Sudden death syndrome symptoms in palmistry

Sudden death syndrome symptoms in palmistry. It is true that there is no particular line of death available in the hands but a few signs on a palm-like lifeline, the mount of Saturn and Mars which indicates sudden death, accident,  murder, suicide, death by poison, after a long illness, death by an incurable disease, heart attack, etc.

Sudden or unnatural death indication sign in palm

A person who has marks of a cross on the lifeline in both hands then the person has unnatural death.

Unnatural death line in hands

There are many hand readers or palmists who have mentioned the following sign which is indicating unnatural death. It is also important that the mentioned sign must be in both hands. Divorce line in hands

  1. If the lifeline in the palm is too short.
  2. If the lifeline is broken suddenly.  
  3. There is a black spot on the lifeline.
  4. If there is a mark of a star at the beginning of the lifeline.
  5. At the beginning of the lifeline, several lines are linked together.
  6. If there is a triangle on the Mount of the Moon or line of the Moon.
  7. If the color of the lifeline is yellowish.
  8. Lifelines are very thin and unclear
  9. If there is more than one spot on the mount of the Moon.
  10. If any triangle is on the line of the Moon.
  11. If the lunar line reaches Venus mountain by the cutting of the lifeline.
  12. If the lifeline has entered the region of Venus.
  13. If there is a cross on the mount of Mercury, Moon, Saturn, or Mars.
  14. If the health line is broken in many places.
  15. If there is a mark of a star on the third section of the finger apollo.
  16. If the lifeline and health line is chained and available two triangles on the health line.
  17. If the dark dot on the headline, heart line, and lifeline.

Note:– please don’t be afraid to see the above-mentioned sign on his/her palm because the hand line can be changed by own deed.

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