Will my love or relationship be successful?

Will my love or relationship be successful?Will my love or relationship be successful?  It is a very common question in modern era because these days boys and girls do study and work together due to this reason they get opportunity to meet each other without any hurdle. This kind of meeting creates emotional and sexual intimacy and this intimacy develops into love affairs and finally they agree to marry. This type of marriage is called Love Marriage. But before marriage they afraid about their relationship and want to know that will my relationship be successful or not. According to me they should visit to a good Astrologer because on the base of planetary combination in native horoscope astrologer can predict about love or relationship will success or not.


Which house represent love or relationship?

In astrology “fifth house” is responsible for “Love” in all horoscopes. If a person wants to know the prospect of love affair then first should see fifth house, fifth lord, and planets placed in this house.  Ascendant (1st house) is the key house for every question and answer. If lagna lord and 5th lord or lagna and fifth house join with each other then the person will enjoy good love or relationship but should not be any malefic affliction on house, house lord and significator also. 7th house represent marriage and 12th house represent bed pleasure so this house is also important house for food relationship.

Which planets are responsible for love or relationship?

Venus is the natural planets for love or relationship. It is the goddess of Love or relationship. Venus represents love; romance, opposite sex, bed pleasure, marriage etc.. in Vedic astrology.

If Venus’s position is weak (placed in 6,8 &12 house, debilitated or in enemy house) in the horoscope then the native will face problem in love or relationship. Venus is in malefic affliction the person will not enjoy good relationship. If Venus is in retrograde position in native horoscope also shows failure in love relationship. If any two or more than two malefic planets (Saturn, Mars, Rah and ketu) aspect Venus it is very clear indication that the person will separate from his/her love partner or wife.


Good placement of Venus in horoscope indicates possibility of success in love or relationship. If Venus position is exalted, Kendra or trikon and under influence of benefic planets (Jupiter, Moon and Mercury) in the horoscope the native be successful in love, love marriage or relationship. It is very clear that strong Venus is in the horoscope indicating success in Love and  weak Venus indicate failure in the Love.

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      1. Hello Sir, I’m Radhika…I am in love with person…My Birthdate Date is 22 december 1987. Birth time-06.20 AM.Birth place-Warangal. I want to marry with loved one…plz

        1. Sir , My name is Sahana.
          My DOB is 21/10/1996. 11:17am.
          Birth place is Cumbum,Tamilnadu.
          I’m in love with a person.l really want to marry him. My parents are not convinced.. please help me Sir.Everyday problems are occurring, can’t solve it.Really depressed sir.

          1. My name is megha i love a intercaste guy and we use to love eachother alot from past 5years now the problems occured inour relationship because of my parents now he is completely ignoring me and i know somewhere he still loves me but i want him back pls help me

          2. Nandini narayan

            My name is nandini..my dob is 21/02/2005 ,6:58am….I am in love with a person whose dob is 22/03/2005 and timing is 6:22am…plz tell me how will our future.

      2. When I will get married to my lover. My parents now only accepted but didn’t say to me .still that he will wait

      3. Ayantika Adhikary

        My name is Ayantika Adhikary
        DOB – 15/8/1999
        Birth time – 10:00 am
        Birth place – Kolkata , west Bengal, India
        Any new relationship coming in my love life … Because one person like me its been any year but he unable to confess his love to me … What should I do ?
        I should move on or wait for him to confess ….

  1. Hello sir.. My name is janvi.. Sir i suffered regarding my relationship. Just few months before my engagement was cancelled… Family was not good. Sir please help me sir. Hows my future husband and marriage life… My birth date is 1 st January 1987. Birth time is 7.50 am. Birth place is rajkot Gujarat.. Thank you so much sir you doing great job.. I really appreciate your service to help needed people.

    1. Dr. Deepak Sharma

      dear Janvi
      Don`t worry very soon everything will be finalized donate green grass on every Wednesday to cow.

