31 Vastu Tips for Office

31 Vastu Tips for Office.  We all know that there are five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) in every living and inanimate substance. With the combination of five elements, our body, house or workplace is made, so it is necessary to balance between these five elements. Whenever there is an imbalance in the Panch elements, a person starts experiencing any problems. Vastu Shastra makes a balance between negative and positive energies especially that’s why the workplace must be according to Vastu Shastra.

If you make office according to Vastu Shastra, then definitely the office work will be successful. I inspected many offices whose managers or subordinate were not satisfied with their work, often came to see that the internal system of the office was not according to the Vastu Shastra. After my suggestion, the success of their offices and businesses were seen to improve. Here I am providing some rules according to Vastu Shastra for commercial or any office.

31 Vastu Tips for Office

  1. There shouldn’t be any obstacle in front of the main doors of the office.
  2. The middle part of the office should be kept blank because this is the place of Brahman.
  3. The face of receptionist should be either the east or North direction.
  4. The reception table should be aligned diagonal facing the door. Flowers decorated in the reception area invites positive energies to the whole office.
  5. Any system of Water should be kept in the east, northeast or north direction.
  6. An aquarium with 9 goldfish and 1 blackfish should be kept in Northeast direction of the office.
  7. The head of the office, executives, managers or directors should be located in the Southwest, West or South direction in the office.
  8. Eastern and northern direction should be reserved for the subordinate employees.
  9. The employees who work as Field staff should be located in the Northwest direction.
  10. The accounts related department should be located in the eastern part of office or Southeastern direction.
  11. Marketing related department should be in the Northwest direction of the office.
  12. Try to avoid seating of any employees under the beams. If this is unavoidable then cover the beams with a false ceiling.
  13. The head of the office table should be square or a rectangular safe avoid oval safe. The length and breadth proportion of the table should not be more than 1:2. Do not keep idols or images of deities on your table, as this is not considered respectful.
  14. Always try to avoid eating food at your working table.
  15. Keep your table very clean and dustless. Any clutter on the table is responsible for the confusion and problems between you and subordinate or public person.
  16. Reading and sleeping on the tables creates negative and slow energies in business-related activities.
  17. The Pantry and lunch rooms should be located in the Southeast direction if it is not possible in this area then choose Northwest direction.
  18. Toilets should be ideally located in the Southwest, south or North West area.
  19. All important documents and papers should be stored in safes and cupboards that face the Southwest or western direction.
  20. Any sensitive documents of court cases and taxation matters to be kept on the northeastern sides or northwest direction.
  21. Bank papers and the bank related documents to be kept in the southwestern areas.
  22. The best placed for conference rooms are in the Northwest direction.
  23. Employees who need to improve their performance should first be located in the Western region and then shifted to the Southeast.
  24. The staircase is best located in the South, West and Southwest direction in the office design.
  25. Temple in the office should be placed in the Northeast direction of the office.
  26. The office must be in commercial places because any public place is more beneficial than a lonely place.
  27. The facing of the office building in north, northeast, northwest or northeast direction is very auspicious than other direction.
  28. If your office face is in the north or east direction it is very auspicious and progressive in all sense. Another direction is not bad but the above direction is better than others.
  29. Office place is to be used for the money earning activities and working. Reading and sleeping on the tables creates negative and slow energies in the business area.
  30. Office place is to be used for only office related activities.
  31. If you are facing any problem instead of all Vastu Shastra remedies you should meet an astrologer.

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