Dentist Yogas in Astrology

Dentist Yogas in AstrologyDentistry,  is a very good and prestigious profession. There are many dentist yogas available in Astrology proving astrology as able to decide who becomes a dentist through analysis of your horoscope. A career as a dentist allows the flexibility to balance professional and personal life, the opportunity to be your own boss and to earn a good income. The yogas for dentist are not readily available in the ancient texts. In astrology considering the jobs performed by the dentists, the significator of the teeth and the area of the teeth involved and recognizing the importance of role of Aswani Kumar Navamshas for dentist. I am giving you some astrological combination  if that combination  are present in your horoscope then I assure you that you will be a dentist. So if you or your children want to start career as a dentist than now open your horoscope and start to see combination that is given by me:-

Astrological combination for Dentist

  1. Relation between 2nd house and 10th house in natal horoscope and D-10 chart but question is that why because 2nd house representative of mouth where teeth is placed and 10th house indicate profession. So if any relation between both houses like aspect, conjunction, and placed than you should consider dentist yoga.
  2. Mars and Rah relation with 10th house, 10th Lord of natal chart and D10 chart also. Mars and Rah aspect to 10th house or 10th Lord, both planets placed in 10th house or conjunction with 10th
  3. Sun must be strong like exalted, placed in own house, Kendra or Trikon.
  4. Ashwani Kumar Dwadashamshas relation with Ascendant, Lagan Lord, 10th house and 10th Lord of D1 and D10 charts. Rule of Ashwani Kumar dwadshamshas 2nd = (2-30 to 5-00 degree), 6th = (12-30 to 15 degree), and 10th = (22-30 to 25) Dwadashamshas.
  5. Relation of 6th house and Lord with 2nd and 10th and 1st house and Lord because 6th house is the house of disease so it is necessary to connection with aforesaid house and Lord.

This parameter was applied on this horoscope now the person is doing study in BDS course.

Name :- Dr. Anand ,   DOB:-  3 Sep 1993,  TOB  :- 13: 16 PM,  POB :- Patna

  Birth Chart

Dentist Yogas in Astrology

In above horoscope 10th Lord Sun placed in own house and also in Kendra so it is clear that Sun is strong. 2nd Lord Jupiter is placed in 11th house with Lagna (self) and 6th Lord Mars it is very good combination for dentist because 6th house represent house of disease and 2nd house represent house of mouth.

From Moon Lagnas 2nd house (mouth, teeth) Lord Mars and 10th (profession) Lord Jupiter are In situated in 7th house and Kendra also. Here very clear relation between 2nd and 10th house Lord.

2nd and 10th Lord gradually Mars and Jupiter are placed in 5th house (Trikon house) it is also confirms combination for dentist.

If above yogas are available in your horoscope then it is sure that you can be a dentist.

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