Yamitra Dosh and Remedies in Marriage Muhurat?

Yamitra Dosh and Remedies in Marriage Muhurat?
Yamitra Dosh and Remedies in Marriage Muhurat? If you are going to decide on the marriage Muhurta, then definitely avoid Yamitra Dosh, otherwise, you will get into trouble in married life. According to the scriptures, when there is a planet on the 14th constellation from the marriage constellation, then Yamitra or Jamitra dosha occurs. Jamitra is related to the seventh house located in the horoscope and the seventh house is the house of marriage, so purification of this house becomes necessary.

Why purification of the seventh house is necessary?

At the time of marriage Muhurta, if a planet is sitting in the seventh house from the moon or Lagna, then Yamitra or Jamitra Dosha is done. For this reason, the purification of the seventh house is necessary. The presence of the Full Moon and strong Jupiter gives auspicious results.  If malefic planets are present in the seventh house, an inauspicious result like diseases, legalities, and divorce is possible.

Yamitra Dosh Chakra and  Vedh Nakshatra

If there are planets on the constellations in front of the constellation which has been selected for marriage, it is called a defect called Yamitra. All the marriage constellations are written in this chakra and the 14th constellation is written in front of it. If there is any planet on it, the marriage constellation gets Yamitra fault.

Remedies of Yamitra Dosh?

If there is yamitra dosha in the marriage muhurta, yet it is also necessary to get married on the same day, then in the following situations, yamitra dosha can be avoided when ……..

  1. If the defect is being caused by a cruel or inauspicious planet, then worship that planet.
  2. If an inauspicious planet is creating Yamitra dosha, but an auspicious planet is seeing that planet, then this defect is eliminated.
  3. If Moon and Jupiter are placed as exalted, or friendly in the seventh house, then there is no Yamitra dosha.

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