Scholarship for abroad studies in birth chart

Scholarship for abroad studies in the birth chart. Today, taking education in abroad or working abroad is the first choice of students. In fact, getting education abroad has become a dream for many students. Many times it has also been seen that despite having all the necessary documents, students can’t get admission to the foreign university. After this, the student wants to know through the horoscope that whether my horoscope is studied abroad. If yes then when and which country will get admission. In fact, on the basis of the planet and the constellation situated in the horoscope, it can be known whether a person’s studies will be abroad or not. There are many planetary combinations situated in the birth chart like the lord of the 5th house associated with 12th house lord or 5th lord located in the 12th house, its simple combination indicates the person can go abroad for study. abroad travel and settlement in the horoscope.

Abroad Studies related house

Second House:- 2nd house indicate primary education and wealth. This is a very important house because wealth is necessary to get any admission in abroad or homeland.
Fourth House: – This house indicates secondary education and own house.
Fifth House: – This house indicates college education and intelligence.
Eight House: – 8th houses donate research-related education.
Ninth House: – This house indicates higher education and long travel in the horoscope.
Third house: – This house indicates short travel and it is also 4th from 12th house.
Seventh House:- 7th house indicates a journey and abroad settlement.
Twelfth House: – 12th houses is the house of the foreign land. It is also 4th from ninth house.

If the owner of a house is located in another house or sitting with the owner of that house, then the sum of foreign education is made.
If the signifies houses like 4th, 5th and 12th house owner are associated with each other’s it means the native will travel foreign for education purpose. When the main period or sub period of planets owning or occupying these houses or there is an associated with period lord may become abroad travel for study.
If the double transit of Saturn and Jupiter are being made in the foreign related house then it will be helpful to travel abroad.

Scholarship for abroad studies in birth chart

Now question is that who will get a scholarship for abroad studies. There is some planetary combination become present in individual horoscope. If Ninth house lord and second house lord are associated and twelfth lord is also related with then the person will go abroad and get the scholarship.

If the fifth lord is situated in 2nd house and ninth or twelfth lord is also connected with fifth and 2nd lord then the native gets the scholarship.

If 2nd and 12th lord associated with exalted Ninth lord and located in quadrant house then the person gets a scholarship for abroad studies.

Abroad Studies combination in Horoscope

  1. Ascendant lord is in the twelfth house or ascendant lord associated with 12th house lord is a very good combination for foreign education or the native will go away from homeland for study purpose.
  2. Fourth and fifth house lord situated in the twelfth house the person will go abroad for education.
  3. If the malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu situated in the fourth house and these planets are also associated with malefic house lord from all ascendant.
  4. Movable sign in Kendra and Moon placed there.
  5. If the 4th house lord is situated in 6th, 8th or 12th house and anyhow 2nd, 5th or 9th house or lord are also connected then the native will leave his native place for abroad study
  6. If the Rahu and Ketu situated in the fourth house or associated with fourth house lord from both ascendant.
  7. Ketu is located in the twelfth house from both ascendants.
  8. Ninth Lord situated in the twelfth house and dispositor of Moon is also connected with Ninth and twelfth house or lord.
  9. If the fifth lord is exalted and twelfth house or lord associated and anyhow 2nd or 11th lord connected with then the person will get a scholarship for abroad studies.

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