Court Cases/Litigations/Legal Matters & Remedies in Astrology

Court Cases/Litigations/Legal Matters & Remedies in Astrology

Court Cases/Litigations/Legal Matters & Remedies in Astrology. A person who has faced or is facing a court case is well aware of the problem arising from it. Such a person can face a different types of problems like social disdain, family disgrace, financial crunch etc. Whether this case is in the District Court, Family Court, High Court or Supreme Court, as long as the case continues, you will feel the trouble.

Through astrology, you can know whether there is a sum of a court case in your horoscope or not? If there is some yoga of court case available in your birth chart then you can easily get out of this problem through astrological remedies.

1st house and Court Cases

Houses Related to Court Cases in Astrology

The first house means you or yourself. It is the most important house for all horoscopes because you are a consumer of every event.  

6th House

This is the key house for the court case of any horoscope. The 6th house and its lord show the court cases, legal disputes, quarrels with others, loss or theft of anything etc.  If the 6th house or its lord is afflicted and connected somehow with the ascendant or its lord then the possibility of court cases will arise in the period or sub-period of concerned planets.

7th House

The Seventh House in the horoscope indicates opponents, any type of agreement or negotiations with the defendant in a court case or other things.

8th House

This house indicates obstacles and punishments in the life of any person.

12th House

The twelfth house indicates punishments like imprisonment, fine or both. For example: If the ascendant lord is afflicted, weak, or placed in bad houses (6th, 8th, 12th) then this combination may lead to imprisonment/ fine or both if any court case is already going on.

Which Planets are Responsible For Court Cases?

It is very difficult to say that only these planets are responsible for the court case in any horoscope. There are many different combinations present in a horoscope that are responsible for court cases. 

Indian Vedic astrology considers that malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are responsible for any court case. If these planets are connected to related houses and their lords, and constellations then the person will indulge in some kind of court case. So, just looking at one aspect in the horoscope doesn’t make a court case. All planetary connections including houses, constellations and their lords should be connected to planets.

What kind of Court Case will go on?

In any birth chart, the 6th house, its lord and the planets placed in that house show the nature of the court case and how the case will go on. Will it be lengthy enough or short? Whether there will be too many tensions or less? Etc. answers can be found by deeply analyzing the 6th house and its lord. Jail or imprisonment yoga in Birth Chart

If the 6th house is affected by Saturn in any way and the person is involved in a court case then he will go through a complicated and lengthy process for a longer period of time.

Rahu is a deceiving and confusing planet, and if Rahu is associated with the sixth house, then the person gets to indulge in a case of fraud. Such a person gets property by fraud or dishonesty and when the affected person goes to the court for justice, the justice will be a delayed to him due to twisting evidence.

 If both Saturn and Rahu are involved then the court case will go on for a longer period of time due to a lack of proper evidence.

If Mars is associated with the 6th house or its lord, it means that the cause of a court case is possible due to fighting, quarrel, aggressiveness or murder. Similarly, other planets like Moon, Sun, Venus, Guru etc. will also give results according to their natural significance.

Will the Native win the Court case?

In any birth chart if the 11th house (house of desire, income) is strong and connected with the house or its lord which is related to a court case then the native will win the case at last.

Outside Settlement Yoga in Birth Charts

In some cases, I have seen that two parties settle their matter outside the court.   If Jupiter is connected with the 6th house it means the case settlement is possible out of the court.

There is a very clear indication of a court case in the above horoscope. It is a Scorpio ascendant horoscope. Ascendant lord and lord of the 6th house Mars is situated in the Lagna as well as looking at the seventh house (House of wife). 6th house indicates dispute due to this reason the dispute statted between husband and wife and at last wife went to court for a divorce. After a long time, the natives got a settlement out of court by paying a certain amount.

 The Astrological Reason for Court Cases

  • Here in this horoscope Lagna lord ( self) and 6th house (represent court case) lord  Mars aspect seventh house ( house of the spouse) this combination indicates dispute and divorce with the spouse.
  • Lagna and the 7th house is the axis of the Rahu, Ketu planets. Rahu is in the spouse’s house and the malefic planets Mars aspect indicates a problem in family life.
  • Seventh lord Venus is debilitated and placed in the 11th house.
  • Saturn aspect sixth house so some delay in the court case indicate.
  • In this horoscope, Jupiter is looking at the sixth house from the second place, indicating that any dispute will be settled outside the court.

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