Mars transit 2024 in Sagittarius its Effects on all 12th Sign

Mars transit 2024 in Sagittarius its Effects on all 12th Sign
Mars Transit in Sagittarius in 2024

Mars transit 2024 in Sagittarius its Effects on all 12th Sign. Among all the other nine planets, Mars is the most energetic and very powerful planet. It is the lord of Aries and Scorpio. Mars connects the person with struggles and provides the spirit of a warrior. The friend of Mars is Jupiter, Sun and Moon whereas Mercury is not favorable to Ketu. When Mars transits from one sign to another, it is known as Mars transit. It stays in one zodiac for one and a half months and then moves to another. The house in which it transits affects the life of the person related to that house. Mars in auspicious house gives very lucky and positive results for the natives.

Mars Transit Date 2024

Mars Transit Date from sign to sign 
Transit PlanetSign Fromto Date
MarsAries LibraTaurus12/7/2024

Mars Transit 2024 Effects on Aries Sign

Mars is the lord of Aries, so it is going to bring favorable results in your life. You may feel more energetic and powerful during this time. Those who are planning to do something new and innovative, their efforts are likely to yield beneficial results. You are likely to get appreciation at your job. If you are starting a new venture or assignment, be sure to seek professional advice before starting.
Those who are in love can also take the initiative to thrill and delight their partner. If you are going to spoil your mood then some disappointments may also arise. During this transit, practice meditation and other breathing exercises regularly to maintain your health.

Mars Transit 2024 effects on Taurus

If you are a Taurus native, then Mars is the lord of the twelfth and seventh house, due to which a lot of ups and downs are possible in professional life. Be cautious about social prestige as well as be ambitious but maintain good relations with high-ranking officials. It would be advisable to stay away from any kind of controversies. If you are already involved in a legal issue, try to settle out of court.

Make a conscious effort to control your anger and show patience. There may be disputes with the spouse and differences in the family. You can get the benefit of ancestral property.There will be concern about health, so make sure to eat a balanced diet and exercise. You may have a cold, fever, body ache and blood disorders.

Mars Transit 2024 effects on Gemini

For the people of Gemini zodiac, Mars is the lord of sixth and eleventh house and will transit in the seventh house. In personal life, there may be an earthquake in your married life, if there is already a quarrel going on, then there is a possibility of getting divorced, so keep patience and trust.

Distress is possible in partnership due to business benefits, so keep harmony with each other. Your work style, mind and high expectations can lead to disappointment, so keep positive thinking otherwise you may face trouble. Keep your personal and professional life separate otherwise it may create problems. Those who are waiting for promotion or increase in their salary may get better chance during this period.

During this time you need to take extra care about your health. Hence you are advised to go for proper health check-up, as star predicts increase in health problems. Native may face an increase in blood pressure; Heavy headache etc which will be the most common problem.

Mars Transit 2024 effects on Cancer Sign

For the people of Cancer zodiac, Mars is the lord of fifth and tenth house. This transit will generally be beneficial for you in terms of money as well as your professional life, however, you should avoid starting any new project or making any new big investment during this period.  Also beware of your opponents who may try to undermine your image or create obstacles for you.

Sources of income will be available continuously, but at a slow and constrained pace. Married couples may have some misunderstandings due to your aggressive attitude which causes discord in their marriage. You must be careful while driving as accidents can happen, so avoid risky attempts and be alert. Be aware of your health.

 Mars Transit effects on Leo

Mars is the lord of fourth and ninth house. This time will be beneficial for you as there will be a new beginning in your life. This is not a good time to take new decisions in your personal or professional life. You should also control your anger and aggression. You may meet some old friends and will be involved in enhancing relations. Your confidence and determination to achieve your goal will be strong.

You won’t be in a position to implement your own logic, so it’s best to wait a while. Personal life may look chaotic for some time. In the long run, if a job was left unfinished or if you saw some untapped investments, you would be able to complete your task successfully and utilize the resources. You may experience mild to chronic migraines and sleep disturbances.

