What Astrology Say about US Presidential Election 2016

What Astrology Say about US Presidential Election 2016 . Hillary Clinton has born,  October 26, 1947 at 07.57 AM, Chicago as per Internet information. According to Vedic Astrology she is a Libra ascendant and Aquarius sign.  Hillary Clinton current dasha is Sun Mahadasha / Rahu Bhukti and Mercury Sub bhukti until 10th November 2016.


The current Mahadasha lord Sun rules the 11th house ( House of desire) as Leo sign. Sun is placed in the Ascendant or lagan and in Bhav equal sun in 12th house also. Mahadasha lord is in the Nakshatra of Rahu. Rahu placed in 8th house. Ascendant lord Venus placed in own house Libra it is good for achievement and success in life.

Hillary Clinton Birth Chart



The current Mahadasha lord Sun is debilitated in ascendant due to debilitated it is  inauspicious planet but in D60 SHASTHYANSHA ( Auspicious in all area) SUN Mahadasha lord is Exalted in 11th house ( House of fulfillment of desire) and SHASHTHYANSH TULY RASHI Sun placed in 7th house and aspects to ascendant so it is very strong point for  Presidential election of America. Sun is indicating Higher Authority like President of America because Sun is the significator of Government and King in Vedic astrology so that Hilary Clinton can win the presidential Election.


Rahu Bhukti lord placed in 8th house Taurus sign and Jupiter Nakshatra so that Rahu represent 8th , 6th, 3rd,  2nd and ascendant.  Rahu in  transit placed in 11th house and Venus Nakshatra would able to fulfill dream.  Rahu placed in kendra (7th house) in bhav equal chart it is good indication for success in Election. This yoga will give good result after too much struggle.

Mercury sub bhukti lord it is lord of fortune house placed in ascendant with ascendant lord Venus and till 8/11/ 2016 Mercury placed in ascendant also this is very good  indication for success in presidential Election 2016

Transit of planet in Election Day 8th November 2016

Transit Chart of  8th November 2016 


D 9


 The transit horoscope of the presidential Election Day, 8th November 2016.  Mahadasha lord “SUN”  ( Natal horoscope) of Hilary Clinton placed in ascendant In transit chart and Exalted in Navamsha (D 9) chart with ascendant lord Venus and placed in 11th house (House of fulfillment of desire). This placement of planets is good and indicating positive result in this election.

In Transit chart Ascendant lord Venus and  10th lord ( House of Career, Respect, honor,  Higher post or status, karma etc)  Moon is creating  “PURN ITHSHAL YOGA”  this yoga indicate  positive result regarding Election .  I hope she will give good fight for USA presidential Election 2016.

Donald Trump : Astrological analysis


The people of world know that Donald Trump is the presidential nominee for the presumptive Republican. As per Internet information Donald Trump born, Jun 14, 1946 at 10.54 AM, USA, New York queen’s village. According to Vedic Astrology he is a Leo ascendant and Scorpio sign.  Donald Trump current dasha is in Rahu Mahadasha / Mars Bhukti and Moon Sub bhukti til 14th November 2016.

Horoscope of  Donald Trump


Ascendant lord Sun placed in the 10th house (house of career, status, reputation and Karma ) here sun is conjunct with Exalted Rahu this yoga is  making him a very bold and stalwart in own deed. Saturn and Venus created Rajyoga in 12th house.


The current Mahadasha lord Rahu placed in the 10th house (house of  Karma / Career) with ascendant lord “Sun” and degree wise very close. This combination is very good for politics. Such person reached higher position in their life path. Rahu is in the centre / Kendra gives name fame and wealth. But if a person tries to fulfill their wish through unfair dealing then in the end they don’t success in their mission


“Mars” is Anterdasha (bhukti lord) it is “YOGKARAK” planets and also placed in the ascendant. Mars aspect to 4rth house (house of people, property) 7th house ( house of business) 8th house ( house of ancestral property) due to Mars he is came in the midst of  American peoples.  Yogkarak planet Mars is making him successful in real estate and good communication with people of America whether you like what he says or not its happen only due to Mars aspects in his own house. Whereas Mars also aspect in 7th house gives unhappiness in marriage life and partnership work

Mars Anterdasha or Bhukti is start from October 2015. Mars is very supportive planets for Donald trump’s presidential election due to Mars he is leader of world.

Moon is sub bhukti lord. It is lord of 12th house (bad house) placed in  fourth house.  Moon is debilitated in Scorpio it is also conjunction with ketu in the 4rth house. Lord of expenditure Moon is debilitated and conjunction with ketu indicates  loss. This yoga also creates negative thinking and negative approach for everything and due to negativity he can be depress .  Moon is not very supportive planet for Trump especially for presidential election.

Transit Chart of  Election Day 8 November 2016


In transit chart Mahadasha lord Rahu placed in ascendant, Bhukti lord Sun  is in 3rd house with Markesh and 11th house lord Mercury. Rahu and Sun transit are not bad but Moon transit in 7th house with ket is not good . There is no Ithsalyog with lagna lord and 10th lord . Ascendant lord Sun placed in third house with desire or benefit lord Me this yoga indicating fulfillment of desire.

“According to Astrological analysis of  Hillary and Trump horoscope  the planetary position and Dasha pattern of Trump is strong in comparison with Hillary Clinton but due to overstatement and aggressiveness  (due to Rahu, Mars and Moon dasha) Trump can be lose but if Trump wisely campaign in all respect then he can be president of America . It is only  astrological view that’s predicted by me”.

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