Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Vastu Tips for Bedroom . Bedroom plays one of the most important roles in the life not because it is most personal room in a house because it is a room of dream, also said  that no life without dream,so no good life,without good direction of your bedroom.

Some Important Vastu Tips for Bedroom

South West Direction 

The master bedroom for head of the family must be in South-West direction, there is no any other option for that if you don’t do this it means no one will follow your order or advice and slowly- slowly you will lost unity of your family

South-East Direction

South-East direction is not good for Master Bedroom if you’re sleeping in this direction as a result increase angry, deprives from a sound sleep, will take wrong decision, constant quarrels between couples and incurs too much expenditure. If children living in this direction  then do not take interest in their study.

East Direction

The East direction is not ideal for married couple it is ideal for unmarried children.

North East Direction 

The north–east direction is the sacred area of the house there should not have any bedroom if you have no any option than you should do vastu for this direction and keep your bed in south-west area. Always keep your head in the south or east direction if you don’t do like that you can suffer from neuron or brain related problem.

North Direction

A bedroom in the North area is the best direction for newly married young couple. 31 Vastu tips for office

North West Direction 

North-west area or Vayavya Kona is the ideal for the newly couple. The bedroom in this direction is best for unmarried girl. If you want to marriage her girl immediately or facing problem in getting marriage than that is the best direction. This direction is also best for guest person.

West Direction

The West direction is good direction for student especially for competitive view. If you want birth of girl child than this is the  best direction for that purpose.

Vastu Image for Bedroom

 Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Interior color for Bedroom

Choose your Bedroom color according to the nature of color.

  1. Red color represent aggressiveness  and adamant so this color is not good for bedroom it you use this color then quarrel without reason between husband and wife  will be going on son best to avoid them.
  2. Cream color is best for peaceful life with all family member.
  3. Pink color is good for romance and happiness.
  4. Yellow is good for education and spiritualism, wisdom and patience also.
  5. Orange color is for spiritual power. Purple is symbol for trust, respect and faith.
  6. Blue color is best for bedroom it is represent growth and relaxation in life. This color create good environment between husband and wife.
  7. Green color create a good atmosphere in the bedroom it is a color of nature, and hope and also ability to rejuvenate the mind and body.

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