Mars Transit 2024 effects on Virgo Sign

For Virgo, Mars is the lord of the third and eighth houses. Make good use of your inner energy and don’t waste it in fights and arguments. You should be cautious as opponents may try to harass you, but at the same time your hard work will be rewarded by luck during this period. Your relationships with your loved ones or friends may suffer during this transit. Financially, your expenses will increase, and you may find yourself spending on things that are not needed.
Due to aggressive attitude, married couple may develop some misunderstandings which lead to discord in their life. Those who are in a relationship can get stability during this period. This is an accident prone time in terms of health, so be careful while walking and avoid getting involved in any risky work

Mars transit effects on Libra 

Libra zodiac, Mars is the lord of second and seventh house. You should be more excited and energetic at work. Any laziness at work will be detrimental to you and your career goals. You should reconsider your plans to change jobs, and if an opportunity presents itself, you should investigate it thoroughly and make an informed decision.

The natives who were planning for marriage will not find it easy to get the desired result. To impress your partner, you must make genuine efforts. You may have to deal with past or ongoing health issues.

Scorpio Sign Effects 

For the people of Scorpio zodiac, Mars is the lord of first and sixth house. Scorpio people are self-disciplined and strong-willed. These individuals must rely on their own efforts and be prepared to rely on others for success.

You make spontaneous and hasty decisions based on knowledge, which can backfire. This period will also cause difficulties in your financial matters. You should control your anger and aggression during this period. During this time, the more humble you become, the more success you will achieve. This period will give positive results only by controlling the speech. Irritability and harsh attitude can completely destroy the sweetness of the relationship.

Mars Transit 2024 effects on Sagittarius

Mars is the lord of the twelfth and fifth houses for the people of Sagittarius. Jupiter and Mars being friendly planets, the transit of Mars will be very beneficial for the natives. Jupiter represents love, luck and expansion, while Mars represents ambition and passion. Jupiter reduces the negative energy of Mars and strengthens the mental power and intelligence of the native.

You will be able to resolve all the uncertainties quickly with the help of your colleagues. Certain decisions taken by you during this time period may have a positive impact on your business prospects. Now is an excellent time to do your long-term budgeting and financial planning. Maintain a positive attitude to maintain an excellent leadership in career. It can also help you manage your career better.

During this time you will pay more attention to your family and related activities. Somebody’s strange behavior can sometimes spoil your mood. However, it will be extremely beneficial for you to broadcast your thoughts and have complete clarity of what you want in life.

Mars Transit 2024 its effects on Capricorn

For Capricorn people, Mars is the lord of the fourth and eleventh house. Mars may be exalted in Capricorn, but Saturn is the lord of Capricorn. Saturn and Mars have an opposite relationship. Since Mars is full of energy and Saturn is full of difficulties, a largely incapacitated person struggles to channelize his energy in the right direction. The natives are rigid, passive and aggressive in nature.

Your relations with your superiors at workplace may remain average during this transit. It is advised that you do not change jobs during this period, as you may not get support from friends or superiors. You may need to revise your attitude towards people and your advice to maintain a practical mindset when dealing with professional matters.
You may also need to work on your stress management and instinctive reactions. Those who want to get married may need to be patient and make real effort to achieve their goals. There can be differences in couples over small things, so the best advice is to handle your love life carefully. In terms of health, an old issue is likely to re-emerge during this phase. So be careful.

Mars Transit 2024 its effects on Aquarius

For the people of Aquarius zodiac, Mars is the lord of 3rd and 10th house. As per Mars Transit Dec 2023, your hasty and fiery attitude may create hurdles in your hard work to achieve your goals. A source of income will be available, but at a slow and constrained pace. Do not try to start any new project during this period. You should be careful as your opponent may try to harass you.

You may have a strong desire for something materialistic and worldly. Due to aggressive attitude, married couples may develop some misunderstandings which lead to discord in their marriage. It is recommended that you take proper care of your health as you may suffer from stomach ache, bile or acidity.

Mars transit effects on Pisces 

The people of Pisces zodiac, Mars is the lord of the 2nd and 9th house. Jupiter and Mars are friendly planets. You must be face difficult situations at work during this time period, and may have to make some difficult decisions which are emotional or even personal in nature. Your decisions and actions will have a significant impact on the lives of your subordinates or co-workers So you shouldn’t be in a hurry. The opinion of others should be taken before taking any decision.

You may get financial benefit from some unexpected source. Mars transit is the best time to complete pending tasks, so my advice is not to waste your energy and use it for the fulfillment of your development.

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