        1. Hai am hema murugalakshmi my dob 4/10/95 and am in love one person his name pandiarajan his dob 02/01/95 3 year ah am in love with him before one month he accept my love I want married him when its possible plz tell

      1. Sir, I want to know that if I get into relationship with someone is it going to be long term like marriage or it will break bcoz I am very sensitive regarding person I let into my life so that I can be prepared before of if I know, it will be really helpful for me if you can tell how soon I am going to be in relationship with someone and is he going to be my spouse or not. Please
        Jaipur, rajasthan

    2. Sajeeva ratna kumari

      He is breakup with out no reason I want he come back my life I really loveso much.

  2. Hi sir… my birth details is 20th sep 1993 and time is 3am… I was born in calicut kerala and my guy birth details is 18 May 1989 and time is 9.45pm… he is born in wyanad kerala.. will our love get success and lead a happy life

  3. hi sir i am sam my dob: 29. 11. 1987 time 2. 30 pm
    karnataka. will i succeed in my love as i am trying my level best to achive reply me

  4. Sir,I’m Shruti…I just struggled through break up.I’m worried about my future love & marrriage life.What it really looks like?My Birthdate is 09 August 1995. Birth time-07.56 AM.Birth place-Pune

      1. Sir I’m Karthik born place telangana dob 17/08/1989 I want to know will I get in my love success or not

  5. Sir you wrote that if venus is in 12 th house means failure in love. And if its with Saturn then its not good for relationship ??? Sir i do have Venus Saturn conjunction in 12th house.. Please sir kindly blessed me with your knowledge. Thank u sir..

    1. Venus is good in 12 house it feel happy there because this is the place of bed pleasure so venus is not failure in love in 12th house if saturn is places there with Venus is not good for relation specially bed pleasure.

  6. Sir can you give me your blessed suggestions so I I will try to manage my life according to that please…

  7. Please sir kindly remove my confusion regarding venus saturn conjunction in 12 th house. Thank you so much sir for your kindly support and suggestions..

    1. dont judge your horoscope by looking only one house and planets… there are other combinations yogas affect ur chart… think wisely… u cant judge elephant by only seeing his short tail…like u cant judge whole pridiction by only seeing one house…

  8. Hi…. My birth details,
    Date of birth :09.12.1996
    Time of birth: 2.30 am
    Place of birth: Coimbatore,Tamilnadu
    Please tell me If i will have arranged marriage or love marriage,…

  9. Sir I loved a person which I even did not see he us my fb friend.he always says that am hurting and argue with him .he got angry and blocked me..the same day I expressed my love to him after blocking me
    My dob 18-07-90

    And my friend 26-01-1986 help me is my love successful

  10. Vidya Lourdu Jeeva

    Hi sir , I was born on 22/12/92 and my boyfriend was born on 7/10/90. Sir we are planning for marriage but our parents are against it. My father in law seeks astrology match in most circumstances . can u predict us the possibility for love arranged marriage

    1. Hai..sir..am Shagi.my db-02/11/1993.time 9 35.Kerala trissur .I love a boy.it is a cast ways prb.I am law cast family Hind uvettuva.my lover is high cast eezhava.very prb in boy family.he s father is very angry..i love very much .all time am praying.pls sir can you give me your blessed suggestions.Shagi-rohini .aswin- aayllyam..

  11. Sir, my name is karthik, my dob is 3rd april 1988 morning 5:55 am, is my marriage is love marriage r arranged marriage? I like a girl, but i dont know i love her r not, wil i marry her r not, her dob is 12th October 1992.

  12. Hello sir my name is sneha I born on 25th July 1994 and my boyfriend name is Hithendra his dob is 4th Feb 1985…we are planning to marry soon… us their any hurdles for our marriage pls let me know sir… because I love him a lot..

  13. hi sir my name is Dhanaraj k and born on 10/10/1997 I have some problem in my love what should I do next

  14. Arpita Pramanick

    Sir I am Arpita Pramanick I was born on 16 June 1994.My boy friend name is khokon pailan.I love him lot sir please tell me our relationship how is it to be possible?

