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Sun in the first house

Sun in the first house of the native in favourable condition gives attractive personality, progress and good fortune. It is the most important and powerful among all the planets in the astrological arena. It rules our vital energy. Without Sun the entire world would be plunged into darkness this thing shows the importance of Sun in all life. It is king and adviser of all the planets. Sun stands for growth physical and Zodiac called Leo and it is the Karaka planet for Lagan.

Sun in first house

The sun is verily the soul of the whole universe. The holy Vedas declare – सूर्य आत्मा जगतः तस्थतुषश्च अर्थात इस जगत की आत्मा सूर्य ही है। hence whenever we have to ponder over a problem or rather a thing that is basic, fundamental, vital, innermost, subtle etc. we have to take the sun as it’s representative and consider the sun’s positions to arrive at a right conclusion.

Auspicious result if Sun in first house

Sun in the first house in favourable condition gives attractive personality, progress and good fortune. The person will be egoistic, confident, determined and may have high thoughts, liberal at heart, may discard low quality of work, be hard and judicious. The native will be strong and healthy with a tendency of having gastric problems.

The native will believe in proper proof he will be studious, intelligent, may not speak a lot and may settle or travel abroad. The person will famous in all fields and will independently attain a high position and may fight at the forefront in a battle. The native may be interested in gardening, arts, crafts and classical subjects. The person will be cultured, knowledgeable, well behaved and will have a good character.

Sun produces noble, liberal and sympathetic peoples reliable, proud and generous. It also signifies frank, determined, dignity, independent, hopeful, good constitution, satisfactory immunity, a good relationship with officers, promotion, smooth life, boastful and defective vision also.

Inauspicious result if Sun in first house

The inauspicious result may occur if Sun afflicted by malefic or debilitated in the first house. The native is lazy at work, wicked and unforgiving. There may be quarrels, conflicts and increase in selfishness. The desire to keep one’s ego intact prevails. He may suffer from gastric problems and may have the weak physique.

Sun in the Ascendant makes a person ailing eye ailments, headaches, gastric problems, blood infection, frequent urination and wastage of semen may occur. The person travels abroad and loses money in business his/her financial fortunes will fluctuate.

They may be exploited by the opposite sex. The native may be troubled by one’s spouse, son, family, friends and relatives. He suffers from a heart ailment and fever. If the aspect of benefic planets falls on the Sun then fever will not occur.

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