Divorce or Separation in Astrology

divorce Divorce or Separation in Astrology. The question is that what’s the cause of divorce or separation between husband and wife? There are many reasons for divorce or separation. Astrology gives a very clear indication of divorce. According to astrological rule Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu, are the separative planets.

The 6th, 12th, and 8th house Lord and lords of the sign occupied by separative planets also behave like separative planets.  if the above said separative planets influence the 7th house, ( house of wife or husband ) in the horoscope indicates divorce is possible because these planets cause separation from or abandonment of the traits of the house, etc., which they influence by association or aspect.

Planetary combination for Divorce or Separation  

If at least two or more of the above-mentioned planets influence the  7th house and its lord, one is separated from his wife or husband. If they influence the 4th house and its lord, one is forced to leave his home or country of birth. So we provide a few yoga for separation or divorce:

  1. If three planets are aspects on the 7th house or 7th house hemmed between malefic or malefic planet placed in 7th house.
  2.  If the 7th lord is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses and is in conjunction with malefic.
  3.  If the 7th house lord is debilitated or the 7th Lord is in close conjunction with Sun or other separate planets.
  4. when the 7th house, 7th lord, and significator of the 7th house all are afflicted, conjoined, associated, or aspect by malefic, then struggle and unhappiness in married life is indicated.
  5.  2nd house is the house of the family so this house is also important. If the 2nd house and its lord are influenced by malefic planets or hemmed between malefic the bad result is possible.
  6. Venus is the most important planet for marriage and married life happiness. Venus, in some phase of life we will realize a lack of happiness in the family. If debilitated, afflicted by malefic planets, or Retrograde  Venus in 7/8 and 4th house chances of divorce more. when Venus is found in Kritika, Moola, Aridra or Jyeshtha Nakshatras gives very bad and inauspicious results.
  7.  The 6th house denotes legal disputes so if the connection, an association of the 6th lord with the 7th house and the Lord or significator of the 7th house may result in legal action & separation.
  8.  In respect of all separative planets Sun is most inauspicious for married life if the Sun is in the 7th house hence there are problems in married life if the marriage took place during the Dasha of the Sun and Dasha of the Sun .this may also happen if the Dasha of Sun begins after marriage.

 Kundali Milan is also a most important part of the happiness of married life but never should marry only on the basis of Gun Milan’s point.  The relationship between planets is necessary.

Amir Khan

Date of birth:–14.3.1965 Time of birth: — 06.15 Place of birth:–Mumbai Source by the internet.

Divorce or Separation in Astrology

In this horoscope very clear indication of divorce.  Mars is placed in the 7th house, Saturn aspect in the 7th house from Lagan, and the 7th Lord in Lagan with 12th Lord Saturn, Venus significator of marriage conjoin with two separate planets Saturn and Sun.

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  1. interpretation is very clear and perfect to understand.Also useful in comparison our own kundli.your guidance is very supportive.thanks.

  2. Doreen alnoska pereira

    I am pisces dob . 09.03.1984
    I am 31 still not married
    Can I wear yellow sapphire
    Pls help

    1. Yellow sapphire even I’m wearing I don’t think it makes any difference. Money waste I say. Small stone on your finger doesn’t remove the ill effects of a mighty planet and fix marriage overnight. Think about it

  3. Dr. Deepak Sharma

    If you are Pisces then you can wear yellow sapphire because Pisces sign lord is Jupiter and yellow sapphire is for Jupiter planet. so you can wear it .

  4. gaurav nigam DOB 27th Aug 1984 Time 11:15pm Place Lucknow

    Wife details DOB 27th Sep 1985 Time 9:55am Place Aligarh

    Will we get divorced as i want to divorce her.

  5. My husband dob:20 April 1985 tob 19.11 pob:nidadavolu

    Mine: 26 sep 1988 tob: 21.50 pob: vishakhapatnam

    There are constant fights since our marriage.pls tell whether ther r divorce indications.

  6. My dob is 29/12/1989. Place – kolkata. Time – 22.20. I am facing huge disappointment and failure in my career and relationship for the past 2.5 yrs. Can I wear a blue sapphire silver ring? Plz help.

  7. Dr. Deepak Sharma

    dear prerona

    According to your horoscope blue sapphire stone is not good for you.


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  9. My dob 23/03/1981 , time 21:20 place : Bhavnagar.

    When i will get married ? whether marriage will happen ?