  15. My name is Atpita Pramanick .I was born on 16 the June 1994 and my boyfriend name is khokon Pailan .l love him lot sir please tell me our relationship how is it to be possible.

    1. Sir my name is Arpita Pramanick. I was born on 16th June in 1994 .My boyfriend name is khokon Pailan.I love him lot .sir please tell me our relationship how is it to be possible

  16. Sir I am Arpita Pramanick. I was born on 16th June 1994 .my boyfriend name is khokon Pailan.I love him lot .sir please tell me our relationship how is it to be possible?

  17. Sir I m loving a girl very sincerely she always rejecting me we both are friendly even I need my love success I really adore her.Now she is showing interesting to others please I need my love success

  18. Hi sir I am Geethu I just struggled through break up .my dob is 16 may 1990 and time is 9.30 am my boyfriend dob is 11 April 1986 I don’t know his birth time . will I succeed in my love pls reply sir

  19. Hi sir I am Geethu I just struggled through break up due to some family issues .my dob is 16 may 1990 and time is 9.30 am my boyfriend dob is 11 April 1986 I don’t know his birth time . will I succeed in my love pls reply sir .I love him verymuch

  20. i.k.devanand

    sir my dob is (30/04/1992) name is – i.k.devanand……and according to my certificate my dob is (06/04/1992) which dob i hv to take …..

  21. Sumit kumar roy

    Sir my name is sumit kumar roy
    Dob 22/12/1994 at 12 40 (night). I am in a relationship with a girl diksha jain dob 30/3/1995. Will we marry to each other because cast is different or what should we do so that our family agree for our relationship. Thank you sir please reply

  22. Sir
    I’m Praneeth, DOB 6-may-88, 2-31pm. 2.5 months back I proposed my love to a girl. She said I was treated you as a friend. Will my love blossoms or success in future. Is she accepts my love in future. Can I get success in my love

  23. Hello sir,
    My name is punitha, DOB: 20/09/1993, at Pondicherry morning 6.15 AM. My partner name Balasundar, DOB : 10/11/1993 in Pondicherry. Actually his mom s against us, she keep on telling that my horoscope didn’t match wit him and im having dhosam, but from our side my mom saying there is nothing like that. From initally his mom wont like me because we r 4 daughters and poor background so i think she might be playing game in our life. she s emotionally blackmailing him not to talk with me. she s having some health problems, so my boyfrnd worrying alot about her so he keep avoiding me for last 1 year but he update everything about me and call me whenever he feel guilty. for last 1 week my mom s forcing me to get marry. Im not ready to mary any another guy.He also still with the same love im very sure. So prblm is his mom and health issue.our love ll success or not plz tel me .

  24. Hello sir,
    My name is punitha, DOB: 20/09/1993, at Pondicherry morning 6.15 AM. My partner name Balasundar, DOB : 10/11/1993 in Pondicherry. Actually his mom s against us, she keep on telling that my horoscope didn’t match wit him and im having dhosam, but from our side my mom saying there is nothing like that. .our love ll success or not plz tel me .

  25. sir am a loving a person his name is sadha siva hw abt my love life my dob 13.12.1992 my name is vaishali

  26. Hello Sir,
    My name is Ankur and i would like to ask you a question for which i have never got an answer. My question is throughtout of my life , i am never successfull in my love life. One or other reason my partner go away from me , and everytime i am not in any fault but still i loose my partner. Why this is so ?

    My birth details,

    Birth Date : 19th Dec 1988
    Birth Time : 11:13 PM
    Birth Place : Ahmedabad, Gujarat ,

    Please sir , help me to get this answer.

  27. Sir my birth date is 22.01.1986 birth time is 0315.
    my name is Vinoth and her name is Rohini.
    I am affection to a girl.Suddenly she stopped talking to me as I made a marriage proposal.I don’t know what she thinking and why she suddenly stopped talking to me.Will I be lucky to have that girl in my life.

