Medical Astrology : Discover the Path to Healthy Lifestyle

Medical Astrology : Discover the Path to Healthy Lifestyle

Medical Astrology : Discover the path to a healthy lifestyle. Medical astrology is a branch of astrology. Under which various types of diseases and their causes are studied scientifically on the basis of planets. In the case of medicine, our sages have indicated which planets and diseases rule different parts of the body. However, every person must fall ill during their lifetime. Some people are suffering from a particular disease, while at the same time every year they become ill. All these facts depend on the placement, aspect and conjunction of planets in the zodiac house. There are many diseases that cause very few side effects. while there are some diseases that cause great harm to a particular person.

Why need Medical Astrology

In ancient times, only Ayurveda was treated. However, everyone knows, the disease is treated in Ayurveda by using tree roots, leaves, etc. You should also know that all medicinal plants belong to a particular constellation. The constellation is related to the planet and due to the influence of the planet, the life journey of the person goes on, so astrology is very useful for everything.

There is no doubt that Ayurveda had special importance in ancient times due to non-availability of allopathy treatment. There has always been a deep connection between Ayurveda and astrology. The sages also said that by doing Ayurvedic medicine in the auspicious time, patients get well soon.

The astrologer can tell through the horoscope when you will get sick and what will be the disease? Knowing this, a person takes measures to protect against all possible diseases.

However, sometimes a situation arises that even the doctor does not know which disease the person is suffering from. But through the horoscope, you can know from which disease people are suffering. In this article, I will try to explain how astrology is related to any disease.

Medical Astrology and Responsible houses

The first house ( ascendant) represents itself in the horoscope. This house represents the entire body. The sixth house signifies diseases and the eighth house symbolizes age. In medical astrology, these three houses are considered to find out the disease.

If the Lagnesh placed in the quadrant, triangle or exalted sign then the person remains healthy. when the Lagnesh is weak, placed in the inauspicious houses or aspect malefic planets, then the health of the person will be poor.

If Moon, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus, are the lord of 6th house or any auspicious planets aspect to that house then there are chances of having a lot of diseases.  when a relationship is formed between sixth house lord and Lagnesh or 6th house lord is situated in the Ascendant house, then one has to suffer from diseases.

Medical Astrology: Responsible Planets  in Horoscope

In general, the following conditions are helpful in the origin of diseases:
1. Both Lagna and Lagnes are an inauspicious house.
2. weak Moon or malefic planets placed in the Moon sign.
3. The effect of malefic planets on all three Lagnas, Moon and Sun.
4. If malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu etc are stronger than auspicious planets like Jupiter, Venus etc.
5. The eighth lord placed in in the ascendant or Ascendant is located in the eighth house.
6. Sixth lord is stronger than Lagnesh.
7. In addition to all the above yogas, if “Arista Yoga” is made in the birth chart of a person, even after birth, he has to face many troubles and illnesses.

How diseases are determined in medical astrology

Now, the question arises about how to determine which planet is the main responsible planets for the disease. After determining this, see where the planet giving the disease is in transit. See again whether he is having any kind of relationship with the Lagna, sixth house or his lord. After the above is determined, it will become clear that such a planet will give disease. In this regard, the following rules should be specially observed.

  1. The lord of the sixth house provides diseases according to his nature.
  2. The planet which is present in the sixth house gives disease according to its nature.
  3. The planet that makes a connection with the lord of the sixth house gives disease in their period or sub-period.
  4. Such a planet which is placed in the inauspicious or enemies house and also connected with 6th house or lord.
  5. When the inauspicious planet aspect or located on the ascendant, then the person will suffer from diseases related to that planet
  6. Which Planets are Responsible for Disease

Planets Related Disease in Medical Astrology

The planets are responsible for a certain disease in astrology. for example, Sun is the cause of fever. Moon is the significator of cold.  similarly, all other planets are responsible for various disease. Let us know which planets are responsible for a certain disease.


Sun is responsible for the following disease, Pitta, Eye, Heart, Bone related diseases, Ulcer, Burning, Abdominal diseases, Decreased immunity, fractures, Leprosy, Head diseases, Unconsciousness,  Epilepsy, Fever, etc.


Heart and lung-related diseases, left eye disorder, insomnia, asthma, diarrhoea, anaemia, haemorrhage, water-related or deficiency diseases, vomiting, kidney-related diseases, diabetes, dropsy, appendicitis, phlegm, urinary disorders, Oral diseases, nasal diseases, jaundice, mental diseases etc.


Blood-related diseases, blood pressure, piles, accidental bleeding, cutting, Boils, fever, fire, injury, ulcers, heart diseases, ulcers, leprosy, neck and gland related diseases, tumours, cancer, diarrhoea etc.


Nerves related diseases, depression, chest, paralysis, epilepsy, dermatitis, hysteria, speech defects, nervous diseases, Pneumonia, asymmetrical fever, jaundice, nasal diseases, fever, anorexia, itching, fracture, typhoid, dementia, indigestion, ulcers, gout, oral diseases, dizziness, etc.


Diseases related to liver, kidney, spleen etc., ailments, diabetes, jaundice, loss of memory, diseases related to dental, tongue and calves, marrow defects, liver, spleen, macro, brain disorders, etc.


Urinary and occult diseases, genitourinary, vision, impotence, cancer, diseases related to endocrine glands, epilepsy, dyspepsia etc.


physical weakness, pain, abdominal pain, pain in the knees or feet, teeth or skin diseases, fractures, paralysis, deafness, cough, asthma, indigestion, neuralgia etc


Rahu is responsible for the virus-related disease,  toxic related troubles, Brain disorders, liver, weakness, smallpox, stomach worms, dementia, severe pain, any type of reaction, falling from a height, physical distress from animals or animals, leprosy, cancer etc.


Body injury, wounds, allergies, accidental disease, dog bite, Aerated diseases,  dermatitis, lack of manpower, lethargy, inactivity, discomfort etc.

 Astrological Remedies for Disease in Medical Astrolgy

If you are suffering from any disease, firstly, you should get the horoscope analyzed by an experienced astrologer and then follow their remedy. Any person who is suffering from any disease can take the following measures for their safety.

  1. To get rid of diseases, worship the planet which is responsible for the disease.
  2. Wearing the gemstone or Rudraksha of Lagnesh relieves the disease.
  3. To get relief from any kind of disease, worshipping Lord Shiva is best. Keep chanting “Mahamrityunjaya Mantra” in mind.
  4. According to your belief, if you are chanting only one hymn daily of Bajrangbana or Panchmukhi Hanumatkavach, Ram Rakshastotra, Siddha Kunjikastotra, Narayana Kavach or Shiva Kavach, then the disease will get rid of.
  5. If “Sadhe-Saati or adhaiya” of Saturn is running and you are sick, then donate shadow containers every Saturday to God Shani Temple.

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