Ketu in 1st House Nature and Solution

Ketu in 1st House Nature and Solution. Ketu planet directly impacts our daily life. Ketu is a ferocious planet in astrology.  If Ketu is strong in the horoscope then it gives good results to the natives. while being weak it gives inauspicious results. Let us know in detail how the effect of the first house on the planet Ketu –

Nature of Ketu Planet

This is the planet of salvation, Mantra Shastra, knowledge hunger, stupidity, loss of appetite, trouble from enemies, dog etc. The results of Ketu located in the first house have not been said to be auspicious, but have also seen some auspicious results. If it  is in the first house then a person can become rich by his hard work.

The obsolescence of this planet makes you playful and timid. In case of difficulty, you make up your mind to flee. Ketu of this place gives fear and worry to the native. It also causes nervousness in the mind. There may be more of confusion and mental anxiety inside you. You can associate with bad people. Fear will remain from the wicked. Such a person body may suffer from stomach and gas-related diseases.

Ketu Effects in Family Life

It will get the support of the brothers but there is a chance of the relationship getting spoiled due to the rudeness in your nature. For this reason, brothers will give you trouble and you will also tolerate them.

Such people have negative thoughts about a life partner, they keep quarrelling over trivial matters. Marital life becomes painful due to their illicit relationship. Hence, there is always a concern about both life partner and child. Your body may suffer from stomach and gas-related diseases.

Education and Ketu

There is some hindrance in the education of such a person. Due to their lack of interest in reading and learning, studies are interrupted and they regret it later. If a person is inclined towards spirituality then he is distinguished in the category of the scholar.


  • You are advised to always keep your company good.
  • Don’t speak a lie.
  • Feed milk the dog every day
  • Start chanting the powerful mantra of Ketu — Om stram streem strom sah ketave namah.
  • Never drink the water from everywhere.
  • Win the trust of all people.

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