Planetary combination for depression and its remedies

Planetary combination for depression and its remediesPlanetary combination for depression and its remedies . Depression is not a rare disease it is very common disease now a days. I think about 60 to 79 percent of our world population feel stress and depressed in their life path but the question is that why they feel so. If we are depressed then what is the reason for depression. Really it is a big question and a challenge for  us. Depression is related to mind. Depression is sum of two words “deep” and “pressure”. It means when a person go through deep pressure due to some specific reason like married life, job, property, children etc that create negative thinking and those negative thoughts convert in depression. Some people get cured but some never come out after despite of many efforts. Depression becomes a serious matter if it punches very often and they become the victim of it.

What a person feels in the time of depression?

Depression has a direct relation with Mind and brain. Depressive person feel sadness, frustration, hopelessness, loneliness, sadness, loss of appetite, despair, withdrawal from social contact and lives with negative approach and lack of interest in positive thoughts. Depression effects emotionally, psychologically and physically. The person who is suffering from depression never want to accept any criticize by other people and if they get criticized then they want to succumb theirselves.

Depression and role of Astrologer

Astrologer can reply through analysis of native horoscope on the basis of planets placement in the different house or sign.  Planets position like debilitated sign or placed in trik house (House 6, 8 and 12) are directly responsible for depression in astrology. Astrologer can alert you pre-depression with the help of period, sub period and transit of planets in your horoscope. Now again you can raise question how it is possible and really is it possible, I think never. Today in this article, I am going to discuss  that in which condition planets will responsible for depression.

Which planets are responsible for depression?

Moon Mercury and Sun plays a vital role in our life as it governs our mind wisdom and soul etc. If all three planets are placed in bad houses like 6,8,12 or position in debilitated sign produce negative thoughts and after that you will be depressed.

Any inauspicious planets like Saturn Mars, Sun, Rahu and ketu are associated with Moon through aspects and conjunction will give you depression especially in the time of concerning planets period or sub period.

Planetary combination for depression and its remedies

Why Moon is main responsible for depression

Depression is concern with mind and Moon is the psyche planet. Veda’s stated about Moon –

  • चन्द्रमा मनसो जातः |
  • मन्योर् मनसः शरव्या जायते |
  • चन्द्रां हिरण्यमयीं लक्ष्मीं जातवेदो म आ वाह

Moon represents our emotions, desires and expectations, presentation skills, ability to enjoy things and ideas. Moon gives some inauspicious result also especially when affliction by malefic Saturn mars or rahu ketu like inability to enjoy life, lack of confidence, insecurity.  Badly placed Moon can cause a lot of mental and emotional problems that go a long way in weakening our body.

Which house is responsible for depression?

  1. First house in a horoscope is called ascendant and it represents brain and the manner in which brain thinks and works.
  2. Fourth house is the house of mental peace, happiness and comforts.
  3. Fifth house is the house of wisdom its affliction denote depression problem.

Astrological Parameter for Depression

  1. Ascendant and its Lord should be in affliction by malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu.
  2. If Ascendant 4rth and 5th Lord placed in 6th, 8th & 12th house and also affliction by at least two malefic planets like Saturn, Mars or Rahu ketu.
  3. If 6th, 8th and 12th Lord placed in ascendant, 4rth or 5th house and also afflicted by malefic planets.
  4. Moon and Mercury are to be afflicted by Mars, Saturn, or Rah-ketu.
  5. If Moon is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house in the birth chart.
  6. If Moon is debilitated and aspects, conjunction or hemmed between malefic planets denote depression.
  7. Debilitated or nearer to Amavasya Moon in 8th house with Rah denote depression or some time madness.
  8. If Moon or Mercury is conjunction with Sun due to conjunction with Sun Moon or Mercury loses its strength and unable to give good result even though the Moon of Mercury placed in own house or exalted condition.
  9. If Mercury is in conjunction with the malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun, and Rahu Ketu .
  10. Any two or three malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu ketu aspects on Mercury.
  11. If 4th House and its lord are weak and under the influence of malefic planets, the native will usually suffer from depression and departed stressful life in all manners.
  12. If 5th house and its lord are under the influence of malefic planets, the native will suffer from depression and departed stressful life.
  13. If Moon, Sun and Mercury are weak afflicted and/or associated with malefic planets they indicate depression. I have provided following parameters on the basis of self experience and classical principles.

Horoscope of depression and mentally disorder person.

Date of birth :- 6/9/1988, Time of Birth:- 4:10 hrs, Place of Birth :- Delhi

Planetary combination for depression and its remedies

Above horoscope ascendant Lord Moon placed in the house of twelfth and aspect by two malefic planet Mars and Saturn. Saturn is the lord of 7th and 8th lord both house are inauspicious house. so it is clear that Moon is heavily afflicted by malefic planets.

Mercury is the lord of 3rd and 12th house and placed in 3rd house here Mercury is exalted but aspect by two malefic planets Mars and Saturn are able to give depression.

Sun is the lord of 2nd house and placed in own house but it is in Rah ketu axis.

Moon is in d9 chart placed with malefic Saturn and Rahu ketu it is also confirm above parameter for depression disease.

Remedies for you

Above placement in a birth chart indicate depression and stress in life path. If proper remedies are performed by native they can be cured from depression and stressful life. The following remedies should be implements.

First make the Lagan Lord strong by wearing gemstone.




Aries and ScorpioMars Red or White Coral
Taurus and LibraVenusDiamond or Zircon
Gemini and VirgoMercuryEmerald
Sagittarius & PiscesJupiterYellow sapphire, Pokharaj
Capricorn & AquariusSaturnBlue sapphire or Neelam


  1. If Moon is weak and placed in evil house perform remedies of Moon through chanting of Mantra, wearing yantra or donate planet related objects.
  2. If Moon is become lord of good house but weak then wear Pearl or Moon Stone.
  3. If fourth House is weak or its Lord is under the influence of malefic planets, remedies to strengthen 4th house through chanting of Mantra, wearing yantra or donate planet related objects.
  4. If Mercury is weak and it is lord of auspicious house then should wear stone and
  5. If Mercury is lord of inauspicious house then should chanting of Mantra, wearing yantra or donate planet related objects.
  6. If Sun is weak and placed in evil house perform remedies of Sun through chanting of Mantra, wearing yantra or donate planet related objects.
  7. Do worship of malefic planet which is responsible for this.
  8. You should performed meditation and Pranayam everyday.

Note: – Above all remedies should perform according to the need as per the birth chart after consulting to the astrologer

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  1. I am suffering from depression and anxiety disorder. Always feel fear &negative thoughts. Thinking suicide. Lonleyness

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