Moon in Cancer sign

The native develop own style when Moon in cancer sign. Moon is always the third most important factor for horoscope but because it rules cancer its influence is considerably increased when placed cancer sign.

If Moon in cancer signs then the persons signify following character.

  1. The native be instinct and practical.
  2. When worried, the individual will tend to think that very worst has happened and due to this thinking digestive system become upset.
  3. Cancer native become very sensitive and introvert.
  4. Likes to indulge in bravado.
  5. Like to go on long journeys.
  6. They be very attach with their family.
  7. They may be quick change of mood, which can frequently be disconcerting for loved ones to witness.
  8. Moon in cancer person can influence the individual’s facial expression a tiny frown line may appear between the eyebrows.
  9. Tendency to develop problems like headaches.
  10. Loses all sense of proportion when he loses his temper.
  11. Cancerian tendency to serve guru.
  12. They are religious tendencies.
  13. Very cleaver in his dealing and like to be rich very soon.
  14. They develop tendencies to get dejected.
  15. They are gentle, intuitive, imaginative,sympathetic,protective and nurturing.
  16. They try to test other’s loyalty without revealing their own feelings.
  17. Defensiveness will be the immediate reaction not only when the      individual is challenged but also in less threatening situations.

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