Nature of Spouse : Know about Would Be or Life Partner

Nature of Spouse: Know about Would Be or Life Partner. In astrology, the 7th house is the house of marriage. So it plays an important role in finding out what your partner will be like, whether you will have a happy married life with him or her, and much more. If you want to know something about your future life partner, you need to know the placement of the planets in the 7th house.  A benefic planet in this house increases your chances of finding the Spouse of your dreams. However, an unfavorable planet can decrease your chances of having a happy married life. In some cases, it may even make it more difficult to get married and start a family.

According to Vedic astrology, the most important planets favorable for your marriage are Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon. Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu, on the other hand, are unfavorable. Therefore, they could lead to difficulties in finding a good marriage or life partner.

According to astrology, the prediction of a life partner depends on many factors like – the ruling planet of the seventh house, the planets sitting in this house, the karaka planets, and the zodiac sign of the seventh house. In this article, the nature of the life partner is predicted on the basis of the planet sitting in the seventh house.

Know the Nature of Spouse through Planetary Position in Birth Chart 

Sun in 7th house and nature of Life partner

The Native will have a dominant spouse if the Sun is in the seventh house of marriage. The partner will have an inflated sense of self and ego. They will have a loud and aggressive disposition, which could make it difficult for them to win the love of the other.

The planet Sun is slightly malefic in Vedic astrology and brings a spouse of a dominant and selfish nature in the 7th house. The Sun here brings a very independent and outgoing spouse who loves the idea of personal space, which can have a negative effect on the marriage. This position brings a spouse from a different caste or even religion.

Generally, this position is not considered good for relationships, but a lot depends on the zodiac sign in the 7th house. The Sun in the 7th house is only good if the sign in the 7th house is Aries, Gemini, Leo, or Sagittarius.

In such a scenario, it brings a spouse with good understanding and emotional maturity who can deal with the crises of life and the needs of the spouse. It brings a balanced spouse who enjoys taking care of the family and brings the quality of a good neighbor to the people in society.

Nature of Spouse if Moon placed in the 7th House

According to spousal astrology, when the Moon is in this house, the partner will be sympathetic, pious, and able to take on domestic duties. She will have a weakness in clothes and jewelry. Also, she could be a friendly woman if the seventh house is Taurus. Your partner could be younger than you or close to your age if the Moon is in the seventh house.

Moon is a natural benefactor and is considered good in the 7th house. It brings a spouse of bubbly and playful nature and blesses the spouse with a sweet voice and charming personality. The spouse will be sensitive and soulful and have the quality of deeply understanding the needs of the spouse. This position of the Moon brings a spouse who loves the idea of cooking and eating together.

The spouse loves vacations and family dinners. The spouse loves gems and jewelry and likes to take care of themselves. Generally, it brings a spouse who is younger in age and comes from a good family background.

However, when the Moon is debilitated, as in the case of the Taurus Ascendant, and is conjunct Rahu or Mars, the Native must be constantly on guard. This can lead to a spouse who is very jealous by nature and may cheat in a relationship.

Nature of Spouse: If Mars is in the 7th house

If Mars is in the house of marriage, it will bring a hurried and impatient spouse. The partner will never be satisfied with a normal job or household chores. She will also be constantly longing for a change. If Mars is in an unfavorable position, your spouse will be argumentative and may entertain disagreeable friends. If Mars and Saturn are in the seventh house in Leo or Cancer, the spouse may have other partners and be very wealthy.

Mars is a hardcore male by nature and in the 7th house, it creates manglik yoga. Mars brings an aggressive spouse here who likes to argue over petty things. The spouse will be domineering and try to suppress the native.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars will lead to extramarital affairs of the spouse or the native himself. Mars is always considered negative in the 7th house, but if Mars is in the sign Aries or Scorpio, the negative quality will not be present in the spouse. In these two signs, the planet Mars will bring a caring spouse who will fulfill the needs and desires of the natives.  Mangalik Dosh and Remedies in Birth Chart

Nature of Spouse if Mercury is in the 7th house

If Mercury is in your chart in the 7th house, your partner will speak with charm and have excellent communication skills. She will be outgoing and smart, which will please you and make her a close friend to her partner. Moreover, according to the spouse prediction, an exalted Mercury indicates that the partner is wealthy, a writer, and has a luxurious lifestyle.

