“Latta Dosh” in Marriage Muhurat create bad result after marriage

"Latta Dosh" in Marriage Muhurat create bad result after marriage

“Latta Dosh” in Marriage Muhurat create bad result after marriage. Almost all parents want the bride and groom’s wedding day to be absolutely free of any defects and other hurdles. In this context, “Latta Dosha” is considered inauspicious for marriage. ‘Latta’ means feet, which means if any planet hits the nakshatra fixed for the marriage of Muhurta then Lata dosha occurs.

Astrologers refer to it as Latt Dosh when the constellation in which the planet is located hits with a constellation that is either in front of or behind it. See which constellations a planet hits next.

How is Latta Dosh formed?

For example, from the Nakshatra occupied by them Mercury Rahu and Venus kick the 7th, 9th, and 5th Nakshatra respectively counted in the backward direction. Mercury in Punarvasu will kick Ashwini ( 7th from Punarvashu counted backward)

In other conditions from the nakshatra occupied by them, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars Kick the 12th, 8th, 6th, and 3rd nakshatra counted in the forward direction.  for example, If Jupiter in Ashwini will kick Ardra ( 6th from Ashwini counted forwards ).

The planet Sun strikes the 12th Nakshatra in front of it, Mars strikes the third Nakshatra and Jupiter, and Saturn strikes the 6th and 8th Nakshatra respectively in front of them.

Apart from these planets, there are some planets that attack the constellations located behind them. The full moon strikes the 22nd Nakshatra, Mercury the 7th Nakshatra, Venus the 5th Nakshatra, and Rahu the 9th Nakshatra behind it.

Basically, Latta dosha is not only inauspicious but is also dangerous if it is formed by a malefic planet. Marriage should not be fixed in such a situation. For example, if Jupiter in Kritika Nakshatra is striking the 6th Nakshatra i.e. Pushya in front of it, and if Venus in Kritika is situated behind the 5th Nakshatra i.e. Uttarabhadrapada. In these cases, marriage should not be fixed due to suffering from Latta dosha.

Latta Dosha Cycle 

PlanetsNakshatra KickedDirection of KickMarriage Constellation Latta Dosha NakshatraResults 
Sun12thForwardAshwiniAnuradhaLoss of Wealth
Saturn8thForwardAshwiniUttara AshadhaLoss of Family
Jupiter6thForwardAshwiniDhanishthaLoss of Relative
Mars3rdForwardAshwiniUttara BhadrpadDeath
Rahu9thBackwardAshwiniPurva AshadhaDeath
Venus5thbackwardAshwiniMrigshiraunsuccess in work

The intensity of the malefic results given in the above example can be more severe if the planet causing Latta dosha and the planet being struck are in the same position or quarter. For example, if Jupiter is situated in the first quarter of Dhanishtha and the Moon in 1st quarter of Ashwini the Latta dosh is more malefic and harmful.  


In simple terms, it is terrible and destructive if a malefic planet creates a lata dosha. It is improper to use such circumstances to save a marriage.

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