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Indian Hindu Festival Calendar 2022 with Day, Date, Paksha and Month

Indian Hindu Festival Calendar 2022 with Day, Date, Paksha and Month. India is a land of festivals, if you look carefully then it will be understood that people here celebrate festivals every month or every day. The calculation of all the festivals is based on the Indian Panchang. The word Panchang is made up of two words “Panch + Aang). Panchang consists of five parts…

  1. Tithi
  2. Day
  3. Constellation
  4. Karan
  5. yoga

All the festivals are celebrated on the basis of the calculation of the Panchang. We bring you the month-wise list of most of the Hindu festivals in the year 2022. Hindu festivals are based on the position of the Sun and the Moon. The Hindu festival calendar is also known as the Hindu festival and fasting calendar.

Indian Hindu Festival Calendar January 2022



Name of Festival



2SundayPausha AmavasyaPaushaShukla
13ThursdayPutrada EkadashiPaushaShukla
14FridayMakar sankranti, PongalPaushaShukla
2SaturdayShani Pradosh VratPaushaShukla
17MondayPausha Purnima, Magha Holi BathPaushaShukla
21FridaySakat ChauthMaghaKrishna
28FridayShatatila EkadashiMaghaKrishna
31MondayPitri karyeshu AmavasyaMaghaKrishna

Indian Hindu Festival Calendar February 2022

DateDayName of FestivalMonthPaksha
2Wednesday Gupta Navratra StartMaghaShukla
3ThursdayGauri Tritiya VratMaghaShukla
5SaturdayVasant PanchamiMaghaShukla
10ThursdayGupta Navratra EndMaghaShukla
12SaturdayJaya EkadashiMaghaShukla
14MondaySom Prdosh VratMaghaShukla
16WednesdayMagha Purnima, Magha Holi Bath EndMaghaShukla
20SundayGanesh Chaturthi VratPhalgunKrishna
27SundayVijya Ekadashi VratPhalgunKrishna
28MondaySom Prdosh VratPhalgunKrishna

Indian Hindu Festival Calendar March 2022

DateDayName of FestivalMonthPaksha
1TuesdayMahashivratri Vrat, AmavashyaPhalgunKrishna
10ThursdayHolashatak StartPhalgunShukla
14MondayAmalaki EkadashiPhalgunShukla
17ThursdayHolika DahanPhalgunShukla
18FridayPhalguna PurnimaPhalgunShukla
19SaturdayChaitra StartChaitraKrishna
21MondayGanesh Chaturthi VratChaitraKrishna
25FridayShatatila AshtamiChaitraShukla
28MondayPapa Mochani EkadashiChaitraShukla

 April 2022

DateDayName of FestivalMonthPaksha


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