Happy Married Life through Vastu

Happy Married Life through Vastu . Everybody has first desire to spend peaceful and happy married life you can fulfill their all dream through precisely Vastu of their house. Marriage is called second birth of the person according to Hindu mythology. After marriage person entered into GRIHASTHASHRAM this is the second cycle of Vedic Ashram system. Ancient Saint said that ….

Yatra Naryastu Poojyante Ramante Tatra Devta

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता 

Where Women are honored, Divinity blossoms there. Man and women are appearing different in form and function but fact is that they are equal and union. According to Indian mythology Shiva and Shakti are represented as two sides of the same divinity like ARDHANAREESHWARA half man and half woman but it is union of both. It is reality but now a day’s changing lifestyle and independent thinking of the people have created different habits that are hampering their happy married life. Whether you believe or not but according to me wrong placement of objects in the house affect your happy married life so if you keep objects in their house according to vastu I think you will get all happiness from both side.

Happy Married Life through Vastu

Vastu Tips for happy married life

  1. The direction of the bedroom must be in the North-west area because this is the best for newly married couple but after getting child must be change from this direction to South-West. If you don’t do this than your child will avoid your advice.
  2.  Never use dark color like Red, Blue and others always use light color.
  3. Don’t keep too many furniture in their bedroom.
  4. Any clutter in the bedroom creates mental agony from both sides so always avoid having any clutter in the bedroom.
  5. Always keep a glass of water in your bedroom in only East, North or North- East direction. Water should keep in silver glass.
  6. Bed should be in square or rectangle shape only.
  7. Paste poster related with good thought. Thought must be inspired both.
  8. Every day must open your room window.
  9. Avoid any mirror in the bedroom if there is no option then keep in the east direction but when then you’re sleeping head in south direction. Keep mirror in south direction when sleeping head to be in east direction.
  10. If you use mattress than use only single mattress in the bedroom.
  11. Your bed should not be touch with wall especially east direction is always avoidable.
  12. If your worship place in the bedroom than keep temple higher than your bed height.
  13. Always use wooden bed not metal bed.
  14. Avoid sleeping under the beam it cause unnecessary mental stress.
  15. While sleeping couple should keep head towards the east or south or west don’t keep in the direction of North.
  16. Wrong placement of the Kitchen play an important role for successful married life especially is your gas stove and sink became side by side but why because gas stove represent agani  (fire) and sink represent water. Fire and water both are foe of each other.
  17. Don’t keep any artificial flower in the bedroom because this flower creates fabricated love not real so always keep fresh flower in their room.
  18. Avoid bright and dim light. Never use Red light. Always prefer comfortable light.
  19. Avoid TV, computer and other electronic item in the bedroom but there is no any other option then covers it in the night.
  20. Water is most important thing for life so avoid underground water tank in south-west direction because this will create debt in business and house management.
  21. Avoid keeping sleeper in bedroom especially in the night.

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