Will my love or relationship be successful?

Will my love or relationship be successful?Will my love or relationship be successful?  It is a very common question in modern era because these days boys and girls do study and work together due to this reason they get opportunity to meet each other without any hurdle. This kind of meeting creates emotional and sexual intimacy and this intimacy develops into love affairs and finally they agree to marry. This type of marriage is called Love Marriage. But before marriage they afraid about their relationship and want to know that will my relationship be successful or not. According to me they should visit to a good Astrologer because on the base of planetary combination in native horoscope astrologer can predict about love or relationship will success or not.


Which house represent love or relationship?

In astrology “fifth house” is responsible for “Love” in all horoscopes. If a person wants to know the prospect of love affair then first should see fifth house, fifth lord, and planets placed in this house.  Ascendant (1st house) is the key house for every question and answer. If lagna lord and 5th lord or lagna and fifth house join with each other then the person will enjoy good love or relationship but should not be any malefic affliction on house, house lord and significator also. 7th house represent marriage and 12th house represent bed pleasure so this house is also important house for food relationship.

Which planets are responsible for love or relationship?

Venus is the natural planets for love or relationship. It is the goddess of Love or relationship. Venus represents love; romance, opposite sex, bed pleasure, marriage etc.. in Vedic astrology.

If Venus’s position is weak (placed in 6,8 &12 house, debilitated or in enemy house) in the horoscope then the native will face problem in love or relationship. Venus is in malefic affliction the person will not enjoy good relationship. If Venus is in retrograde position in native horoscope also shows failure in love relationship. If any two or more than two malefic planets (Saturn, Mars, Rah and ketu) aspect Venus it is very clear indication that the person will separate from his/her love partner or wife.


Good placement of Venus in horoscope indicates possibility of success in love or relationship. If Venus position is exalted, Kendra or trikon and under influence of benefic planets (Jupiter, Moon and Mercury) in the horoscope the native be successful in love, love marriage or relationship. It is very clear that strong Venus is in the horoscope indicating success in Love and  weak Venus indicate failure in the Love.

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