GST Impact on Indian Economy an Astrological Analysis

GST Impact on Indian Economy an Astrological AnalysisGST  Impact on  Indian Economy an Astrological Analysis. The Implementation of GST is on dated   1 July 2017 at 00:00:00 hrs, place of implementation in New Delhi, India. It is very important for any further astrological prediction regarding earning impact of the GST will be in our economics, politics, business, society, family or personal life etc.
According to the GST implementation timing horoscope, the planetary position is very strong especially in the respect of wealth because the significator of wealth Jupiter is placed in the 7th house. It is is a house of business, business partner, growth, and development of profession etc. It is also a quadrant house.

Implementation Date of GST – 01/07/2017

Time of GST – 00:00:00

Place of GST – Delhi

GST Impact on Indian Economy an Astrological Analysis

Jupiter is also lord of Ascendant and 10th lord and situated in the 7th house with 5th house lord Moon. Jupiter and Moon are forming Gajakesari yoga. This yoga indicates overpowering, famous, virtuous, wealthy, skilled, a trader, obtain wealth through business partnerships. So it is clear that this combination indicating the good impact of GST in the present time and also in future.

In this horoscope 5 planets (Sun, Mars, Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter) are placed in the Kendra and Bhav equal Chart Saturn is also in Kendra so it is also a good indication of the impact of GST in future.

The significator of the economy, commerce and financial management planet Mercury in the Kendra and forming Bhadra Yoga in this horoscope. All Kendra Lord ( 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th ) is situated in the Kendra and all Trikon ( 1st, 5th, and 9th ) lord is also situated in the Kendra.

From both Ascendant (Ascendant and Moon Ascendant) ascendant lord and 10th lord is placed in the Kendra.

In this horoscope, Jupiter and Mercury both are controlling all Kendras, therefore, the implementation date and timing of GST is very auspicious so that according to the astrological point of view GST should provide shape and secure future of Indian Economy. Overall, as the economic impact of GST materializes, economic growth and development, it should be gradually accelerated over the next three to four years.

Transit Effects of  the Jupiter 

The Jupiter is placed in the 7th house until the 12th September of 2017 after that Jupiter will transit into Leo sign or eight houses in this horoscope. When Jupiter will be entered into the 8th house the price of commodities might be increased. The main reason for the hike price would be the storage of commodities or cheating by the businessman. But when Jupiter will transit in the 9th house or Scorpio sign (Friendly sign) all should be materialize and the prices of commodities might be decrease and increase a lot of revenue.

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