Vastu Tips : Good Concentration and Memory for Students

Vastu Tips : Good Concentration and Memory for Students

Vastu Tips: Good Concentration and Memory for Students. Students have suffered greatly as a result of online studies during Corona, the effects of which are still evident. The situation is the same for students in primary and secondary schools as well as those in colleges. Since the current session, 2023-2024 examinations are approaching. When Vastu principles are used to increase concentration in studies, success is almost guaranteed.

Vastu Tips: Which directions are good for success in studies? 

According to Vastu Shastra, the best direction for studies is South-West, East, and North. Stand in the center of the house with a compass in your hand and identify the area of South-West, East, and North, directions. All three directions are best gradually. “South-west” ( Nairitya Cona)  direction is best among all three. When you find the south-west direction, then identify the north-east direction or east direction of the particular room which is located in the same direction.

Vastu tips for students for good concentration and memory

When you study, the quality of knowledge and retention depends on the concentration in studies. If your concentration remains at the time of study, then definitely you will understand that lesson and will be able to answer the questions related to that lesson which are going to appear in the exam.

Vastu’s theory is based on the cycle of 5 elements ( Earth, Water, Energy, Air, and Sky). If all the above elements are equally balanced then there wouldn’t be any problems related to concentration and memory. Any above element in the south-west direction creates Vastu imbalance, then it will cause problems in concentration.

Which things distract Concentration?

Colors like red, pink, purple, green, or orange in the south-west direction cause imbalance and reduce the concentration of the student. Distractions such as television, toys, and games should be avoided in this area of ​​your home. Washing machines, brooms, vacuum cleaners, and mops all contribute to the Vastu imbalance in the study area. In such a situation, the student’s attention gets diverted from studies towards these distractions.