Remove Future Stress through Astrological Fortune Chakra

Remove Future Stress through Astrological Fortune Chakra If you are facing the problem and unable to decide what I should do or not you can curb your curiosity through this Fortune Chakra ( भाग्योदय चक्र ). It is a very easy process to know the answer to your secret question. Just think any one number from 1 to 31. After that find out their thought digit in given 5 yantra table in which table your number is placed and you write down table top right side number and again add all number very surprisingly your thought digit will have appeared. Now on the base of thought digit, you should know your fortune result.
Example: – Suppose that a person thought 25 Number in his mind now find out in which yantra table your digit is (A, B, C, D, E) placed. The digit 25 is placed in table A,d and E after that added top right side number of concerning table. 1+8+16 = 25 . it means that you have thought 25 number and again see what is the prediction of number 25. The predictive result of 25 is that “Your impaired work will be done with the help of the close friend”.











1. Your desire will be fulfilled when you do not even notice it.
2. Keep patience, very soon your fortune will rise ( Bhagyoday ), still, you should chant Gayatri Mantra every day.
3. Your desire will be fulfilled through unknown resources.
4. The secret anxiety you are upset for maybe some delay in success, keep it up to your efforts.
5. Your happiness should come very soon, be patient, worshipping the sun will auspicious for you.
6. Don’t be afraid very soon your problem will be solved.
7. Your problem will be solved by the blessing of parents.
8. You have a lot of money, wealth in your destiny, but you have to work hard. Reading of “Lakshmi Chalisa” will auspicious for you.
9. After sometimes someone will offer you for foreign travel but before any decision, you should seriously consider.
10. Your fortune is not good at that time you need hard work, worship to God Shiv with the panchakshri mantra ” Om Namah Shivaya” ( ॐ नमः शिवाय ).
11. Your struggling time has been ending now and the coming time will auspicious for happiness and wealth.
12. Don’t be hurry if you do like that your work will suffer so keep patience. Your unsolved work will solve gradually.
13. your paused work will be done with the help of near and dear.
14. The obstacle in work will continue to dispose of mental stress and anxiety.
15. Your good time will come after 3 months.
16. Trust in God, after two months your fortune should be change.
17. Your star is still the bad position, after one and half month your situation could be changed.
18. Avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress.
19. Continue your work with happiness very soon fortune and auspicious time will come.
20. Keep trust in your fortune and work style. your desire will be fulfilled.
21. Your star is still the bad position, after one month your situation could be changed.
22. The idea of foreign travel will come in your mind. Something change is possible in your business.
23. Due to the bad economic situation, you feel stress and anxiety, after one and a half months you will get the opportunity for profit and advancement.
24. It is a very struggling time but In the near future, there is a sign of achievement in the desired work.
25. Your stopped work will be done with the help of close friends. Sudden wealth profit may be possible.
26. Don’t waste your time coming 2 months will be very auspicious for wealth and profit.
27. Do not worry about vain. your auspicious time will come after one and the half month
28. Enthusiastically engaged in his work. your auspicious time will come after two months.
29 due to the struggling situation your mind will be unsteady. Your economic condition should be improved after two and a half month. It is auspicious to read “Lakshmi’s Strot”.
30. Stand firm on your determination. your economics condition will improve after one and half months.
31. The present scenario would be struggling. You will get success after change your work system.

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