  28. Hello sir Namasthey,,,,,,im Gowthami my DOB:-1-1-1990 and im in love .
    He’s name Surendra
    wiil my love marriage success..,,,,,,? Or not.

  29. Rajalakshmi

    Hi sir,
    I am Rajalakshmi. I am in love with Bhavananth. we were in love on April but we broke up on May 1st. Will it be possible to get him back? Will my love get success? But he says that I am already loving another girl name Nandhini. Now my question is, will he forget that girl and come back to me?
    My DOB is 27/03/1999. And his DOB is 07/07/1999.

  30. Rekha ponnamudi

    Hello sir,
    My name is Rekha ponnamudi having trouble in my love relationship. I want to know whether I have chances of getting married to my love or not

    My birth details

    Place: Vijayawada, Andhrapradesh, India


    Please Tell me will I be able to marry him … Is he the one … Please … Reply .. my birthdate 10/09/1994 and his is 25/06/1991

  32. khushbu Chandra

    Hello Sir.. My name is khushbu Chandra… DOB is 16/08/1989..timeis 03:05pm..place.. Korba chhattishgarh… I face late marriage problems.. When I will get married.. is it love or arrange..if possible please tell me more about my future husband.. When we meet..
    Thank-you so much.. Waiting for your kind response sir.. Thank-you..

  33. Piyush Pandey

    Sir my information as follows:-
    D.O.B : 3/3/1994
    Place of birth : pilakhuwa Uttar Pradesh
    Time of birth :- 5:05 morning
    Name :- PIYUSH Pandey
    I love a girl and I don’t know she loves me or not but I have noticed she does stare me a lot.. I just wanna know she will be mine ?? Will my love life be successful??

  34. Madiha simran

    Sir I am in relation ship sir I want to know will I get marri d with that guy and in what age

  35. Sir I loss my love or love doesn’t stay with me… there are many have the moment i feel they go away but they knew that i love them… but no black mark… always been carrying… now I love a girl but she also goes away for some reason but I really feel her in my heart…
    My date of birth 16 Oct 77 03:55Am.. can you please let me know…. I really missing her…

  36. I love a girl.i wants to marry her.my parents decided my engagement in last of this year.please help me.we both are from different caste.my details-
    birth time-11:15pm
    her details-
    birth time-3:00pm

  37. My name is Lakshmi. Will my love succeed in marriage? My dob: 26-04-1993, tob: 4:30 p.m. Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sex: female.

    My lovers details: Name: vivek Dob: 02-Jan-1981, Time of birth: 11:59 p.m Place: patna

  38. I was in relationship for 10yrs but coz of family pressure he broke up. I m totally depressed now what to do or what to not. Is he will comeback or not. My marr. Life ?
    4 July 1993 ,7:37am ,delhi

    14 July 1993,8:55pm, delhi

  39. Hello Sir.. My name is Poornima… DOB is 17/11/1994..time is 01:15pm..place.. Nagercoil,Kanyakumari. When I will get married.. is it love or arrange..if possible please tell mesir. When we meet..
    Thank-you so much.. Waiting for your kind response sir.. Thank-you..

  40. Hi sir, am sathya i am a girl , and i fallen love ,i wnat to know my love will be success or not,my birth time was17/2/1999. Timing5:10am ……..

  41. Sir
    Iam neetu. birth date 02/01/1996 and time 1.32pm.
    my guy is gireesh.birth date 26/11/1990 And time 12.46am.
    will my relation sucess..please reply sir.

  42. Dinesh kumar sahoo

    sir plz help me,i request u..m flng so much depression..sir my name is dinesh kumar sahoo n date of birth is 16 th april 1997 n bitrh time 12.02 am approximately n place is cuttack odisha…n my gf name is sradhanjali sahoo n date of birth is 11th september 1995 n birth time 8 am approximately n place also cuttack odisha……sir her zodiac is aries and mine is cancer..sir plz help me to know about my love life..m flng so much dipressed..plz help me
    ..i shall highly oblidged to u..

