Mars and Venus Conjunction in Sagittarius Effects on Native

Mars and Venus Conjunction in Sagittarius Effects on Native

Mars and Venus Conjunction in Sagittarius Effects on Native. Venus is associated with beauty and love in mythology, while Mars is associated with bravery and passion. Mars, the planet of vitality, fight, war, fire, passion, competition, and willpower, will transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius on January 16, 2022, and will remain there until February 26.

Venus, the planet of love, peace, beauty, elegance, harmony, prosperity, and virility, is also transiting for an extended period at this time. Indeed, the conjunction of two planets in the same zodiac sign will undoubtedly have an effect on your life.

Venus and Mars Conjunction will be good or bad?

The conjunction of Mars and Venus reveals the pervasive energy of ambition and competition. These energies can be either auspicious or inauspicious, if good, will indicate a healthy and balanced life, otherwise, on the contrary, they will be able to be carried out of balance. Indeed, every fight has a victim, and Mars always loses to Venus in planetary battles, owing to Venus’s brilliance and attractiveness, while Mars, being a warrior, despises loss. Mars Transit 2022 in Sagittarius and effects on all zodiac sign 

Venus is constantly striving to preserve its superior position when in a favourable situation, possibly by reminding us that pure love conquers all and that we can transcend beyond our sensuous impulses. Indeed, this is the identification of the best Venus, which accounts for its brightness.

Mars and Venus Conjunction in Sagittarius Effects on Native

Mars and Venus Nature and Nurture

Mars signifies a man in astrology, whereas Venus represents a lady. When Mars and Venus align, this energy is capable of causing interpersonal instability, possessive sentiments, passion and emotional attachment, out-of-control materialistic demands, wrath and aggression. Whereas Mars-Venus conjunction can be extremely goal-oriented, creative, and emotional, this is only true when the transit occurs in a fortunate house of the horoscope.

Mars and Venus Transit effects

The transit and sight of the planets in our birth chart will decide how the transit will happen for us personally. However, the Mars-Venus conjunction in Sagittarius can be highly emotional, artistic and giving in to the visionary nature. It can indicate aspirational, idealistic, creative, driven to lead a life that emphasizes comedy, optimism, travel, education and understanding. Then when they unite with Capricorn after leaving Sagittarius, they become more professional, strategic, focused, worldly and eager to achieve grounded results.

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