Sir, when I will get job transfer near my home town at Berhampore,west bengal. My DOB is 9/5/1971 at 7.24 am. Birthplace is Shantipur, Nadia, west Bengal

      1. Debabrata Sarkar

        Sir when I will be transferred in my job. DOB 9/5/1971.Time 7.24am at Shantipur, west bengal, India

  8. sir when i will get transfer in my job to my native DOB 23/06/1989 TIME 3.20AM PLACE TUMKUR DISTRICT KARNATAKA

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