Fast Small Business Loans | Planetary Combination in Astrology

Fast Small Business Loans | Planetary Combination in AstrologyFast Small Business Loans | Planetary Combination in Astrology. There are very few people who are spending their lives without a loan.  When we want to start any business they need the money and very few people who have sufficient money to start a business so that we go to the bank to get a loan for that.

It is also the fact that if you have money for starting any business and invest it then income tax department raises a lot of question so that the loan is necessary for any work like – to start a business, to buy a house, to get education etc. It has also been seen that the person who wants to take a loan does not get it, but whoever does not want to take it, has to take a loan suddenly.  According to the astrologer, this condition of the person is due to the planet effect in its Birth Chart.

It can be said that when the loan related planet becomes active ( Start period, sub-period or transit of loan related planets) then only one takes a loan for business or any other work. Through Astrology you can also know that taking a loan will be beneficial for you or loss? After taking a loan you will repay or not? Will the relationship of the relatives be spoiled due to the loan? Role of astrology in partnership business

Therefore, before taking a loan, we should be aware that the effect of the loan in our life will be positive or negative? It can be decided by the astrologer only, on the basis of planetary position in the horoscope of the person.

Fast Small Business Loan |  who will get it

If the planetary combination to get a loan for business is present in your birth chart and both loan and business house or houses lords are activated either period or transit the native will get a loan for business.

Houses donate Business and loan

First House: The first house is the key house for everything because this house donates their self.

Second House: the 2nd house is the house of wealth,

Third House: In the Horoscope, the third house is considered for courage, tough decision, short journey and hard work etc. the third house is the sixth house from 10th house and if both house or house lords are related with each other’s then the person start a business and get loan also for that purpose.

Seventh House: 7th house represents the business, partnership and journey in every individual chart and these all are very necessary for the businessman.

Tenth house: The 10th house represents profession and business in the horoscope. if tenth lord or house is connected with the 6th house then the native will do service.

Eleventh House: The 11th house represents gains from all sources. This house decides you will get gain or not. So it is an important house for every person. If benefic planets influence on the 11th house the person will gain in concert activities.

Which house represents “Fast Small Business Loan”

The sixth house is the house of loan, so it needs to be strong in birth chart for getting a loan. The relationship of 6th, 10th 11th and 2nd house is very necessary to get a loan for business.

The planet which is responsible for Business

Mercury is the key planet which signifies business. If exalted Mercury placed in the 7th, 2nd, 11th or 10th house and connected with the lord of 10th, 9th or 2nd house in the Birth Chart then the person will be inclined towards business.

Planets which is Responsible for Loan

The planet which is placed in 6th house and the sixth house lord is the key planet for the loan. The planet which is an aspect of the sixth house is also able to give a loan.  Suppose that – if tenth lord aspect 6th house or lord then the person get a loan for business. If the 5th lord aspect on 6th houses then the person get a loan for education. If the fourth lord aspect or placed in the 6th house then the native get loan for properties The person whose birth chart indicate the planets or house lords of the 6th or 12th house affecting the 10th or 2nd house then the person will take some loan for business purpose.

Planetary Combination to get fast small Business Loan

  1. If the third house lord is placed in the eleventh house and 6th lord or house is also connected with the above house then the native will get a loan for business.
  2. If the “PARIVARTAN YOGA” between 2nd lord and 11th   lord then the person become a businessman and anyhow 6th or 12th house or lord connected then the person get a small business loan.
  3. The second house is related to ascendant, tenth, seventh and 11th houses or house lord.
  4. If the tenth lord is in the Nakshatra of 6th lord then the person will get a loan for business.
  5. If the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 10th and 11th house lord placed in the Kendra and any benefit planet aspect the person will do business and 6th house or lord connected with that house or lord then the person get a small business loan.
  6. If 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th lord are connected to each other the native becomes a businessman and get a loan for business.
  7. If Saturn and Rahu planets affect the 2nd, 6th or 12th, houses then the native need to take a loan due to some special need.
  8. If Saturn, Rahu, and Jupiter affect the 6th and 10th house then the person takes a loan but they are not in a situation to repay his loan.
  9. If the 2nd and 10th lord is in conjoin in a sign and 6th lord aspect then the person get a small business loan.
  10. If the lord of 2nd house is placed in the ascendant, Mercury is in exalted or Kendra and 6th or 12th lord conjoin or aspect then the native will start a business with a small business loan.

Example Birth Chart

Date of Birth 5-8-1965
Time of Birth 7:39:00
Place of Birth Delhi

Fast Small Business Loans Planetary Combination in Astrology

The person of the above birth chart was a small businessman. There are many planetary combinations for a small business loan are present in this horoscope.

According to his horoscope, Ascendant lord Sun is in the 12th house (House of expenditure). Sun aspect 6th house from 12th house and Sun is in the Nakshatra of Mercury (house of 2nd and 11th house) so that ascendant lord Sun connection with 2nd (wealth) 11th (Income) 12th (Expenditure) and 6th (Loan) house.

2nd lord Mercury located in the house of Ascendant with 10th lord Venus and 6th lord Saturn aspect from the 7th house it is a very clear indication of business and small business loan combination.

6th lord Saturn is placed in the 7th house and aspect 9th ascendant and fourth house due to this reason the person get a small business loan for the real sector.

How to get a loan for Small Business

If you need a small-business loan to start or expand your business then before borrowing cash first think yourself how the ongoing borrowing costs and interest payments will impact your business. Some necessary documentation is also required for any loans.

There are many types of loan provided by the bank and other agencies some have high-interest rates and some are government-guaranteed, long-term loans that allow for lower rates so depending on your choice. Before you ensure to taking out a loan think about positive return on your investment, you can opt an informal small-business loan performance analysis using a calculator on a loan site, which will predict how the loan will economically impact your business.

Some most important tips to get a fast small business loan

  1. First laid down how much you need and how to use borrowing money.
  2. Be ready to prove your ability to repay the loan.
  3. Calibrate your credit score.
  4. Invest in a CPA as soon as possible.
  5. Keep your relationship with credit officials
  6. fix your enough Cash Flow & Liquidity.
  7. Choose the right and credible lender.
  8. Provide accurate information regarding your business.
  9. Try to understand your business risk profile well.
  10. If there is a delay in getting credit, consider other loan types.
  11. understand and write your business plan.
  12. If there is any kind of error on the credit report then correct it first.
  13. Pay other loans before applying.
  14. Apply only after understanding the borrowing process for doing small business.
  15. Apply for a loan only in the right and credible bank.

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