Planetary combination for job

Planetary combination for jobThe planetary combination for job depend on individual horoscopes. Every peoples wants to know when I will get job. Astrologers are able to predicts in advance on the basis of your birth particulars but correct birth detail is very necessary for accurate prediction. while judging a horoscope to find out job opportunity for the native, each and every planet has to be scrutinized with their placement in particular sign and house, planet is exalted or debilitated, aspect on related house etc has to judged very meticulously.

Which House is Responsible for Job?

According to dictum of astrology house 1st.  2nd, 6th, and 10th are responsible for job or profession. The house second, sixth and tenth  are  triangular (trikone) from each other.

Second house

Second house indicates receipt of money; it may be by any means, by drawing salary, by borrowing, by selling anything etc. This is the house of wealth or kuber.

Sixth house

Sixth house denotes service and getting money by loan or loan repaid by one who borrowed or by receiving one’s dues due to service rendered to another.

Tenth house  

The 10th house is the house of Karma, in every individual horoscopes. The astrologer predict for profession of the native on the basis of the sign of tenth house, lord of 10th house and planets placed in this house. In fact 10th house signifies all careers related questions. It is always seen that people, when go through the phase of 10th house in their own horoscope get assignment. But, any planet can offer job opportunity, provided it is being influenced by the planet responsible for functioning of the 10th house of a native horoscope.

Some important astrological parameter for Job

If the lord of 10th house placed in Kendra or trikon or has any connection with the lord of ascendant the individual will get job according to own desire.

Any PRIVARTAN YOGA between 10th house lord and ascendant or 5th lord or 9th lord is considered very auspicious for getting job.

If the lord of tenth house is exalted or placed in friend house or aspect to tenth house the person get job in the dasha and Antardasha of particular planet.

 Lord of tenth house connected with 9th house or Lord of ninth house join with 10th house and house lord through aspect, or conjunction.

 Timing of getting job

Timing of getting job is most important part for native because everyone wants to know what timing is for join of service. Following point must be considered before calculation for timing of service.

  1. Dasha of planet which is connected with 10th
  2. Dasha of Planets placed in tenth house.
  3. Transit of planet which is connected with 10th house and 10th
  4. Transist of Saturn and Jupiter.
The aforesaid astrological factors for job are illustrated in this chart:-
Date of Birth:- 14-6-1970, Time of birth:- 2:10 AM, place:- Patna, Bihar  


Now see in this horoscope 10th lord Saturn is debilitated but placed in Ascendant. Lord of tenth house Saturn aspect 10th house and Ascendant Mars. Saturn is also aspect to 9th lord Jupiter. Ascendant Mars is placed in 3rd house and aspect fortune house (Bhagysthan) and also aspect to 10th house (house of profession). These all planetary combination is good for best job. The native get first service in the Mahadasha of Rah and antardasha of Mars. The native get second job in Mahadasha of Jup in Antardasha of Saturn.

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