Mars in 2nd house gives immense wealth in Vedic astrology

Mars in 2nd house gives immense wealth in Vedic astrologyMars in 2nd house gives immense wealth in Vedic astrology. Mars provides auspicious results in the second house, but only when Mars is in a strong position. The 2nd house is the house of wealth, speech and family. In this place, Mars provides materialistic achievements and pleasure. You will be distinguished among scholarly virtues and family relatives.

If Mars is weak and sitting in this house, then such a person is going to fight. The person is cruel and retarded. He does extravagant and immoral work (sex lover).

Mars is a representative of real estate. The supremacy of Mars is Skanda or Kartikeya. Lord Kartikeya is full of soul. Due to this, such a person is egoistic and self-respecting.

General Prediction Mars and you in the second house. 

The man in this house is usually the eldest child of his parents. He is able to get wealth from his in-laws. The Mars of wealth gives success and wealth after a lot of hard work. Such a person will get inheritance property or enjoy ancestral wealth.

His voice is filled with ego. Such a person can cheat his friends. Their friendship can be with both good and bad people. It is common practice to abuse them. He may be a victim of some kind of addiction. His educational journey may get a break. Such a person often fights with others. Their nature sometimes becomes cruel.

Mars sees the fifth and ninth house from this house, so the nature of father and children may be harsh. Such people also feel despair from the child side. Your children can be quite energetic and attain great positions, but only when you pay attention to your children.

There may be a dispute between the husband and wife at the time of the birth of the first child. If you are male then the wife is at risk of abortion. Concern about children remains. Friendly behaviour with children can provide happiness.

Mars in 2nd House and Health

You may get an eye injury or an eye defect. There may also be a stomach related disease, for this operation can be done. Such a person can be mentally afflicted or disturbed, its main reason may be the child side. Leg injuries can occur due to an accident. There may be some problems with the shoulders and throat. You may also be a victim of unconsciousness sometimes.

Mars in 2nd House and wealth

Here Mars provides wealth, but the native does not get as much wealth as he should get. This situation also occurs when the native accumulates wealth. If he accumulates wealth but also performs charity work, he gets the pleasure of wealth.

Being sighted from wealth place to eighth place, a person enjoys the pleasures of ancestral property. Their enemies are also troubled by it, but eventually, they get a victory. Such a person can also go to jail on charges of theft.


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