Business Astrology by Date of Birth

Business Astrology by Date of Birth. Every person has own desire someone wants to become a businessman or some want to do the job. The main difference between business and service is that in the business where speculation in income it is a mystery but in service income is fixed. The income of service class is like a full Moon but income from the business is totally different. get fast small business loan read this post — fast small business loan combination in Astrology 

The question is how to judge which is suitable for my business or job.  The astrologer can give an answer to this question through your birth chart detail. If a business combination is present in your horoscope then you can be a successful businessman. Let us recognize what planetary combinations which make the person a famous and successful businessman.

In fact, the business is dependent on the placement of planets in various houses in the horoscope that represents income, finance, fortune, travel, etc. Success or failure of any business depends on the strong placement of the planets, houses, and houses lords, Nakshatra, and their reciprocal relationship.

business astrology by birth chart

Houses donate Business in the Horoscope

First House

The first house is the key house for everything because this house donates their self.

Second House

2nd house is the house of wealth, communication, and speech and it is essential for all businessman because all business person needs to have a strong and influential voice in the time of conversation with a customer.

Third House

The third house in the birth chart considers labor, courage, hard judgments, and small journey. The relationship of the 3rd house with the 10th house will give auspicious results. Therefore, this house is always in an auspicious position in the birth-chart of a successful businessman.

Sixth House

The sixth house is the house of loan so this house must be strong in the horoscope because without getting the loan from a bank it is not possible to establish any factory, showroom or other business at the present time.  The relationship between the 6th and 2nd house is very necessary for success in business.

Seventh House

7th house represents the business, partnership, and journey in all horoscope and these all are very necessary for every businessman due to this reason this house is the most auspicious house for any businessman.

Ninth House

The ninth house is the house of fortune. If you have a strong fortune then you may not have problems attaining success in business.

 Tenth house

The 10th house is the house of the profession in every individual horoscope. The astrologer predicts the profession of the native on the basis of the 10th house, 10th lord, and planets placed in the tenth house.

In fact, the 10th house signifies all careers-related questions. However, there are some people who luckily get a good position in life and enjoy high status in their business or job. Planetary combination of the partnership business

Eleventh House

The 11th house is an important house for every businessman because this house represents gains from all sources. The benefice planets and business-related house lord influence on the 11th denote gains in business and other related activities.

Astrological yoga for business in the Birth Chart 

There is too much astrological yoga available in horoscope but some yoga is very necessary for success in business.


The conjunction between the lords of the Trine house or Kendra forms Raj Yoga in the individual horoscope. This yoga gives auspicious results to the person. Raj Yoga makes the fortune of the individual.

Wealth yoga

There is a relationship between the Lagan lord on the one hand and the 2nd, or 5th, or 9th or 11th lord on the other hand. The person will be wealthy.

If the lord of the Kendra or Trine creates a relationship with the 2nd house (Wealth house) or the 11th house (income house) then possibilities will be high to earn money. A strong fortune and wealth yoga are the key assets of all businessmen. Dhan Yoga increases your income so it is necessary for all businessmen.

Panch Mahapurusha

Panch Mahapurusha yoga is formed when any one of the five planets ( Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Saturn)  are at the time of birth situated in their own sign or in their exaltation sign in a Kendra (cardinal house) from the Lagna (Ascendant) or from the Moon Ascendant. This yoga ensures a successful business and prosperous life.

Gajakesari yoga

Jupiter in a Kendra from Moon. The person is illustrious, overpowering, virtuous, wealthy, intelligent, and scholarly, of royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame.

karma jiva yoga

The 10th house from Lagan contains very strong Mercury devoid of a malefic aspect. The person’s fame is going to extend in various directions.

