Vastu Tips For Mental Peace

Vastu Tips For Mental PeaceVastu Tips For Mental Peace. We all work good or bad only with the harmony of body and mind. Therefore, it was said in the Vedas “शरीरमेव खलु धर्म साधनम” that means the body is the instrument of karma. If your body and mind are not healthy then surely you will not be able to do any work. It has been said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. If the mind is healthy then we do any work happily and carefully. Due to this reason a person gets success in every work.

Since our body is made of Panchatatta (earth, water, fire, air, space) and the house is also made of Panchatattva, therefore due to lack of coordination in body and place of residence then there will definitely be mental distress to anyone. It is a fact that the main reason for causing disease in the body is the decrease or increase of one element in the body.

In spite of all other therapies to live a healthy life, if the rules of Vastu are ignored, then surely there will be mentally troubled about health-related problems. Vastu rules generate positive energy in the house, which not only enhances the physical and mental health of the person but keeps the whole family happy. Therefore it is clear that in order to live a healthy life, according to Vastu-Shastra, the house should be made

Vastu tips for mental peace

  1. Do not keep the wall of the east direction higher than the other walls; By doing this, there is mental distress in the members of the house, because the positive energy of the eastern direction is not able to enter the house. If your house is so made then there is a financial loss as a result of which your mental peace dissolves.
  2. Always keep the wall of the south direction higher by doing this, the disease is destroyed automatically and there is an increase in the amount of money and mental peace in the house.
  3. Always store water in the north, north-east, and east direction in the house, the person’s body remains healthy and the mind remains calm.
  4. It should save water in the north-east angle. By doing this, peace and body remain healthy in the house.
  5. If there is a reservoir of underground water in the southwest angle of your house, do not do this, financial loss from it remains a danger of mental illness.
  6. Should never sleep in the north by heading, if you do this then you can be a victim of a disease like depression.
  7. Keeping sea salt in the washroom reduces the outbreak of the disease in the house.
  8. Never sit under the beam at home and do not work, if doing so has a serious effect on health. You can be suffering from headache and cervical disease.
  9. Always keep the washrooms (bathrooms and toilets) in the house, if kept open, there is a danger of untoward suffering and mental illness among the members of the house.
  10. Make sure that your kitchen is made in the right direction or not if it is not made in the right direction, then fix it according to the rules of Vastu; otherwise, there will always be an atmosphere of unrest in the house. According to Vastu-Shastra, the kitchen should be built in the south-east direction.
  11. If the place of the temple in the house is not in accordance with Vastu-Shastra then there will be mental distress. You can deal with financial difficulties. The health of women members of the household will be particularly affected. There will be ideological differences between each other, which can cause you to be victims of depression. The temple should be established in the North-East direction at home.
  12. While sleeping in the bedroom, the head should not sleep in the north direction. The feet should not sleep in the south and east direction.
  13. The main bedroom of your home should be in the south-west (southwest) or north-west direction (northwest).
  14. If there is a fragmented idol in the house or at the place of worship, then immediately immerse it in the river as the fragmented statue has adverse effects on health.
  15. If there are any unused medicines in your house, remove it immediately. According to Vastu-Shastra, keeping such medicines in the house affects health because these medicines represent the negative mental image of previous illnesses.
  16. Keeps the idol of Lord Buddha sitting in meditation in your home, you get mental peace.
  17. Always keep the North-East direction (Ishan Kon) clean and open.

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