Who should wear blue sapphire gemstone according to birth chart?

Who should wear blue sapphire gemstone according to birth chart?Who should wear blue sapphire gemstone according to the birth chart?. In astrology, the blue sapphire gemstone is related to the planet Saturn. People do many kinds of remedies to get rid of the effects of the inauspicious Saturn. In the same way, people wear gemstones for good results of auspicious planets. In this article, I want to tell who should wear sapphire to get relief from Saturn and to increase the positive effect.

Actually, all people get frightened by the influence of Shani. In fact, when a person comes under the adverse influence of Saturn, he experiences embarrassment and discomfort. Saturn creates all kinds of obstacles. Saturn’s intellectual capacity in normal life is incisive, diplomatic, and expressive. It is also true that Saturn is not always harmful as we feel or hear from people, so it is clear that Saturn does not always have bad effects but also gives auspicious effects.

Effect of Blue sapphire gemstone

The effect of the blue sapphire gemstone is visible very soon. This gem shows its effect within 36 hours. If Sapphire is suitable for you then it shows miraculous results. Neelam Ratna is capable of giving both positive and negative effects. Therefore we should wear it only on the advice of an experienced astrologer. It should be kept under your bed or pillow for at least three days before wearing it. If you are having bad dreams these days, or you become ill or feel some change in yourself, then inform the concerned astrologer. Only wear it if the astrologer advises to wear it.

Who should wear blue sapphire

Generally, in astrology and palmistry, gemstones are recommended based on the position of planets in the horoscope of the native. Saturn owns two zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Hence, sapphire makes proper adjustments with the two zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

Saturn is the slowest planet which emits blue ray. This planet is known to bring many kinds of obstacles to a person’s life. If Saturn is weak in your horoscope then it causes mental and physical problems. On the other hand, if the powerful Saturn is blessed, it provides success, fame, and good fortune.Who should wear blue sapphire gemstone according to birth chart?


Which Ascendant Person Can Wear Sapphire?

Aries Lagna – Yes but only for career growth
Taurus Ascendant – Yes
Gemini Ascendant – Yes
Cancer Ascendant – No
Leo Ascendant – No
Virgo Ascendant – Yes
Libra Ascendant – Yes
Scorpio Ascendant – No
Sagittarius Ascendant – No
Capricorn Ascendant – Yes
Aquarius Ascendant – Yes
Pisces Lagna – No

What are the benefits of wearing sapphire gem?

Sapphire shows miraculous results if it is beneficial for you. It also gives name, fame, and spiritual growth. It is a highly protective gem that helps in protecting from enemies, evil eye, conspiracy, jealousy, disease, depression, sadness, etc. Sapphire can be used for positive results in epilepsy, mental disorder, insomnia, death, loss, quarrels with relatives, hostility. Sapphire gem gives many sources of income which leads to financial growth. If you are a person of Taurus and Libra zodiac, then Saturn is the Yogic planet for you, due to this it can bless you with health, wealth, mental clarity, opportunity, and promotion, etc.

Sources of Blue Sapphire gemstone

It is found in Kashmir, Gaya, Tamil Nadu, Cambodia, Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Burma. In astrology, Saturn is considered the son of the Sun. Both Saturn and Sun are inauspicious planets that are always harmful. It is very important to get the favorable effect of Shani as it plays an important role in the birth chart of the native.  Who can wear Topaz gemstone

How to make Ring of Blue sapphire 

It should be made in a ring made of gold, iron, or panchadhatu, mixed five metals (1 part gold, 2 parts silver, 3 parts lead, 4 parts iron, and 1 part copper) on Saturday. The weight of the sapphire should not be less than 1.5 Ratti. (1 night = 0.4 carat). 5.25 Ratika or 7.25 Ratika Neelam is better. 5.25-carat sapphire is very auspicious. In the horoscope, Saturn is weak or strong, depending on how many carats the gemstone should wear. Generally, this gemstone should be worn for 5, 7, 9 carats.

Who should wear blue sapphire gemstone according to birth chart?

Which method should you wear sapphire gemstone?

We should wear Neelam Ratna on the following auspicious day and constellation.
Day – Saturday
Hora – Saturn
Nakshatra – Pushya, Chitra, Swati, Dhanishtha or Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Mantra — Om sham shanaishcharaye Namah

Leave the ring overnight in a copper bowl with milk and Ganges water, then remove the ring the next day, wash it with Ganga water and place it on a black cloth. At the place of worship, make Shani Yantra (Numerical Yantra can be used) with red sandalwood paste, rice paste, or roli. The person should sit on the black posture facing the west direction and chant the mantra as told by the astrologer. And wear a ring.

12 7 14
13 11 9
8 15 10

It should be activated by chanting at least 108 times from the original mantra of Shani, “Om Sham shancharaya Namah”. After wearing the ring, donate black urad, salt, mustard oil, soap, tea leaves, money (Dakshina) as per your ability at the feet of Peepal.

Caution: A person wearing Sapphire gemstone should not wear rubies, red coral, or pearls with it.

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