  10. Sir my name is ranjitha date of birth is 10-3-1993 time 5:30 pm in hassan . I am facing disappointment in love , marriage , spouse also family relatives. Then I am engineering graduate but no job what I do sir plz give me solution sir plz plz……

  11. My date of birth is 29/12/1982 ,Time 4.04 am place delhi. By Venus is conjugated by sun and ketu .Is it bad placement as Venus is wife in the chart of male.How will be my Married life .And how will be my Saturn Mahadasha.Which one will be better Jupiter Mahadasha or Saturn.I am not married till now when will I get married and how will be my spouse

  12. Will My marriage life will be successful? or indicate separation or divorce
    Time-12.56 PM
    Location- Parbhani-Maharashtra (India)

  13. Richa bhagat

    My husband dob is 4 june 1984 time 11:55pm and my dob is 17 sep 1986 timec8:30 pm..we are separated couples. I realy love him tried a lot inbsaving relationship. I dont want divorce plz help..main reason of seperation is domestic violence from my inlaws and my hsband is under his family pressure

  14. Vrishali Nalte

    My DOB-08May 1975
    TOB-02.05 a.m
    POB-Katol ,Maharashtra ,India

    Is divorce or seperation there in my kundali?

  15. My husband dob 13june1982 time 12:45pm and place ludhiana mine dob 12june1985 tob 11:46pm place solan..is divorce exist in my kundali

  16. My dob is 22nd Nov 1994 at agartala india morning 6.13 am please help with my marriage. My 7th lord is in 12th house and it’s retrogade with conjunction with rahu and mercury

  17. Dear Sir,

    My birth details : 1st Oct 1981, Mumbai, 17:42 hrs

    Got married in 2010 & divorced within 6months. Lost savings in business in same period & also lost money in speculation in stocks.

    When can I get re-married ? I have a stable job thankfully.


  18. My name ashwini dob 26 / 01 / 1991
    Tob :2. 30 am pob :davangere karnataka india.
    my boy friend Name is anil dob:07/07/1988 tob : 11 : 30 pm Pob : chitradurga karnataka india……can we marry. ……astrologer said that dnt marry this person. …..ur transit of satrun and his separation yoga will spoil your peace of mind. ….sir please need your suggestions reply me…..

  19. Mera divorce ho gaya he muje ye janna he ki divorce kis vajah se hua he? My name Madhuri dob 17/03/1992 Ton 2:10 pm Birth place palitana

  20. My name is Jayanya.My dob 26 dec 1987 time of birth 8: 30 am place natunhat near katwa. My wife is sumana dob 11 jan 1996 time of birth 9 :50 place katwa plz tell me…about my marital life

  21. My name is Jayanta.My dob 26 dec 1987 time of birth 8: 30 am place natunhat near katwa. My wife is sumana dob 11 jan 1996 time of birth 9 :50 place katwa plz tell me…about my marital life

  22. My name is Jayanta.My dob 26 dec 1987 time of birth 8: 30 am place natunhat near katwa. My wife is sumana dob 11 jan 1996 time of birth 9 :50am place katwa plz tell me…about my marital life

  23. My D. O. B is 31.03.1986,Time-1.40a.m.,Place-Kolkata
    Could you please tell me about my career , marriage life and health?

  24. When will I get divorce and is there possibilty of second marriage?
    Dob: 02/01/1981
    Time of birth: 11:59 p.m.
    Place: Bihar, Patna

  25. Hi ,

    I am going to get married in this December .I am having doubt that is there any indication of divorce after marriage or unsuccessful marraige.
    My date of birth is 30th july 1990 and place of birth is Dhanbad and time of birth 9.40 am .

    My fiance :date of birth is 15 may 1986.place of birth is hazaribagh..time of birth 5.20 pm .

  26. Hi sir
    Poonam here, 6 March 1990 at 5.38 am, kolhapur Maharashtra,
    Husband, 16 Feb 1988 at 3.46 pm, kolhapur Maharashtra
    Is their divorce ? How’s is married life

  27. Priyadharshini.b

    My. Dob s 24.5.1989 time 9.8 am wen I will get marriage. Is there second marriage in my horoscope

  28. Anshul Gupta

    want divorce as i am not happy in married life? when will i get divorce? And is there any possiblity of second marriage in my kundali?

    My DOB :01/12/1981 (male)
    time :10.20am
    place : Ghaziabad

    Kindly guide me

  29. Sir ,
    My Sister in Law by dob 18-10-1993 Monday and time :11.50 Am Kakinada AP. Star Anuradha -2 ..She went off from house when she will come ..

  30. BORN IN 19.06.1978. 10.30 PM.

  31. Hello Sir,
    My DOB: 17.07.1978
    TIME: 10:45 PM, PLACE : KOLKATA.
    I am going through a court case of Mutual Divorce with my wife in the current month September 2018. But every time we appear before the court , everything got delayed and the process do not happen on that day, this happened for 3 times. My next Hearing Date in the Court is on 10th OCTOBER 2018, Its seems either Lawyers are making the delay or something wrong with my Fate at present times. Kindly please let me know when will be my divorce completed this Tear 2018 ? I am very much tensed with this issue. please let me know what will happen ?

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