The planet which is responsible for Business

Mercury is the key planet that signifies business. If exalted Mercury placed in the 7th, 2nd, 11th or 10th house and connected with the lord of the 10th, 9th, or 2nd house in the Birth Chart then the person will be inclined towards business. Mercury is able to make heavy profits by making investment or trading in shares

If Mercury join with Moon and aspects the 2nd house or lord of the 2nd house and also forms a connection with career or fortune house/lord then the native does a good business

The relation between different Houses

  1. The correlation between the 2nd and the 11th houses a powerful Wealth yoga’ and so there will be multiple gains and it is possible only through business.
  2. The second house is related to ascendant, 10th, 7th, and 11th houses or house lord.
  3. If the 2nd lord located in the 11th   house with an eleventh lord or 11th lord placed in the 2nd house the person becomes the businessman.
  4. If the 3rd house lord is located in the 11th house the native will succeed in business.  
  5. If all 2nd, 7th, 10th, and 11th house lord placed in the Kendra and any benefit planet aspect the person will do business.
  6. If the 7th, 9th, and 10th lord are connected to each other the native become a businessman.

Some Planetary combination for Business

  1. If Saturn is the lord of the 10th or 11th house placed in the 9th house then the native becomes very ambitious, influential, clever, works with strong willpower such a person will be a successful businessman.
  2. If Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are in conjunction with the Kendra then the Yoga to earn money is formed in the birth chart. 
  3. If the lord of the 2nd house is placed in the ascendant and Mercury is in exalted or Kendra then the native will start a business at a very early age.
  4. Correlation with 2nd house, 11th house, 5th house, and 9th house is considered auspicious for wealth yoga in the birth chart.
  5. If 2nd, 7th, and 9th house in a Birth chart are a benefit and supports the ascendant in the 10th house, then the native is likely to own a business.  
  6. The Ascendant or the Ascendant lord is in the relationship with the 10th house/lord or 9th house/lord or 7th house/lord then the person inclined for business. If Mercury forms any kind of relationship with the eleventh lord or the second lord then the person will become a successful businessman.
  7.  If the 10th lord is in the Nakshatra of 3rd or 7th or 11th lord then the person can be a businessman
  8.  If exalted Mercury is placed in the second house with the Ascendant lord in the horoscope and the 10th or 11th house/lord is associated with then the person becomes a businessman.    
  9. If exalted Mercury is in the fourth house with the 11th and 6th lord Mars and the second lord is in the 10th house and anyhow 3rd, 9th, Lord are associated with income house or lord then the person will become a very successful businessman.

business astrology by birth chart

Horoscope of  Industrialist K K Birla  

Business Astrology by Date of Birth

Krishna Kumar Birla was a renowned Indian industrialist of the Birla family; Birla was one of the industrialists who established economic reforms in India in 1991. He also served as a Member of the Rajya Sabha. According to his horoscope, Ascendant lord Venus is in the ascendant with the 11th Lord Sun (House of income and desire).

  1. 3rd lord Jupiter located in the house of fortune and also aspect on the Ascendant/ Ascendant lord, 11th lord, and 7th lord Mars. It indicates that the person becomes a success in business.
  2. Seventh (house of business) and 2nd (house of wealth) lord Mars in 3rd house and aspect on house of fortune and career also aspect on 3rd lord Jupiter.
  3. Powerful Venus with Neech bhanga Sun, (Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter are involved in Loop Parivartan Yoga as sitting in each other sign),
  4. 10th lord Moon in own nakshatra, placed in Kendra and aspect 10th house.  It is good business yoga because Moon is the significator of mind and mind aspect of the house of career.
  5. Panchmahapurush yoga is also present in this horoscope. Ascendant lord Venus is in his own house and in Kendra.

From Moon chart

Business Astrology by Date of Birth

Lagn and wealth lord Saturn is in 8th house and aspect to 10th 2nd and 5th house 10th lord Venus.

3rd lord, Jupiter is in the 6th house and aspect 10th house and lord, 2nd house income lord Mars also its all planetary combination are related to business due to this reason he becomes the renowned industrialist.

Note:– If you want to start any business then before starting you should get advice by any astrologer. If the business combination is available in your birth chart you will succeed in business but if the business combination is not present in your horoscope and you have started then sure you will be a failure in business. So you should take advice before starting any business.

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