Sun in third house

Sun in third house of your horoscope the native make future with own efforts he inclined towards empowering their wisdom. Such person achieves success in his/her career and life path after facing many obstacles. He will keep interest in occult science like astrology. He may also become an astrologer.

In astrology third house signifies short journeys, brothers and sisters (siblings) and their relation, courage, transfer, writing, letter, news and newspaper, advertisement in newspaper, print media, intelligence, singing, physical fitness, hobbies etc…… Third house also describes the quality and quantity of our mental energy


Third house signifies some part of body in the horoscope like shoulders, throat, neck, right ear, Upper limbs, mental instability, physical growth, and longevity also.

Auspicious result of Sun in third house

Sun in the third house native becomes sharp mind and sound intellectual ability. However, the person is wealthy, intelligent and brave. Person will be rich, self-dependant. Good position in the family and have younger brothers. He will be intelligent and will earn profits and wealth using his intellectual pursuits. The person curiosity becomes endless. He will be respected by others. He will travel foreign and go on pilgrimages. The person will be endowed with a son and spouse. He seeks also pleasure of the company of beautiful people from the opposite sex.

Sun in the feminine sign in the third house indicates brothers and sisters. Famine sign is also good from the point of view of wealth and conveyance.

Sun in the Masculine signs in third house signifies that the person is only child the family. If somehow, there are brothers they will not help. He possesses leadership quality.

आचार्यवराहमिहिर के अनुसार “मति विक्रमवान् तृतीयगेsर्के”।। अर्थात तृतीयभावस्थ सूर्य व्यक्ति को बुद्धिमान तथा पराक्रमी बनाता है।

Inauspicious result of sun in third house

Sun in the third house as a malefic planet is not good for younger brothers. If sun placed in this house either reduce the number of younger brothers or deprives one of one’s friends. The elder brothers may even dies. The native may incur an injury in the hand and may suffer from some pain in the 4rth, 5th, 8th, 12th, 34-35th years. His/ her social life

may not be good. The native may be suffer from partition related matters, Dispute and court cases. He will not have good character. He will indulge in adultery and spoil his wealth and reputation.

पराशर मुनि ने कहा है – अग्रेजातं रवि हन्ति। अर्थात तृतीयभावस्थ सूर्य बड़े भाई के लिए मारक अथवा अशुभ होता है। प्रायः सभी विद्वानो ने इसे स्वीकार किया है।

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