Moon in Gemini produce emotional conflict

Moon in Gemini produce emotional conflict because our emotional response is powerfully influence by the Moon. When as contrary instinct to rationalize argues with emotion and intuition so there can be conflict? The individual must come to terms with the fact that intuition and objective rationalism must merge and flow positively.

Image of Gemini sign


Moon in Gemini intelligent person

Gemini person are intelligent but always want to shortcuts to finish a job. They adopt improved methods to do it quickly. They don’t want to do exercise. Gemini person speech habits are pleasant. They have quick moving and observant eyes. He has a sympathetic heart but keen on enjoying life sexually. They have musical, artistic gifts. Always desire to be well known and prosperous. They love to be just in all situations.

Moon in Gemini need for action  

Gemini is dual sign and it is ruled by Mercury if  Moon in this sign the nature of the native become dual and always stuck in illusion like that we should do this work or not, I can do or not and I am able to do or not etc. They ask many people before starting any work due to this reason they don’t take any sudden decision. For example the father of Gemini boy suggested his son to select one of the four girls whom he had contacted. Before the geminian could take a decision all the four girls got married and when this boy wrote that he would prefer to marry one of them he was surprised to be informed by the other party “sorry” he was too late.

limage of late geminian

Moon in Gemini the native tendency of not entirely trusting the emotion will be apparent and, because we are dealing with the Moon, the traits will not be far from the surface when the subject is challenged. If you’re Moon in Gemini in horoscope you will be able to give a very quick verbal response in all situations or circumstances.

About Health

Moon in Gemini give natural quickness of response and the heavier traits contributing stability and patience. Good aspects between the Moon and other personal planets will help, and there could well be a positive or negative link as a result of Mercury’s influence. Health wise sometimes person strain and pressure can lead to period of tension and digestive problems may be one of the results. In certain cases because of the Gemini connection with the lungs, asthma may be problem.He/she has prone to develop disease around the neck.

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