  43. I’m haritha date of birth 2/8/1997and my loved one name vijay date of birth 13/6/2000 is my love is successful or not

  44. sir,
    my name is sneha.i love a guy for past 4yrs suddenly his mother said no for his love due to this reason he used to say no to me,but he loves me deep inside, for the sake of mother he is telling no to me. my date of birth is15jan1996 nd his 05july1997.can u predict whether our love get succed or not.thnk you

  45. Priyadharshini Lakshmanan

    I love a guy but we both got separated but I wanted to marry him only my dob is 4.52pm 1/6/93 pls say me the prediction whether I’ll marry him r not r say me some remedies to marry him

  46. MY date of birth is 1995-7-21, 9:55 am in bhaktapur Nepal and his date of birth is 1993-6-17 ,11:10 am in kavre,Nepal. We have 6 six years of long relationship and dedicated to each other.But my parents are denying for our marriage.We are convincing them.When will we be able to get married.Please reply.

  47. sir, I beggarly waiting for love from one of my Female Friend “Anjali”. Will she come to me and will she propose me. I have already proposed 6 years back that time she replied sorry. My dt.of birth is 28.11.70.

  48. Hello Sir, I’m Radhika…I am in love with person…My Birthdate Date is 22 december 1987. Birth time-06.20 AM.Birth place-Warangal. I want to marry with loved one…plz

    1. Sarita Kumari Pradhan

      Hlw Sir pranam my name is Sarita born on March 5th 1999 at 6.10 am 0’clock,i am fall in love ,I want to know can my lover become my husband.plz tell me.his dath of birth is 9-6-1991

  49. I am nimish i love a girl since 3 years her name is manali her birth date is 12 march 1998 and my 8 Oct 1997 can u tell will she my life partner.

  50. My name is Lalit DOB 01/04/1987, Time 3:20am, place Mumbai Malad. I am just suffering till date as I fell in love in 2010 since then it’s been like hell just like a body without life. Can’t fall in love with anyone else can’t get the person I love. Will I ever get happiness! Always depressed filled with sorrow. Will I ever succeed in love? Or I will just suffer throughout?



  52. Hajj sir pkz replay am murugalakshmi my dob 4/10/95 my lover nama pandiarajan dob 02/01/95 we are get married possible ah plz rpl

  53. Abhishek Sharma

    Hi Sir,
    My Name is Abhishek
    My DOB is 26 june 1994 timing 23.54

    I am in love with someone…. and her DOB is 25 Nov 1989 timing is 23.30

    Kya hmare love marriage hoge?

  54. I have one clarification, 6 months back a man came in life but I known his behaviour so I continued to chat. Soon he expressed his love and told me “I was willing to marry you”, but due to caste problem I told him there was no possibility of our marraige so we continued as a best friends but we both are in love also still today. But June 1,2022 he get married to someone, Now I feel very sad of obeying him and I know he still have a love feeling with me. I don’t know what to do….. My DOB was 12/09/1997, timing 19:35

  55. Ayantika Adhikary

    Ayantika Adhikary
    DOB- 15/8/1999
    Birth place – Kolkata , west Bengal , India
    Birth time – 10:00 am
    Any new relationship is coming in my love life ? Because a person like me but he is unable to confess his love or propose me … He only confess his love indirectly … Should I wait for him or shall I move on ? Because I been one year I have being waiting …

  56. K S Meenakshi

    Respected Sir,
    I am K S Meenakshi. I born on 18th April 2001 and my Loved one name is Jerry P Babu. He born on 24th May 2000. Our love have been caught in my home for 3 times and my family were against our relationship. I really want my love with my parents support. Will our love be successful sir?

  57. K S Meenakshi

    Good Evening Sir,
    Iam K S Meenakshi. I am in love with a person. Both of our parents are not agreeing to our relationship and he had told me he can’t continue this relationship because of both of us parents strong disallowed opinion and also because of strong passion about his study. Will he come back to my life and will all our problems get solved and reunited again?

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