Sun in the Second House

Sun in the second house signifies some good position in the government or professional work. Sun gives authority if in favourable condition like exalted, in own house or good aspect of benefic planets. Such a person holds a good position in their profession or work. Sun is the most important and powerful among all the planets in the astrological arena.

Sun rules our vital energy. Without the sun the entire world would be plunged into darkness these things shows the importance of Sun in all life. It is king and advisor of all the planets.


Auspicious result of Sun in second house (wealth house)

Such a person will be interested in eating the best of food, wearing to best of clothes and will take special care in keeping the clothes clean. Sun in 2nd house makes the native healthy, wealthy and wise wins over enemies by his dealings and behaviour, speaks logically in sweet terms.

One will be the owner of valuable metals like gold, silver and copper. Sun in the house of second is favourable for doctors, lawyers, and government official and bank officer also. A good sun with powerful in the house of wealth will be favourable for a wife.

Sun in the second house gives inherited property and business, a very clever person, someone who might be a restaurant owner or any business to do with home goods. This also gives rise to a political career and pays some penalty to the government. The native father will be in service.

Ancient sage also said in old classic text…

धने यस्य भानुः स भाग्याधिकः स्यात्चतुष्पात् सुखं सद्व्यये स्वं च याति।

कुटुम्बे कलिः जायया जायते अपि क्रिया निष्फला याति लाभस्य हेतोः।।

 जिस मनुष्य के जन्म लग्न से दूसरे स्थान में सूर्य है वह भाग्यवान् होता है। उसे चतुष्पात् अर्थात गाय भैंस-बकरी आदि का सुख मिलता है वर्तमान समय में गाड़ी का सुख। जातक शुभ कार्यों में व्यय करता है। स्त्री के कारण अपने कुटुंब से कलह क्लेश होता है। लाभ के दृष्टिकोण से जो कार्य करता है उसमे नुकसान/हानि होती है।

Inauspicious result of the sun in the 2nd house (wealth house)

Sun in the house of wealth makes a person short-tempered, talkative, stingy and arrogant. Because of one’s proud of nature native is unable to do any auspicious work of a permanent nature.  He lacks humanities and is arrogant, boastful and proud. The person lacks intelligence and has a tendency to forget everything.

The native loses wealth, especially paternal inheritance. Any work done with the intention of making money is in vain. The person’s fortunes are dependent on one’s father’s fortunes he unable to do business or work independently. Ones always stay in other’s houses and are unhappy. They may be some conflict in the family.

The second house is the house of speech due to this reason the sun placed there in bad situation person speak slowly and lazily, stutter and express himself with difficulty.  Sun in the second house denotes eye ailments and a weak vision.

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