Foreign Education in Astrology

Foreign EducationForeign Education in Astrology. In that time every meritorious student has at least one dream to get the foreign education but they are not sure about their dream. Will I go abroad for education or not If yes then when and in which country. Many students come and ask me, sir, can I go to abroad for education? If astrologically yes then I will try for that. Horoscope indicates everything but depends on the person what they want. When native asked the question about foreign education then astrologer find out the promise of abroad study is present or not in the native horoscope. There are many planetary combinations become in horoscope like the 5th lord in 12th house or 12th lord is in 5th house indicate the overseas study of the native. You will go abroad for which type of education like research-oriented education, technical or non-technical education etc. astrologer can find out with detail analysis of your horoscope/kundali.


Houses for Foreign Education/ /Abroad Education/ Overseas Education  

As the classical text and commentary mention a few scattered planetary combinations in this respect, the area needs to be looked into the new dimensions. According to Astrology, planetary combinations for foreign education are studied from 2nd, 4rth, 4rth, 5th, 8th, 12th houses and travel or settlement studies from 3rd, 4rth,7th, 9th, or 12th houses of the horoscope. Every house indicates various subjects like the 2nd house (primary education) 4rth house (secondary education) 5th house (college education) 8th house (Research) 9th house (higher education) 12th house signify foreign land. 3rd house is short traveling house and it is also 12th from 4rth house. 4rth being the house of home in birthplace. 7th house is the house of journey, and foreign settlement. 8th the house of change, 9th is the house of long journey and fate, 12th house is the foreign land house. If all houses or houses lord makes relation with each other it means the person desire will fulfill. The 4rth house is the most important house for foreign education, travel, and settlement in abroad.

Promise and timing of Education in Abroad

If the signifies house are connected to each other like the 4rth lord (home and secondary education) and 12th lord(foreign house) with 5th lord (education) it means the native will travel abroad for foreign education and permanent settlement there. If 5th, 9th, and 12th house are connected each other than native will sure go abroad for education or lecture. When the main period or sub period of planets owning or occupying these houses or there is a connection of Dashas Lord with above said signifying house there may become foreign travel for education purpose. Even the transit of Saturn, Jupiter, and Rah from these houses facilitates overseas tours. Double go-char of Saturn and Jupiter in the foreign house will give an auspicious result.

Some important parameter for Overseas Study

  1. If the 4rth house is afflicted by a malefic planet or 4rth Lord is placed in 6th house, 8th house, or 12th house and anyhow 2nd 5th  or 9th house or lord are also connected within their horoscope the native will leave his native place for foreign education and settlement in the foreign land.
  2. Malefic affliction on 4rth house and Lord of 4rth house from Lagna chart, Moon chart, and Pada Lagna also.
  3. The connection of Rahu and Ketu with the 4rth house and 4rth Lord from both ascendant.
  4. Rah and Ketu axis is in 12th house from both ascendant.
  5. Rah / Ketu axis is in 12th house from Pada Lagna also and connection with the 4rth house and lord from pada lagana.
  6. The moon itself placed in Kendra, cancer or Pisces sign, an exalted or own house in 8th, 9th or 12th house, or trikon especially in 9th house abroad education and travel is sure.
  7. 4rth lord placed in 12th
  8. Ketu placed in 12th house of foreign land.
  9. 9th Lord placed in 12th house It means higher education from abroad so the person will go overseas education. Dispositor of Moon must connect with 9th house or 9th Lord, 12th house or 12th
  10. Movable sign in Kendra and Moon must place there.
  11. Any connection with 5th house or Lord to the 12th house or Lord the person will go to foreign country for the purpose of studies. If 10th Lord is also connected with than the native will study abroad and do the job also.
  12. If 2nd lord in 12th house or 2nd lord connected with foreign settlement significator house or planets it means the person will go abroad for primary education.
The aforesaid astrological factors for foreign education are illustrated in this chart:      
Date of Birth 14-11-1889, Time of Birth 23:03 Hrs, Place of Birth: – Allahabad, India.

Foreign Education in Astrology

This is the horoscope of the pundit Jawaharlal Lal Nehru. He is born under cancer rising sign with Moon. According to the rule of astrology 4th & 5th house is most important house for foreign education here.  4th house (house of Education) lord Venus is in the fourth house with the twelfth house (house for Foreign Land) Lord Mercury indicate foreign education. In this combination fourth house lord, Venus is in the 4rth house (own Sign) due to this reason Nehru has gone abroad for education after that he came back homeland India. 4th house and its lord afflicted by two malefic planets Sat and Rah both planets aspect to 4th house and Lord. So it is a very clear indication for foreign travel because here Malefic planets and malefic house (6, 8 &12) Lord are related by aspect and conjunct with 4th house and Lord. Ascendant lord Moon is in 12th lord Mercury Nakshatra and 5th lord Mars is in the 3td house of short journey and also the aspect of the 9th lord and 9th house so it is clear that almost all significant planets connected with each other due to this reason he has gone to foreign/abroad for education.

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