Mercury is a naturally benefic planet and brings a very caring spouse to the 7th house. The spouse would love to talk and share ideas and will bond with the native like a true friend. Very good communication with the spouse to possess and at the same time intuitive to the needs of the Native. This placement makes the native happy in marriage unless Mercury is affected by Ketu or Mars.  Know from Horoscope! How will be business in partnership?

Nature of Spouse if Jupiter situated in the 7th house

Jupiter in the 7th house of Kundli indicates that your spouse will be physically fit, attractive, and probably of average height. She is not only highly educated but also charming, spirited, perceptive, and passionate. Her aptitude for learning more will be exceptionally remarkable. Moreover, your future life partner will usually be pleased with you. Besides, Jupiter in the 7th house also indicates a lovable, wise, and accomplished life partner.

Jupiter is the main favoring planet and brings in the 7th house a very peaceful and calm spouse who will not want to get involved in arguments. The spouse will be spiritual and follow religious practices with many disciplines.

The favorable influence of Jupiter will result in a spouse who is aware of his or her responsibilities and will take good care of the Native and the children. The Native will be happy after marriage and the spouse will contribute the happiness factor to the overall stability.

Nature of Spouse: When Venus placed in the 7th house

The personality of the life partner of a person who has Venus in the seventh house is very attractive. Such a person will be fair and slim, with beautiful eyes and full lips; And easily attract the attention of the opposite sex. Good looks, love, romance, money, fame, and luxury will be in abundance in their life. They are easygoing and flexible and take special care of small things.                                  Actors or Actress Yoga in Birth Chart 

The most fortunate people in terms of life partners are those whose Venus is in the seventh house. Venus in the seventh house gives a beautiful, wealthy, and brilliant partner with a sympathetic nature. Your partner will be stunning and attractive and will quickly attract people. Venus has the power to make your life partner very attractive. Your future partner will be a lovely person with a very affectionate aura.

If inauspicious Venus is placed in the seventh house then it can give unfavorable relations with your partner. You will feel uncomfortable in expressing your feelings which may cause separation from each other. Instead of love and romance, you will be constantly complaining about each other.

Nature of Spouse if Saturn is in the 7th house

If a strong Saturn is situated in this house, then your life partner will be very lucky, wealthy, influential, and of a dominant nature. Such a life partner always tries to make one realize his/her authority. He may also behave like an administrator.

Saturn in the seventh house is capable of having adverse effects on the marital life and relationship of the person. Such people may have to face dilemmas and obstacles in choosing their life partner. Many times it has also been seen that Saturn creates bitterness in the relationship of the person and his life partner. In such a situation the person experiences extreme sorrow and pain. It is quite possible that the age difference between them is huge.

Fights become common between husband and wife, they may become impatient, not even ready to listen to each other’s opinions. They may lose their sense of responsibility and not take care of their partner. Weak Saturn in the seventh house can bring a lot of misfortune and difficulties in marriage, its influence can lead to separation.

Nature of Spouse if Rahu in the 7th house

Auspicious Rahu in the seventh house provides the person with an exceptionally understanding life partner. Also gives people a highly educated life partner. Due to Rahu in this house, the spouse becomes materialistic in nature. They will like material pleasures and will expect their life partner to fulfill their desires.

If inauspicious Rahu is placed in this house then married life will not be good. There may be delays in marriage and problems in marital life. Rahu is a planet of selfish and greedy nature, hence the person’s spouse also becomes like this and looks for a partner who can completely fulfill his needs, generally, this is the reason behind the delay in marriage.

A latent kind of sexual hunger arises within the individual, which, if not satisfied, causes mutual distress and intimate separation. The most effective way to fight the extreme sexual desires of this condition would be to bring complete cognizance and awareness of oneself through meditation and yoga.

Nature of Spouse if Ketu in the 7th house

Ketu’s position in the seventh house suggests a highly spiritual life mate. In addition to being devout, your companion also has a strong preference for the immaterial. However, he/she might not have clarity in her life and find it difficult to make decisions.

If Ketu is situated in the seventh house and is deprived of the aspect of any auspicious planet, then family relationships may turn sour due to your spouse. Also, the person may be deprived of the happiness of married life. Your spouse may be unkind, cruel, and stingy in nature

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